´¯`•. July 02, 2017

Hello!  It’s time for another ‘real life’ update, again.  I really am trying to stay on track with these things.  Because there’s just SO MUCH that goes down in a week…!

Sick, Sick, Sick.  Not entirely sure how, but last weekend, I got a horrible summer cold.  Nobody else, fortunately – just me.  But I was an absolute MESS.  I took three naps, last Sunday, and was still exhausted.  Have slept like crazy, all week.  Luckily, D3 took care of it, but it was still no fun, for a few days, there.

The Pill Problem.  I’ve been taking prenatal vitamins since I was pregnant with Lydia, every day.  That’s almost 16 years, now.  And I’ve been really happy with that – until a woman on WP here got unhappy with me, about it.  Said they aren’t meant for people who aren’t pregnant, and I was likely hurting my body.  That skeered me, so when I ran out this past week, I went to GNC and… d’jyou know there’s a MESS of vitamins, out there?  There’s ‘Active’ and ‘Energy’ (wouldn’t active people need energy?  Or am I confused?!)  and ‘mature’ and ‘menopausal’ (← um, no.) and ‘enriched’ and ‘vitality’… I don’t KNOW!!!  I freaked out.  And most of them were ‘no iron’.  Apparently most women don’t need iron?  I do.  I’m always iron deficient.  So I… don’t know.  I’m trying a new vitamin.  I hate it.  I think it’s poisoning me.  It’s done horrible things to my, erm… uh… self.  I know this because reasons that make me blush and probably shouldn’t be written (although I told my pen-pal.  He laughed.  Hard.  A lot.  He thinks I’m an idiot.  I probably am.)  Anyhow, I’m not sure I’ll stick with this.  Might go back to my prenatals.

College Advising.  The first (and BIGGEST) news is that Tuesday was Lydia’s advising appointment at the college.  I stupidly thought that they’d let us talk to someone within the program, but we got a ‘gen admission’ advisor who was pretty much the bass player in some obscure band moonlighting as a dude with a desk, duuuude.  He had tat sleeves, skinny jeans, and  had NO clue what the Sign Language program entailed.  He had to go hunt up ‘print-outs’ to give us.  Also, they no longer have course catalogs – everything is on-line, which made it seriously difficult to deal with.  Whatevs.

College Prep Testing.  That’s not the exciting part.  The advisor said that in order for Lydia to take the two (lecture/lab) courses that she is looking at, she had to fulfill the requisite of passing the college prep testing for reading with a level 5 score, and the writing exam with a level 4 score.  Math wasn’t a factor – in fact, he said it expires in 2 years, so not to take it until we were ready to look at math courses, another year.  So I took her down to the testing facility, and…  Okay, I forgot that the writing exam was an essay.  She’s NEVER written an essay.  We never covered that – we don’t do essays, we do trip reports, book reviews, blog entries, fictional forays, movie synopsis, but never an essay.  So I quick gave her the formula, and sent her in.


The assessor dude got her scores and said, “Hrm!  Yeah, you’re definitely college level.”  And I (being beside myself happy), squealed and hugged and bubbled and was SOOOOO excited.  Because she’s just 16 – only just finished her junior year, and she’s got amazingly good scores!!!  This is a HUGE relief, because I don’t group homeschool.  We don’t test, we don’t report into the gov’t… so I have NO IDEA how my teaching ‘rated’ compared to the System.  And I was worried I might miss something, or not do a good enough job, to be honest.  We mom-people doubt ourselves.  BUT…!!  This just showed that – by societal standards – my child can hold her own, and then some, thanks to the job *I* did!!  I’m so happy, just knowing that!  What a relief to my mind.  I just didn’t want to fall short, you know??

ASL & Autism.  After,  I took the kids to lunch (since we were a LONG way from home).  And I had to gush to the cashier at Burger King about her score, and goal to be a Sign Language Interpreter.  The cashier said, “That’s fantastic.  My son has high-level autism and can’t communicate excepting for Sign Language, so this is really important work.”  I hadn’t even thought about the skyrocketed numbers of Autistic children (thank you, vaccinations) that are out there that utilize ASL.  That’s sobering… and something to think about, for the future!

The Accountant.  Ironically, I’d wanted to see a movie called ‘The Accountant’, and we’d picked it up earlier at the video store.  It’s about  high-level autistic who’s astounding with numbers (and guns)… and it just was kind of crazy, how all of these things aligned at the same time in our life, you know?  I don’t know.  But it was a good movie.  Violent beyond words, but very good.

More WWI  Tuesday night we went to a WWI event.  It was really, really well done.  I’ll do a whole post on it, when I get the pictures off my camera (later this week)… but it was kewl, because we just watched ‘Wonder Woman’, which was all WWI… and then watched ‘Bedknobs & Broomsticks’, which shows the old guys from WWI suiting up to be a ‘home brigade’ for WWII.

Thrift Store Finds!  In keeping with, we went to my favorite thrift shop for an outdoor sale – anything you could fit in a paper sack for $5.  And I found the first season of M*A*S*H*… so we’ve been watching that, this week.  The kids LOVE it.  I think it’s great – a not-so-horrific look at the Korean war.   Also at the sale they had a WWI army-style ladies’ jacket that fits me, and I *had* to get it.  Wish I’d’ve worn it to the WWI event!  But it was kind of a theme, this week.

Library Event #3.  For our third library event, it was supposed to be a juggler, hoop performer, and acrobat group… so I invited my BFF to go along with us.  Then we found out my cousin and his wife/kids would be there.  That was a little *too* much socializing for me – I was strung out, somewhat – over juggling people.  But it went mostly well.  The acrobats didn’t show, the hoop performer was okay, but not as good as last year when she had two other really amazing younger girls with her… but the juggler?  He. Was. Amazing!!!  He competed internationally and was third best in the world, and he was a riot – I laughed until I cried.  Very fun!

Holiday Weekend.  I have to admit,  I got my inner dragon on, this weekend, when Brian came home Friday night and announced that it was a four day holiday for us.  I hadn’t planned on doing anything particular, because I thought he’d have to work Monday… and last-minute, four-day weekend just wasted kind of seriously irritated me.  (Okay, that, and mine might’ve also been a menstrual dragon.  I don’t want to talk about it, and I apologized when I realized the problem.)  But I was utterly irate/depressed about it, for a while.  Until I made a graph of the days, and filled in the slots with things to do.  Then life was better.

The Crazy Course.  This isn’t so much a blessing, because it was actually terrible.  The first thing on our list of things to do was try our first-ever mountain bike course.  I was a little nervous – mountain biking – but the ‘Net said that it was an ‘easy’ beginner course, so… how bad could it be, right?  So we loaded up and went out to Riley Trails in Holland.  And… can I just say at this moment that it was a BEAUTIFUL, breathtaking, fantastically lovely trail?  It was.  It was also skeery as hell – steep, with sand at the bottoms, and tons of roots on the way up/down… NOT. BEGINNER!!!!!  I squealed.  A lot.  My bike’s rear end flipped around and hit me, once!  It was HARD. WORK.  And it was psycho – there were spots where it was just as wide as our handle bars, and that was *it*.  It was craziness.

Biking Blessing.  We were on the trail with a man (he was friendly) and his wife (she was slower, and not with him), and we passed here and there.  She warned us that there was this horrible downhill that was all massive roots and very steep, and to keep to the right side when we go down it – that she’d fallen on it, before, and it was *BAD*.  Then she passed us (we let people do that)… and we checked the on-trail map, and headed after her.  And then found her, on that hill, crashed badly… her arm at a completely unnatural position.   She gave us her husband’s cellphone number (“Hi, I’m Anna, and I’m the lady on the bike trail with all of the kids…?  Well, the lady you’re here with has had a very bad accident, and needs you to come, please.”), and we stayed with her until he came, helped her up and tied up her arm, and then walked her bike out of the woods for them.  But man, that was scary!  We’ll probably try the trail again – it was definitely worth it – but we WALK down that hill – no exceptions.  Thank goodness we were right behind her – it could’ve been a long while before someone came across her, otherwise!

Lazy at the Lake. My BFF called to invite us to the lake, and it turned out that we’d have just enough time to get lunch, take the bikes home, change into suits and slather with sunscreen, grab tubes, and head out to the lake for a dip.  It was CR-azy busy (Fourth Weekend), but the water was beautiful, and it felt SOOOO GOOOD to cool off after the tough morning!  It was really great.  We stayed until the sky grew dark, and made it home just in time to put the bikes away before the rain really came down!

Quest Catch-Up.  This week, I’ve been cleaning up my Quest book.  I can’t believe how many badges we’ve earned, this past year of having a Quest membership.  It’s been SO good.  But I kind of think it might be good to step it up for the summer, again – so I’m putting together some stuff for that.  It’s such a fun way to learn – I love it!

ANYHOOOOO…  I’ve talked.  A LOT.  As always.  So I’d best go.  But there’s the latest news!

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  1. Catherine Miller

     /  July 3, 2017

    My husband and kids have been on a MASH kick this summer also. I think they’re up to season 3 maybe? We are actually heading to Toledo at the end of the month to hang out for a few days which will include a trip to Tony Packo’s restaurant (I know it’s just a thing but it will be fun anyhow) in honor of Klinger. Last week we visited the Warther Museum in Dover Ohio which had a sense of war history as well. Mr. Warther carved steam engines unless he was working during war time. Then he carved the steel factories. It was fascinating.
    Your daughter’s ASL journey is awesome. We used sign language when the kids were babies since they all talked later than they should have. (Of course now they won’t stop… but that’s ok.).
    Have a good 4th.


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