´¯`•. July 24, 2017

Down Low on Downloads

I don’t know how many of you know this, but I offer quite a number of free resources that I’ve made (or compiled from different places) on my weblog.  Most of them are homeschool related, so it’s not something that applies to most people.  But they’re there, and they’re free.  In case you’re interested.

While on vacation, apparently the host site for my downloads closed my account for ‘inactivity’.  According to the customer service representative I talked with, you have to log in every six months, or they shut it down.  Well, eight months ago, I’d used up the last of the space available to me, there, so there was no reason (I thought) to go there.  I got weekly reports of how many people download my free stuff in my e-mail, so why log in?

So it doesn’t get shut down, that’s why!!

My apologies to all of you who have been messaging, here… asking for access to the lapbooks.  They’re available, again – I’ve gotten them to re-open/restore the account I have there.  And from now on, I’ll log in… for the sake of keeping the account open.

PS:  I also apologize for not having more than this for you.  It’s a) First day back to homeschool, b) camp unpack/wash day, c) driver’s ed week #2, d) internet catch-up day (600+ emails, 380-ish blog posts in my feed).  I’m a little swamped!  Give me a day?

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