All posts before June of 2013 were written at Xanga, and transferred over to WordPress.  The first three years were lost by WordPress (thanks so much)… but they can be searched easier by using this link.

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  1. Hey Anna,

    I haven’t been blogging at all because I am managing a restaurant in Southern California and it’s fun and hectic and I figure I will get a front row seat when the wrath starts flowing. Kind of exciting.

    A thought about the Tetrad of Blood Moons and their previous occurrences and a interesting coincidence. Wasn’t their a Tetrad in 1492 and didn’t the Spaniards commence the inquisition. This Tetrad that we are in the midst of is seeing the Spanish government issuing a change in their laws to reverse the expulsion of the Jews who can trace their ancestry to 1492 Spain, making amends I am presuming. Quite interesting. I wonder it some Israelis will take advantage of this and relocate?

    Just a thought, I don’t have a lot of time to research this but maybe you can expand on it.

    God bless you and keep you.

    Robert Becker

  2. Debbie

     /  December 29, 2015


    I found your music theory lapbook on a Pinterest board. I am gathering materials to teach a music class to a small group of college students who are studying to be elementary teachers. (students who (for the most part) have not had any experiences in music.) I thought that your music theory lapbook would be a GREAT way to present music concepts to them and would also give them a reference that they could use. I don’t want to use the lapbooks without your permission though. Would it be OK for me to duplicate the book and have these teachers put it together to help them learn about music? It is a WONDERFUL resource!

    Thank you so much for considering it.

    • Feel free to use whatever you’d like. I figure it’s ridiculous to charge people in order to learn. I’m a homeschooler, and everything I compile is free – my way of helping out fellow educators who might not have a lot of money for resources (like me). 🙂 Feel free to use anything you’d like.


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