´¯`•. July 23, 2017

Hello, Again! Well, we’re back.   There was a time when I’d spend the whole week before vacation pre-posting blogs, and giving some friend my password to the site, in case there were problems, and I wouldn’t tell anyone we were gone until after we were back… but the blog is soooo dead, and we’re home everyday, and I’m… just not thinking it matters, around here.  Seems like it’s okay.

People Overload.  We’re reclusive, anti-social, and kind of lousy with humans, anymore.  Just… stating for the record.  Well, this weekend was PEOPLE overload.  Not just because we were camping with 300 other families at the lake, either.  We were camping (somewhat) with Brian’s aunt/uncle, and so we were talking to them everyday.  His grandparents came out, and we would’ve spent time with them, but his cousin/new wife came out at the same time, so we went home.  (They were out a lot.  We made sure to be gone, every time.)  My mom’s cousins were out there – as always –  but because they’re tight with her (and have in the past reported back to my mom about me) we mostly smile, wave, make friendly passing comments, and keep our distance.  Our first day out, we had my BFF over – now that one was fun.  We swam, grilled burgers, biked, hung out… it was nice.  We also called my aunt (who lives summers on the other side of the lake) and spent a really nice evening with her.  Then, halfway through our vacation, a guy Brian works with pulled in the spot directly behind us!  So there was chatting with him, too.  My gluten, lactose, corn, sugar, meat, red dye – free cousin texted that he wanted to come out but that didn’t work out [shucky-darn… I’m DONE with his wife, honestly.]  But it was a LOT of people!!!

People Overload 2.  I don’t like climbing down the rocks to the water, the way my mom (and her cousins) have alwayd done.  I’ve never liked it.  There are SNAKES in those rocks – we see a lot of them.  Plus there’s a BEACH just 60ft down, hello… which gives us 60ft of distance from the cousins.  So I suggested we just go to the beach (which is typically sparcely peopled), and then do our playing/floating during Sunset Swim just outside of the buoys, to the east.   Private, nice sand, a little space.  Right?

Well, Friday night (when the weekend campers come out), we were out there, and the kids were TOTALLY hamming it up on the blackboard – they’d climb up, balance and tell a joke, then make a goofy dismount.  Like, “Why did the chicken cross the playground?  To get to the other SLIDE!!!”  Then they’d do a chicken walk off the edge of the blackboard into the water.  It was hilarious – they’d found a joke book at the camp library, and had learned all of these corny joke.  And then when they ran out of jokes, they’d take turns doing weird dance moves/dismounts.

Brian and I were busting UP… until I heard laughing behind us.  And I paddled my front row inner tube around, and saw that there were something like NINE grown men (with their beer bottles) in the water, behind us, watching the kids’ show.  I… it… they…!!  NOOOOOO!  Just no.  Nononononononono.  It was horrible.  And they weren’t even with kids out there, just all of these MEN.  No.  I had a horrible time with that.

Horrible FirstDays.  Speaking of horrible, the vacation started off awful.  Brian and I weren’t doing well going out there.  Then with driver’s ed getting us all up at 7 in the morning (not even…!), everyone was off their sleep schedules and cranky and crazy and awful.  We’d go for a bike ride – someone would run into someone else.  End of bike ride.  We’d go for a walk – the boys took scooters, rode them squatted down… right into a fence.  End of walk.  We went swimming.  Isaac flung wet sand in Ethan’s eyes.  End of swim.  I was frustrated.  Brian wanted to go home and ‘do things’ or go ‘away’, and we weren’t even at the lake.  (((Again.)))  This is par, and I hate it.  Nothing was going right.  It got better (MUCH better) after driver’s ed was done for the week, but man, was it rough, for a few days…

Compu-Probs.  Lydia’s computer bit the big one, this week.  With her starting college under a dual enrollment deal, she’s probably going to need one moreso than before, so we had to get her set up with something new.  At the moment we’re waiting to hear if the old one can be salvaged.  It was XP (which wouldn’t work as well for her as the Windows 10 one we got, refurbed), but it’d be okay for the boys destructors.  We’ll see what happens.

Spiderman Stuff.  One day it had rained all night, and was supposed to rain throughout the day, so I got up at the crack of a.m. and got on-line tix to good seats to see the new ‘Spiderman’.  Still nowhere *NEAR* as good as the Tobey MacGuire films, and the plot was so ridiculous, Brian said he was done as soon as the plane took off.  Stark never would’ve been that hands-off with his tech.  But then, Stark never would’ve sold out to the gov’t like he did on ‘Civil War’, either.  It’s all gotten SO stO_opid.

But what pisses me off is the veiled liberal agenda within it.  Captain America – who stood against Big Government and ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’, is treated like a joke, a buffoon.  He’s mocked, derided, called a ‘criminal’ – but Stark and his big bucks are *AWESOME*… nevermind he’s a liar, a condescending jackass, and a sell-out.  It peeved me.  Because Cap has been stereotyped into ‘conservativism’ and turned into a Trump-esque dart board, when he’s the one with the brain, hello…!  It’s Hollywood’s liberal agenda, I get it, but it sucks.

Decepticons & Siths.  I should probably do a post on them.  We’ve had some interesting conversations about Criminal Cap’n America, Jedis vs. Siths, and why Decepticons are the good guys, around here.  We’re (all seven of us!) serious nerds, and get into our discussions.  It’s also fun that my penpal is a total nerd – I love him.  We have conversations along the same lines, and it geeks me… even if I suspect he’s seriously liberal (Chicago-an).

Superiority Sucks.  I have a thing for full-time travel blogs.  People who either travel the world backpacking, or in their RV, or roadschool and live travelling… things like that.  One such is from near me, and I actually subscribed to them.  But you know what?  Apparently people who live on the road can be a lot like christians.  “We have something YOU don’t, which makes our way of living better than yours – you’re just little people who do what everyone else does”.  I was seriously pissed at that.  It’s unnecessary.  Their t-shirts have ‘sheep’ on the ground, and then their sheep soaring into the great beyond with a rocket strapped to their back.  I’m offended.  Is that okay to say?  Maybe I haven’t been called to go.  Does that make where I’ve been called to be inferior?!  WTHeck…  😡   And yes, I unsubscribed.

Honey-Do Time!  My honey-do lists are typically 70% for me, but having said, there is a BUNCH of stuff that we need to get done, this week.  I’m thinking of selling a LOT of stuff… cleaning things up/out around here, a little.  We’ve been sitting/collecting for twelve years on this spot, and it’s getting nuts.  I’ve never sat in one place that long, and it’s not a good thing – we need a shake-up around here.  Anyhow, I’ve got some ideas, and have some plans.  It’s going to be good stuff.  And I talked to Brian about it, and he’s agreed.  (Yay!)

Lost $$$$Something terrible happened this week.  I can’t even… not out loud, but it was part of the horrible firstdays, and I did a lot of crying (although Brian assured me that we won’t die, over it).  It’s just that we’re seven on one modest income, and I try SO HARD to save money, to make things work with little.  And when something bad happens, it’s *MY FAULT*, and I’m so, SO sorry, and I can’t… it was a mistake.  And it wasn’t even by my hand, exactly, except that it was.  I didn’t cross my ‘t’s three times, this time.  I should’ve.  There’s still a chance the Lord could have mercy on me, but I… don’t know what’ll happen.  We’ll see.  I’m still praying for a miracle.  Because only a select handful of people had that $$ pass through their hands, and it’s supposed to be a highly secure process… so we’ll see what happens.  But I’m afraid it might be gone.   ……waiting…..

Banner Year!  I made sticker books for the ‘badges’ the kids earn for Quest, but there’s nothing for their Jr. Ranger badges, and that means there’s something like forty-six of them floating around.  I thought about vests, but what fits Owen now (age 7) won’t fit him in seven years.  I thought about sashes, but they’re not Girl Scouts, for the love of Pete… so now my new idea is to make banners.  Something that looks  like this, I think – simply made, on a hangar.  I’m pretty excited about it.

Anyhow…  Should probably go.  There are swimsuits/towels to wash, dishes to do, camping gear to upack… lots of things to do!  Not to mention pictures to upload to my PC!



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