´¯`•. October 14, 2017 – UPDATED

… to begin with.  Of course.

This morning, I checked in on my usual sites, and for the fifth day in a row, there’s a PI on the sun.  For the fifth day in a row, solar winds are literally racing out of it.  This is unusual – SpaceWeather even says:  “Unexpectedly, solar wind speeds have continued to increase for the 5th day in a row. ..a remarkable string considering that there are NO SUNSPOTS on the face of the sun. It just goes to show that blank suns can indeed produce stormy space weather.On Oct. 14th, electrified gas is blowing around Earth faster than 700 km/s.

After the trumpet that the top of the sun for the first day of ‘Creation’ and at the bottom for the final day of ‘Creation’ this feast season, I couldn’t help but marvel at the ‘PI’ symbol.  Pi is an infinite number… thus considered ‘transcendental’ – not just by mathematical terms, but possibly by spiritual terms, as well.  So I had to check it out.  (You know me.)

First, I discovered that there was a movie made in the late 90’s called ‘Pi’ by Darren Aronofsky… the name sounded familiar, so I looked it up, and he made ‘Noah’.  And I totally rabbit-trailed and was reading the plot summary of a movie he’s just done called ‘Mother!’ that about blew my mind, Biblically.  (← I’m afraid to watch the movie – I don’t do horror.  But the premise…!!!!)  And his ‘Pi’ movie was about Biblical numerology from a Jewish standpoint (also horror, so I’m not running out to rent it).  But it just made me wonder all the more about Pi.   And how the Sun (our source of light) and more relevantly Yehovah (respresented as the sun, as He is the Source of Light) factor into this.

According to a fun article called ‘The Secret Jewish History of Pi‘, the author states:  “Pi is not only an irrational number – it’s infinite and ultimately unknowable. Yet while the number itself always evades our grasp, we also know that it’s always true and always reliable.  …Every major civilization …figured out this ratio, which exists both on paper and, as if by some sort of divine plan, throughout nature.”

“The great Maimonides later chimed in,  ‘…by its nature this thing is unknown, and by virtue of its reality cannot be known, and it is not possible to speak of it … its actual value cannot be perceived.’ Inscrutable. Unknowable. Unapproachable. Kind of like God.”

Isn’t that fun?  An interesting thing to read on Shabbat?  Sure.  But I still don’t know why there would be five days of Pi on the sun, blasting the earth with solar winds.  Does it signify the start of a new phase?  Is it heralding something else – often astronomical symbolism is three or seven days before/after a feast.

Three days after the 8-day feast of Sukkot is tomorrow (Sunday).  Tomorrow the Moon (His elect) eclipses Regulus (the King Star) in Leo (Lion of Judah).  Worth mentioning.

As is the Pi on the sun for five days, and still going… stronger and stronger.

UPDATE:  A little later in the afternoon, I stumbled upon another interesting bit of news.  Apparently Physicists in Germany will be making a huge announcement about an ‘unprecedented discovery’ in space, on Monday.  And yes… the news is all coming from Europe, because Obama decimated the American space program, crippled NASA, and now we’re just way ahead of the curve… not.  Anyhow, the link is here, but we don’t find out until Monday.