´¯`•. August 06, 2017

Hello.  I know, it’s feast or famine with me, isn’t it?  Honestly, though… it’s feast or famine with me, too.  I’ve either got it going on, or I don’t.  And this week… I have not had it going on.  I’m even at the point where I’m apologizing to myself.  It’s kind of a bad thing.

Prenatals.  So I started taking prenatals when I got pregnant with Lydia, and took them for something like sixteen years.  Even after I was done having babies, I took prenatals… because a) they’re vitamins, b) they made me feel energetic and happy, and c) I was in the habit.  But then, a few months ago, someone got after me for taking prenatals when I wasn’t nursing/pregnant.  Told me I was actually causing bad things in my body.  I freaked out, and went to the store and bought regular vitamins.

Energy Pills!  Actually, there aren’t ‘regular’ vitamins.  There’s ‘women’s health’ and ‘energy’ and ‘vitality’ and ‘pre-menopausal’ and ‘peri-menopausal’ and ‘pre-peri-menopausal’… and I hated them all.  But picked the ‘energy’ ones up.  First, they’ve done horrible things to my bathroom breaks.  I’m pretty sure nothing natural is THAT color.  (I read up on it, concerned, and they said all multi-vitamins have too much in them, and we basically waste them by peein’ ’em right out.  But worse, I’m backwards.  I’ve always been backwards.  Caffiene puts me to sleep, decaf’ll keep me awake all night, as one example.  These ‘energy’ pills?  They’re wiping me out.  I fall asleep sitting up, these past few months.  CANNOT keep my eyes open, and that’s not me.  It’s the vitamins.

Good or Bad?  So I looked it up – the reason they claim it’s bad to take prenatals is because they have more iron in them.  (I’m anemic on a good day, so this does not apply.  I *need* iron.)  They’re bad because they have extra calcium in them.  Honey, I’m getting older, and have osteoporosis to battle – bring on the calcium – most people supplement with it, in addition to vitamins!  And the last reason is folic acid.  Apparently prenatals have 400 to 800mg of folic acid, while regular vitamins have 400mg.  What is folic acid? It helps with anemia, bowel problems, and colon issues.  People take it to prevent colon cancer.  Which, btw, runs rampant in my family.  I’ve also always had anemia and bowel problems.  So is this a bad thing for someone like me?  NO!  As soon as this bottle is gone (waste not, want not… stay awake not), I’m going BACK to my prenatals, kthxbye.  By the way folic acid is found in vegetables, so people who are vegan/vegetarian are getting elevated levels of folic acid, anyhow.  Which, btw, is related to higher energy levels.  THAT explains why I’m so tired!!!!

Speaking of pregnancy…  someone I know is.  And really, really shouldn’t be.  I’m… not impressed.  More, it comes at a time when that I found a HOUSE for that someone.  And the downpayment they could have for it is now earmarked for doula, midwife, and homebirth out-of-pocket.  I can’t even.  The house is three bedrooms on 2.2 acres with old hardwood trees and it’s $65K.  For sale by owner, so it’s waiting for someone to come and fix it up.  And it’s just a mile from my house – our husbands could commute together.  But no.  We have to have another baby, when we can’t handle the three we already have.  (I’m not impressed, have I mentioned?)  And if you know who I’m talking about and didn’t know about the pregnancy?  Act stupid.  You didn’t hear it from me.

Bill Pay.  About a year ago, I finally switched over to on-line bill payment.  And thought it was really nifty, not having to buy stamps and envelopes, not having to write/wait on checks, having a screen to type in my payments to, and have the bank send the money right there.  Until I found out that the band doesn’t send the money right there.  They send the money to a payment center in Oklahoma, where a check is issued on your behalf, and then it’s sent out from there via postal service to the company you’re paying.  This process takes SEVEN DAYS… which means if you’re running late, add SEVEN DAYS to that.  I got late fee-d.  Twice.  Forget that!  If I mail a bill from my house?  It takes three days, tops, to get there.  WHY would I go the bill pay route, if it’s not electronic and paper-less?!??!  I was seriously pissed off.  And have now gone back to the old fashioned way.  Stamps and envelopes.

Star Wars!  This week I took the kids to a Star Wars ‘how-to draw cartoon action figures’ library event.  It was fun.  My BB8 rocked, and so did my Ky-Lo Renn (sp?)… it was a good time.  And the first library event in a long time.

Driver’s Ed.  It’s over!!!  Well, until session two, in threee months, but that’s only three days long.  She passed with flying colors, and got ‘A’s on all of her drives.  I’m just glad to NOT have to schlep the family down to the school every single morning, anymore.  It was cutting into classroom time (such as it is.  Kitchen table time?), and I don’t like my groove messed with.

Instagram!  My penpal has talked me into opening an Instagram account, so that I can see his pictures (I won’t friend him on FB.  I’m funny that way.).  So I’m on Instagram, now!  Only  apparently you have to download an app to put anything on it, and since I work from a laptop and can’t download apps to it, I’m kinda screwed.  Meh, it’s for me to see stuff on, anyhow – I don’t need to use it.  That’s what this site is for!  🙂   (And since we’re mentioning it, we’ve hit two hundred e-mails between us.  I’m having a great time writing to my friend.  No more angst over it.)

Foxy!  Three houses down to the north, a pair of foxes had kits, this summer.  We have an overabundance of squirrels and chipmunks on any given year, but this year, two separate burrows of rabbits have had babies in our yard – one under the back deck.  Well, it looks like the fox have found them!  They are running all around the house, up on the deck…!  It’s fun to watch them.  I just hope they stick to the free-range critters of nature, and don’t try to get in our chicken coop… or I’ll have to move the chickens in with the goats.  (The goats attack any critter that isn’t them… or a chicken.  They’ll protecte our birds, if it comes to that.)  I’d rather the just eat the squirrels and rabbits, though!

Sail Stuff.  I took the registration numbers off my sailboat, this weekend.  Well, I went down to get new stickers for it, and the wait was interminable – so I just left.  And went home.  And Brian said, “Do we need to register it?”  I don’t know – it always has been…!  So I went online to check.  And apparently if a boat is 16ft or less, isn’t commercially owned (like a canoe livery) and doesn’t have a motor?  It doesn’t have to be registered.  My boat is about 13ft, so it’s fine.  (So are sailboards and paddleboards and wind surfers).  I feel better about that!

Anyhooo… I always talk too much on these things.  Need to stop while I’m ahead!

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