´¯`•. June 25, 2017

Good Morning! Well, for some people it’s a good morning.  Me?  I caught a summer cold on Friday.  I was pretty miserable by Saturday, and Sunday I was so zonked, I took THREE naps.  I just couldn’t keep my eyes open, not even after the naps!  So weird – I’m not a huge sleeper.  So whatever this bug is, it’s intense!

Lazy Weekend.  Needless to say, it’s been a very laid-back weekend for us.  Which is good, because this past week was kind of nuts.  Originally, I’d had us slated to go up to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park.  Thank goodness we decided to put it off, a while.  That would’ve been no fun, dowsed up with DayQuil!

Dance Recital.  The recital was good.  I didn’t *love* it like last year’s, but Lydia had a wonderful time, so that’s all I wanted.  She loved her costume, loved her dance choreo, loved that she was manning the parent pick-up booth.  She got to make friends with a girl from another studio, while working, too.  And we were up in the balcony (NoTe:  I was having heart palpitations.  There was *barely* a railing – just below knee-high! – and it was a LONG way down.  Having just come off cliff jumping… there was no water, here!!!  So… yeah.  I was hyperventilating over the drop.  Made the boys sit a row back.  Nearly had a panic attack when the videographer grabbed the rail and hung upside down over the edge!!!! next to me.  My BFF thought I was hysterically funny.  Erm.)  Anyhow, Lydia kept running up and down, to tell us how much she loved the stage, the backstage, the venue… it went well.

Photo Finish!  I managed this week to get my photos down from 1300 to 75, and I edited 47 of them to put on FB.  So it’s been kind of a crazy week, with all the tag approving and likes and notifications (I’m not a wildly popular person.  I like my privacy, and intentionally have very, very few friends.  So when I get 233 likes in two days, I get a little frantic.  But they turned out pretty well, I think.

SumReadProg.  We went to our first summer library event, this past week.  It was ‘Tap your Toes with the Porters’.  They were horrible.  First, they were public school teachers.  Homigosh, don’t get me started.  (“In OUR school, the ‘A’ students are in the front row, the ‘B’ students are second row, the ‘C’ students are third row.  Is that the way it is with you all?  No?!  No…!  We’re all ‘A’ students, aren’t we?  ← Spoken like a true public school teacher.)  They then proceeded to do an array of folk music, but with fake and screwed up words.  So if your child wants to learn ‘Saints go Marchin’ In’ as ‘Beanbag Tossing Song’, that’s awesome!  But I’m sorry – this is the ONLY chance some of those kids get to hear actual folk songs.  Can’t you TEACH them correctly?  I mean, you’re TEACHERS, right?  I was irritated.  A LOT.  On top of that, it was geared towards 3-5 year olds.  Who can’t even READ, hello Summer Reading Event for reading children?!  My kids – even the youngest – was like, “Mom… do I have to pant like a pretty puppy?!”  C’mon…!  The majority of the kids there were like… “Um… lame?!?!?!” and just sat, wishing they were somewhere else.

Night of the Mitzvah.  The Porters were the same day as we missed the museum thing.  For chronology’s sake.

Senior Summer Reading?!  Our next library event was Thurdsay.  We went to see a Celtic band.  It was the polar opposite of the Porters – this group was geared towards senior citizens!  The turn-out only included three children (excluding mine).  And a handful of white-haired patrons in lawn chairs.  The band was more about jamming with each other than connecting with the audience, so it really wasn’t very engaging or fun.  It was good music, and we enjoyed it, but it was odd.  And sparcely attended.  And it was supposed to rain, and the library held it outdoors, anyhow – so halfway thru the concert, we got POURED on  – the band had everyone come up on the stage under the awning with them.  (There were so few of us, we could!)  So far, Summer Reading has not been terribly impressive.

Musical Instruments!  While I’ve been down and out, the boys have been playing in Dad’s workshop by him.  (….machine!!!….)  They got this idea to find chunks of wood and hammer nails in, at different lengths, and make instruments.  It worked, too!  Sounds amazing – very Asian.  I love them.  And they’ve been playing them, ever since.  Kids can be so creative…!

Weekend Watches.  Since I was so out of it Friday, we decided to just watch a movie, and tried out Disney’s “Moana”.  I found out exactly why no one has ever heard another word about it (unlike ‘Frozen’ or ‘Tangled’).  It… was.  That’s all.  It just was.  Not good, not bad, not anything.  Astounding.   Saturday, Aaron asked to watch ‘Singin’ in the Rain’… odd choice, but okay.  It was fun.  Also a history lesson, on silent movies, and the dawn of the ‘talking pictures’… and the Roaring Twenties.  Very fun.

And then by Sunday, my gang wanted something to show for the weekend.  I’d offered to go canoeing (Brian doesn’t like activity), and found a bike trail (Brian doesn’t like activity), and then I suggested going to see ‘WonderWoman’ at the movies.  Hey… inactivity!!!

So yeah, I dosed up on meds and we sat away from people and watched the movie.  It was fantastic, in that it was an accurate depiction of the conditions during WWI.  I loved it at a history lesson.  The music, the costumes, the war, the scenery… it was all spot-on.  And irony – this coming week we have a WWI event celebrating the 100th anniversary of WWI, so this was ‘primer’ for that.  And it looks like some WWI planes have been hired to fly over our Fourth of July celebration, too… so that’s apt, as well.

But as for “Wonder Woman” as a superhero flick?  It was a typical DC film.  Meaning the theme was: “Mankind is evil.  WE are evil, even when we try to be good.  So all we can do is fight the despair and hope to win within, while doing damage control, around us“.  It’s not happy.  There’s no happy ending.  It’s not adventurous, or uplifting.  It’s dark, bleak, painful, despairing.  That’s the way superhero flicks are going, now.

And another thing we noticed… with ‘Moana’, with ‘Wonder Woman’, with ‘Case for Jee-zus Christ’… all of these movies are pushing false deities like CRAZYcovering over the Truth.  It’s becoming front-and-center.  The gods of the people are central to the themes of ALL of these movies.  It’s pretty astounding.

Wedding.  This weekend was a family wedding.  We weren’t invited.  The groom was in my wedding when he was seven years old.  We had children at our wedding, so they could dance, have cake, be a part of things… so they could have memories.    So HE could have wonderful memories.  Over the years, we’ve had him to the kids’ birthday parties, camped with him in the summers, lent him our jet-skis… and then he tosses a wedding invitation in the mail that says, “We’d love to have you, but leave your kids home, eh?”   We weren’t expecting it, so when the invitation came, the kids were excited to see it – fancy invite, cousin’s name on it? – and all we saw was NO CHILDREN ALLOWED.  Which was poignant, since only two weeks earlier, Lydia and I got an invite to the shower.  So… she can ‘shower’ with gifts, but not go to the wedding?!?!?!  What is that?!?!!  And if it’s about the cost of food or the fact that it was going to be a booze party reception – they could’ve just had us for the wedding portion.  I was hurt.  We gave him nice memories when he was a child, and he practically spit in our faces with this.  Worse, he hurt my children, and if there’s one thing that I WILL. NOT. TOLERATE. it’s people hurting my children.  I’d better stop there.

Going with Grandma. Wednesday we went and got Grandma’s trash, and it was festival week in her town.  Now Grandma is 91, and it’s getting hard for her to get around.  And she was kind of worried, because she was manning a historical presentation in town, and the girl who did it with her Wednesday wasn’t going to be there, Thursday.  So we told her we’d go down and sit two of the three hours with her, there.  It was nice, having a little time with great-Grandma (for the kids).  It’s difficult for me, since it’s Brian’s grandma, and not mine, but we get on, well enough.  She and Grandpa are really the only family we see regularly, anymore.  And btw, we both carefully skirted around the wedding topic, not talking about it.  Because it hurts Grandma, too… but she doesn’t get mad.  She shoves things under the carpet, and I’m not like that.

Anyhoo… I ought to go.  I did a little less happy writing than I originally meant to, but I suppose that might be the virus, affecting me.  On the other hand, better to be sick now, than last week for dance recital, right?  So there’s that.

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