The Period of about an Half an Hour

It’s June 10th, 2014.
All of the spring feasts are over.
We are celebration-free until August 25/ 1 Elul.

And it being the end of the spring feasts, I found myself looking at this chart:


You see, I’m blonde.  I confuse myself.  And when I’m not confusing myself, I’m forgetting stuff that I had straight in my head… which is even worse.  Don’t ask – I try, really I do, but I’m not wicked genius.  Smart, but not smart enough for my liking.

The question I had was, “Seal Seven:  Is it a six-month period for it to open AND a period of about a half an hour, or is it just the period of about a half an hour? ”  Well, being that it’s 2014, time has answered that question.  It was a six month period for the opening of the seal (as an event, itself), as  well as the end of the ENPI period (which passed without fanfare, thanks to Solana’s retirement).   And the span of about a half an hour was after that.

As shown on the chart.  Except that my chart doesn’t go into 2014.
So for *MY* clarification:

Jan-Jun 2010:  Seal Six – Cataclysm begins
Jul-Dec 2010:  Seal Seven/End of the ENPI
Jan-Dec 2011: Year one of three and a half.
Jan-Dec 2012: Year two of three and a half.
Jan-Dec 2013: Year three of three and a half.
Jan-Jun 2014:  Last half year of three and a half.

Well, THAT helps me, immensely.  Because… did I mention that I get confused?  I was (for some odd reason) convinced that the period of about a half an hour was up at the end of 2013, and that something MASSIVE had to happen before June 30.

That’s not to say that something important *didn’t* happen.  The Catholic church was given the Upper Room… and MORE THAN THAT, from what I’m reading.  Which is what the Jewish prophets were saying – that it would be more than just the room, in the end.  Scary stuff, especially if you consider that this may well be the fulfillment of ‘seeing the abomination set up in the holy place’.  But I’ll write more about that, in a few days.

For today, I just had to *center* myself, and know where we are in the scheme of things, and be reassured of His plan, and how it is playing out around me.  Because when I falter in my blonde befuddlement, my faith isn’t as strong… and that is NOT acceptable.  That’s a sign that it’s time to re-ground and re-orient myself.

I know where we are.
And it’s such an exciting time/place to be.
Elul followed directly by the fall feasts is just weeks away!

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