´¯`•. October 16, 2017

Please forgive me for the lack of content, today.  It’s going to be a ‘prep week’, but mostly today is going to be wild n’ crazy… getting things going.  I’m a little busy, at the moment!

Also, it is the decision of the administration that  –  due to the high performing scores of our seventeen year old daughter, that her graduation be accelerated.  She’s officially graduated, as of June 1st, 2017.  HOWEVER, we are doing so with the stipulation that this year be a transitory period.   To simplify the explanation, we’ve decided to make her graduation year a year of graduation… begun with the diploma in June 2017, working thru the SAT and ACTs, figuring out financial capabilities, certification requisites and extraneous requirements, and finishing with the celebration at the end of it – June 2018 – all while officially a college student, taking college classes, and performing to college standards, albeit at a course-load smaller than typical.

College is WAY more convoluted than it was when I went.
I will likely write more about it, soon. 

Just not today, LoL!!!