´¯`•. June 28, 2017

Illinois: Headed Home

After going to George Rogers Clark’s memorial in Indiana, we headed back to camp, packed up, and were on our way.  It was going to be a long, LONG, LONG day of driving to get home.  Seven hours of driving or more.  I had no idea how it was going to go, and the only place I wanted to see was a state park in Kankakee (and that was mostly because of the lyrics in the song, ‘Lydia the Tattooed Lady’.  Don’t laugh.)

The kids at our last campsite, waiting for us to hitch up the trailer.
(You can see their Geo. Rogers Clark Jr. Ranger badges, in this one!)

Using Gameboys as seats, and a game cartridge as a ‘map’.
We were told this was Dad driving and Mom navigating.  LoL!!!!

Holy hillbilly Illinois.  The east side of this state…!!

And this was Memorial Day.  The small towns go all-out for it.
The soldiers from the villages are posted all the way through town, on poles.

There’s nothing in most of Illinois.  We saw a TON of these blank signs.
All over the state.  And we always laughed.

Eastern Illinois.  Try to look interested.

LoL!!  It’s like saying, “Don’t bother with exiting, bro…”

Kankakee Abe.  We didn’t even stop… just waved.  We did try to get to the Kankakee State Park.  On my map, it was four miles off the expressway.  Four miles after that, we stopped for directions… and we were told it was twelve miles further.  We gave up the idea.  And laughed maniacally at the Illinois road atlas map… which failed us, the entire trip.

Chicago Heights.  We took the ‘Lincoln Highway’ home, for variety.

You DO NOT want to go to Chicago Heights.  Everything has bars and gates across it.  If it isn’t sealed up and trashed.  I’m pretty sure I watched a drug deal go down while we were sitting at a red light.  It was skeery, there.

This cracked me up.  It was on a coloring book of Illinois that the kids got.  Even Illinois knows how bad a shape their state, parks, and everything else is in.  It’s almost sad.

The BEST part of the home trip was hitting the Michigan border.  There were very few people headed in, but it was backed up fro at least an HOUR (65 miles?!) with people who’d vacationed in Michigan over the Memorial Day weekend.  Our tourism is thriving!  Not so much, Illinois.  We were slack-jawed.  And geeked!

Beautiful sunset to welcome us home.

It was 11:30(ish) when we finally hit the hay.
LONG but fun vacation to see Illinois!

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  1. Heather

     /  June 28, 2017

    I was never much impressed with the scenery in Illinois. There are only so many corn fields a person can look at! Should you ever decide to continue to the south and explore Missouri, I’d aim for the south-west. There are many more hiking trails and state parks: Elephant Rocks, Johnson’s Shut-Inns, Rocky Falls, and the Ozark’s in general are very beautiful, especially in the fall. South-east Missouri is flood-land and mosquito country! It would be a very long drive from Michigan though.

    • I’d like to go… eventually But it’s going to be a while – we have closer states to hit, first. Besides, I’m leery of snakes (seem to attract them), and the further south we go, the more venomous and numerous snakes there are! But I didn’t expect so much of Illinois *NOT* to be cornfield. It was a pleasant surprise. 🙂

  2. Heather

     /  June 30, 2017

    It was interesting for me to read about you visiting Kankakee because I have a brother who was born there.The majority of my extended family lives near Morris and Coal City. I was able to visit Chicago a few years back. I enjoyed it but don’t think I could live there.


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