´¯`•. July 31, 2017

From Facebook

In case anyone wondered if my FB is as wierd as my blog is.  Besides, this sums everything up, today.

Anna Marie shared Old Moss Woman’s Secret Garden’s photo.

Photo of the Day. It seems to be a ‘contact Anna’ day. This terrifies me. If you’re thinking of contacting me? Don’t. I’m anti-social. And it’s Monday, hello.


Image may contain: plant, tree and outdoor


BFF – Not sure if this counts as a ‘contact’. But I hope the rest of your week is better than today.

Anna – Haven’t seen/heard from you in too long. Wanna have some fish/chicken some night this week?   I’ve got a hankerin… both to get with you and put on calories. Shhh. Don’t tell the bathroom scale, though about that second part.
FriendC  – You crack me up. But it IS Monday … and definitely A Monday. Oy vey.
Anna – I got e-mailed by the City of Jackson over my Jackson blog posts. They want me to come out for more events and blog about them, and allow them to post all of my Jackson stuff on their city page. 😡   I’m absolutely horrified by the idea. And perversely flattered, which is bad for my humility. People need to NOT do things like this to me.

Immediately after that, I was contacted by an author who wants to brainstorm story ideas. !!!! What the what is happening, today?!?!?

Now if someone had said, “Hey, Anna… let’s grab some fish/chicken!”…? I… wait. Nope. Unless it was BFF, I’d be cowering under my bed. Which my bathroom scale would tell you isn’t actually physically possible, anymore. (SHUT UP, bathroom scale!!!)

Wow! That is pretty impressive. How about Wednesday for fish/chicken.
Anna –   I’m available! Yay!! Let’s do it. It’d be fun.
FriendC – Hey! That is COOL! Except for the fact you might have to get out more … (for the Jackson stuff, that is). lol

FriendQ – Wow…unexpected opportunities are sometimes the best hand turn out better than ones you go looking for. 💟

Anna – 
I’m not sure what that means, but if it has something to do with the blogging thing, I’m turning it down. First, that’s a two hour round trip, and a lot of $$$ for *seven* people to attend (whatever it is). And second, I’m fairly certain there’s no $$$ in doing it to make up for whatever out of pocket it’d be. I can’t do that.

If I were interested in getting *ME* out there, it’d be one thing, but I’m mostly interested in keeping me *OUT* of there – meaning everywhere. Hey… that means my humility is still intact.  YAY!!!!

PS:  In other news, I sailed my sailboat for the first time in sixteen years, tonight.  ALSO YAY!!!!!!



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