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Noteworthy News: Immigration

Yesterday, I did a post on the Seal Judgment fulfillments found in Revelation 6.  We talked about how they’re basically parenthesis – the first part of the verse ‘bookending’ or starting with the beginning of the end times.  The second part of the verse ‘bookended’ or was the parenthesis pair that didn’t happen until Messiah’s Second Coming.

Well, this morning I saw something new.  I saw that the judgments have a pattern where DURATION is concerned, too.  The Seal Judgments begin first, and go the longest.  The Trumpet Judgments come next, and there’s a lot in between (measuring the temple, the two witnesses, Israel downtrodden, etc.) that makes it’s period somewhat long, but they’re still done before the second half of the Seals are fulfilled.  And then the Vial Judgments come later, and there is NO duration to them.

So it looks something like this:

Because while the Seal Judgments have yet to be fulfilled, the Trumpet Judgments have been fulfilled Which brings me to the post on Immigration.  Because YES, a third of the land burned is bad.  YES, the Pacific Ocean contaminated by Fukushima is bad.  YES, a third of the ‘waters’ poisoned by ‘Wormwood’ is bad.  But it’s the armies that I watch the most.  The ‘immigrants’, as they’re called, even though that is NOT what is going on.

From February 2021 to February 2022,
an OVER SIXTY PERCENT increase in illegals counted.
That’s not including the slip-aways and sneak-thrus.

That’s according to the OFFICIAL records.
And who are these people?“Single Adult Detainees”.  In other words,
it’s an army of men coming over the border.
I’ve shown pictures of this, before.

And the numbers don’t match up.  Why?

By HOW MUCH percent are they underreporting?

And that’s the numbers they COUNT,
not including the ‘getaways’ NOT included in the count.

Actually, they do.  Check this out.
The Dems, suing the states trying to fix the problem:And the incoming Hobbs
(who… I’ve read some bad things, already about her…)
Is shutting DOWN efforts to secure the border.
Because she’s a Democrat.

Not to mention the termination of Title 42 that happened.

Can you do the math on that one?
That’s about a million A MONTH coming in.
Illegally.  To… do what?  Have you asked this?

It was 3 million in 2021 because of Title 42,
but now?  They’re walking right in.
And who’s paying for these people?!?

And what are the leaders saying?

Not to segue, but… Joe’s got issues…

That’s enough to kill every person in this country.
Including the Illegals and get-aways, Joe.
And guess how it’s getting in the country, Joe.
No, go on… GUESS.But don’t worry – CanMeriXico is coming to the rescue!
Soon it will be a poly-national government…!

In case you wondered why docs were found in the President’s garage.  It’s a cover-up for things that are happening that YOU WON’T HEAR ABOUT on the news, because *distractions*!  Isn’t that nice?  Why not?  The EU has a union… we definitely should follow that failing model and do the same, right?  Right?

This is why fleeing to Canada or Mexico won’t help anyone escape the punishment of Revelation 18, when America is destroyed in one day.  Because ‘America’ is going to INCLUDE Canada and Mexico.  It does, anyhow, what with Yellowstone’s damage scope taking out most of Canada and Valles Caldera taking out large parts of Mexico.

But I digress.  We were talking about ‘immigration’, or the Muslim Armies from the East setting up in Western countries to execute jihad on the infidels.  Only they’re coming in as ‘Hispanics’ or ‘Latin Americans’, as ‘illegal immigrants’, here.

Not so, in Europe.  At least it’s honest, there:

Look at that.  The increase of illegal immigration from 2021 to 2022 in Europe is IDENTICAL to the increase of illegal immigration to America.  Well… the official numbers, anyhow.  And again, it’s all ‘single adult detainees’, for the most part.  Looks exactly like the photos of the Texas border, don’t it?

Because it’s not what you’re being told.
It’s not immigration, or ‘refugee’-ism at play.
This is the army of Trumpet #6.  FULFILLED NOW.


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