´¯`•. July 16, 2017

Hello.  It’s the time of the week to tell all about the previous adventures.  Mostly this week, though, we didn’t have any.  This doesn’t mean I have nothing to say… there are precious few moments of the day I can’t fill with words, if you really want me to.  ((wink!))  But sometimes it’s nice to have a week with little craziness.

Jackson!  I spent at least two days working on pictures/photoblogs.  There were the Jackson posts, and then I realized – when moving photos off the camera – that I had TWO July folders in the PC.  That’s how far behind I am!  So I had to do something about that.  But recovering from Jackson was kind of a thing, for a little, there.

Donut Dolly.  So remember the ‘Mysterious Mitzvah’, where we drove up to our old town to  see a WWII open house that ended up not being an open house, but rather a lecture that they locked the doors for?  Well, Tuesday we went back up to the same town.  This time, it was to the library, which was hosting ‘Donut Dolly’ – a woman who went behind enemy lines in Vietnam to aid and assist soldiers.  I thought it’d be fascinating to hear her stories, firsthand.  History at our fingertips!

Yet Again… it did not happen.  I went to the desk to find out where it was taking place, and the girl says, “Oh, sorry, that event was cancelled.  We put stickers in our summer guide.  See?”  (((O_o)))  Ooookay, but some of us got the information from the Chamber of Commerce site, and didn’t know that.  There were other people there, too… so they must’ve just put their ‘Cancelled’ stickers in the summer guide.  (!?!)  I wasn’t happy.  That’s a three-hour round trip for nuthin’.  TWICE!

Loser Library.  So I told the kids we could spend some time at the library and get a few things, and come back and do the bike trail in a few weeks, to return them.  We go to the automated machine, and it doesn’t scan books automatically like the KDL libraries.  So I open to the MICR tag, and it won’t read them that way, either.  So I have to call that girl over, and she said you have to have it pressed up against here, and slide it this way, and go really slow, and draw it out to the right… it was RIDICULOUS.  And she acted like I was an idiot for not knowing that.  (Or about her cancellation stickers, apparently).  So I scan seven out of eight books, and the eighth will. not. scan.  I had Brian do it.  I had Lydia do it.  The smug-faced girl came over, and was going to show us how stupid we were… but it wouldn’t scan.  So I checked out my seven, and gave her the eighth to do at the counter.

Loser Library, Cont’d.  So I have seven books checked out, and she scans the eighth with my card, and says, “Oh, I’m sorry.  We can’t let you check this out until you bring your balance in fines below three dollars.”  (!!!!!)  Now, I’m not a KDL cardholder, but I use 26 branches of KDL libraries regularly and they NEVER say anything until you hit ten dollars.  I go to Ottawa county libraries in the summer… they don’t say anything until $10.  In Allegan, it’s $10, and at the Ionia and Barry county libraries, it’s $10.  On top of that… I just checked out SEVEN books without paying any money.  Stupid, much?!  What. The. Heck?!  It’s a good thing we moved, that’s ALL I’m sayin’.  After the crap with my theatre group, then these stupid non-events, and now the bureaucracy?  They need HELP.

The Machine is UP!  Wednesday the machine guy came and walked Brian through the harder parts of learning the machine he’d bought.  Each has it’s quirks, shortcuts, and special instructions.  But after that, the machine was UP!  Which was good, because he got three jobs, and had to get them going right away.  So the rest of the week, my goal was to stay home so that he could have as much time to cut out there as he could.

Painting Class!  My BFF’s girl was in Colorado (and Idaho) visiting her dad, this week, so BFF and I went out, one evening to go painting.  I got to show you it, already!  But I didn’t tell you that I won a bag.  It’s a funny story – they had a game to play with us:  ‘Heads or Tails’.  Everyone stood up, and they flipped a coin, and if you guessed heads, you put your hands on your head, and if you guess tails, you put your hand on your tushie-hiney, right?  Well, I didn’t want to be grabbing my own bum, so I chose heads, every single time.  Just because I didn’t want paint on m’pants, hello!   And guess what?!  It was heads, every time!  It pays to be prissy.  LoL!!

Camper Clean.  I also had to clean out the camper, do camp shopping, and start loading things up (while eating up all leftovers).  It was time to get things in order for our next adventure.  But that can happen in little bits, here and there, too.

Tall Teen!   Thursday (Friday…?) I got the kids up, sang to them like I always do… and Isaac bent to hug me.  BENT!  I was shocked.  And called Lydia out to measure us, back to back.  My 14 year old son is now the same height as me!!  Holy wOw!!!!  And I’m 5’9, so that’s pretty durn tall!  (S’a good thing I can still outpace him with heels for a little, yet!)

Anyhoo!  Not the most exciting week, but they don’t ALL have to be nuts, right?

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