´¯`•. August 16, 2017

The Hair Hassle

I have almost always had long hair.  I did cut it all off (and give it to Locks of Love) once when I’d just had Isaac, but I didn’t much care for having shorter hair, and let it grow again.  I know I don’t post many pictures of me here, but my hair is blonde and falls long enough to tuck in the back of my jeans.  I like it long.

But there are times when it just gets in my way.  It used to be I had what many women call ‘the eternal ponytail’.  That was when I was in my late twenties – I swear, it was back in an elastic ninety-percent of the time.  And that got old (which was why I cut it when I turned 30).  Eternal ponytails were talked down a LOT, back then.  “If you just pull it back all of the time, why have it?”, they’d ask.  So I asked, too.  And then I chopped it.  And then I learned the reason why:  because it’s mine.  I like it, and I like the option of having it down – long and luxurious – or back and neat.

After it grew back out (in my thirties), I took to wearing it up in what I called ‘alligator clips’.  ← I figured with that many teeth, it could be an alligator clip, of sorts.  I didn’t realize there are actually alligator clips out there – not something I’ve ever really needed.  My version looked like this.  And with that, I could wind my hair around my hand three or four times, hold it against the back of my head, and ‘comb’ the hair on one side over it all, making a sort of French Twist.  It was elegant.  And for the past ten years or so, that’s what I’ve done.

And for the past ten years or so?  I’ve had hideous knots.  It’s worse lately, because in my old age, I just don’t bother brushing my hair every day.  In my old age, my hair is also becoming more and more curly.  It’s kind of crazy how kinky it gets, just on a normal day.  Add humidity, and it sproings!   I’ve also taken to napping (← hoping to STOP needing this when I get off these dadgum energy vitamins!!!), and when wearing the clip, the hair rubs against the sofa, and… knots.   Need to stop with the naps, yes, but to be honest, I am SO. SICK. of the clips.  Half of them are missing teeth.  They make a mess of my hair.  And… and…

Yup.  I’m thinking of going back to the ponytail, but maybe doing a low-neck bun with a scrunchie.  I don’t know what else to do.  What do ladies with long hair usually do?  Braids?  Would that be too homeschool mom?  Will the low bun be too homeschool mom?  I’m not sure.

But I have to figure out this thing.  Because at the moment?  Hair is a hassle.