Strange Convictions

I’m not the kind of person who gets ‘messages’ from the Lord.  I believe in looking stuff up, verifying it, and trusting the Lord to send me information to confirm things.  I don’t do the ‘feelings’ thang much.

But last Sunday at my aunt’s cottage, it was the weirdest thing… I was chatting with the family, and suddenly this HUGE urge came over me to talk about the imminent rapture.  Brian kicked me under the table: shut up, they don’t need to know you’re that whacked. 

It didn’t matter.  It wasn’t a desire to talk about it.  It was a NEED – a need like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  I don’t think if I wanted to I could’ve been quiet about it.  I HAD to share.  Had to.

And when it happened, I felt soooo strongly that time was short, that I was ready to close up shop here on earth and look up and go.  I’m not kidding you.  You think I’m weird?  I think I’m weird.

It happened again last night, at my mom’s party for Lydia.  I’m in the room with a whole bunch of people, we’re eating cake and chatting… and this desperate NEED to warn them that the rapture is coming, took over me and I couldn’t stop myself.  I shared about Syria being in charge of the UN as of this week, about Mars on the 27th, about the 30 days of repentance from that day to Rosh Hashanna… about the Trumpet sounding.  Brian didn’t say anything this time.  I think he’s starting to believe something’s really going down, too.  And I think he’s a little afraid of it going down in his lifetime.

Both times there was a full house (I don’t do the people scene often, so that’s noteworthy.)  Both times were mixed reactions.  My cousin John (the ex-missionary) scoffed and made loud jokes about it.  His wife Tisha asked to see some of the stuff I have on this site.  I printed it off, but didn’t get it to her yet – took it to my mom’s instead.  My mom had no interest at all… but my brother snapped it up and started reading it.  Some ask questions, some stare blankly… I can’t help it.

This isn’t like me.  Not at all.  I’m a fact person.  I like news articles, verses, concordances and commentaries.  Not revelations and strange convictions.  This is even wigging me out a little.

So I’m sharing this here.  Where there’s another full house.  You guys, I’m not kidding… time is short.  If serving the Lord isn’t the center of your life, please re-evaluate.  The Master’s coming… and it’s gonna be soon.  Very soon.

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