´¯`•. April 08, 2021

Free Your Mind

I’m in the midst of somewhat of a conundrum.

On one had, there are goy agents.  They abound.  They have no desire to learn or change.  Their tongues flap… I don’t even hear what they’re saying, anymore.  It’s worthless:  time-sucks that are merely trying to be something more than the buzzing flies that they are.  No point, no concern…  The image translators work for the construct program. But there’s way too much… I don’t even see the code. All I see is troll, moron, jack-ass. Hey, you uh… want a drink?  I can’t help them.  I don’t even WANT to help them.

The fun with them is that they think that they can bring demons into my home.  They get their shits n’ giggles out of spiritual attacks… again, no more than buzzing flies, but when I have more vulnerable children here, it becomes annoying to me.  Not that we’re not protected, and we can simply send everything away with single Heavenward word… but what a pain in the ass.

Then on the other hand,  there are christian agents.  You’d think an agent was an agent, but they aren’t – christian agents pretend like they want to learn something, act as though they’re ruminating or going deep, but immediately when faced with something that smacks of cognitive dissonance, they begin to talk in circles and use wrong church teaching to defend their stance… which is just another time-suck used to try to create a distraction out of that which I’ve already BEEN thru, and can plainly see they aren’t going to get beyond.  I can’t help them.  There’s no time for it, anymore.  And it’s distracting me from my purpose, quite frankly… which pisses me off.

For example:

Christianity says ‘gird your armor and you can fight!’
Misusing the armor OF GOD (not of you), yet again.  Cuz reasons.


Elisha is on a roof with his servant.  The servant is in a panic – there are enemies on every side!  They’re surrounded!  There’s no way we can survive!  Elisha says, “Father Elohim, open his eyes so that he can see the truth.”  Immediately, the servant’s eyes are opened, and he sees THIS.  Not Elisha in armor, hello.  And THAT’S why it’s nearly impossible to free a mind that’s too long in the church.  They have trouble letting go.  I’ve seen it before and I’m sorry.

It’s the difference between this:

Neo, trying of his own to fight (and getting shot.  Twice.)

and this:

What am I saying?  I’m saying I’m at a point at this moment in my life where I don’t HAVE to dodge spiritual bullets.  I don’t HAVE to worry about stupidity.  I don’t HAVE to concern myself with demons or spiritual attacks.

The problem is, time has come down to the wire.  We have less than six months, left.  That means that’s all the time that satan and his minions have left to try to put a stop to Truth, to extinguish any light, and to impede any progress.  Six months to stop the answers from being given.

And that means spiritual attacks in the from of distractions, character slurs, demonic oppression, talking in circles, ridiculous dogma, and more.  I’m well aware, thanks.  It also means that my gang and I have taken to stopping whatever we’re doing, taking hands, and praying together.  We don’t have to fight – we have one who fights for us.

Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.  

I’m not the kind of girl who’s going to fall for it.  It’s been too many years of such attacks to be ignorant and vulnerable, anymore.  But even Brian is saying… it’s getting to be time.  And from here on out?  We’re going to have everything in the WORLD thrown at us… because there literally is no more time.

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