´¯`•. March 22, 2018

Subject:  Newborn Baby

In honor of my cousin’s new infant.  S’the first time I’ve ever gone to see a baby and *not* get to hold it.  But whatever, I guess?  ((((O_o))))  Today, ironically, is my cousin’s first day back to work.  Brian says he is CR-anky.  Must be the lack of sleep/family adjustments?  As I’ve said before – better him than me!  😛

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It was Biggby’s birthday, this time.  Usually we have the cafe mostly to ourselves, or at the least, it’s pretty slow/quiet.  This time, it was $1.99 drinks 7am – 7pm.  It. Was. BUSY!!!  And while people were waiting for their coffees and lattes, they would nonchalantly ‘wander’ by, to look at our work.  Maybe I should’ve picked a subject that wasn’t so potentially skeery?  LoL!!!