´¯`•. March 18, 2018

Hello!  Actually I should start this out with ‘Happy New Years Eve!”  The moon is 1.5% as I type, which means tonight is the first of Nisan – the start of the new Hebrew Year.  More than that?  There’s a moon, Venus, and Mercury conjunction, tonight.  Auspicious timing?  I love it!

Baby Born.  Well, my cousin Steve has had his fourth baby, this week.  A little girl named Vivian.  We’re going to visit, this coming week.  Can I just say I’m glad it’s them, and not me?  I’m very happily done with that phase of my life, and I guess this has really driven that fact home.

PA Penpal.  I’ve gotten a new penpal.  This one is… verbose.  Talks more than *I* do, and that takes some real doing!  I like him, though.  He’s got a good heart, and it’s coming thru, already.  Anyhow, it’s going to take some work to keep up with this one, if he keeps up the way he’s started out!  (Three a day is a LOT of e-mails.)  On the other hand, it’s nice to not have to carry conversation, for once.

Taxes!  Our tax return has come in – and I’m seriously excited.  It’s probably the biggest we’re ever going to see (because we could write off a lot of expenses with the new machine purchase, set-up, etc.), and Lydia’s college somehow factored, although I left the details to our tax lady.

Trip Planning.  We’re pretty excited – I’ve been working rather frenziedly on our spring trip itinerary.  I’d actually really wanted to go to Washington DC, but I really don’t see how we can afford it.   It was a consideration in September, but it has to be planned six months in advance, if we’re to go over Cherry Blossom Season (which is the ONLY way I’d want to do it).  Some other year.  I’ve talked them into something else, instead.  We are going further away from home than we ever have, before, so that’s exciting.  I just hope I allot enough time to see everything.  My main problem is that Michigan is a LONG ways from SOOOOO many badges.  It’s okay, you can laugh.  But really – we’re a long way from everything.  Travel is going to eat up days.  I don’t know how I feel about that.

Event Coordinating.  I’ve got half the people for this next coming event, compared to last time.  It’s still far and away more than my minimum, so I’m happy.  It was actually a lot easier to do this second one, because I didn’t have the stress factor.  But it amuses me that six hundred people were interested and enthusiastic… and then between two events, I get about 120 who actually participate.  That’s about the way it goes, these days.  Not complaining – that’s an *amazing* number.  Bigger than I’d ever dreamed, when I first thought about doing this.  It’s pretty incredible.

PI-Patty-Pickle Day!  This week we saw Pi Day – it being a Lansing day, I got McDonald’s apple pies for us to nibble on the way home.  (Those things are Hhhhot!!!)  It was also St. Patrick’s, and I got it into my head to bake pickle cupcakes, for the occasion.  You know how weird I can be.  Anyhow, the frosting called for bourbon, and so I had to go to the boozy aisle to look for bourbon.  I couldn’t find the stuff, and was like, “Okay, everyone *DON’T TOUCH*, but read the labels: we’re looking for bourbon!” This man was in the aisle, and with a grin, he came over and showed us where it was.   Did you know that bourbon and whiskey are the same? I didn’t know that – am nothing at all of a drinker. But apparently if you’re posh, dahling, it’s BOURBON, but if yer a pirate, matey, it be WHISKEY, aye? LoL!

Baking & Bourbon.  I ended up buying honey bourbon.  I figured since I love honey mead, I’d probably like honey bourbon, better.  (BTW, that’s not bad stuff!  If you can get past the whole ‘strip the lining off the inside of your intestines’ thing.)  As for pickle cupcakes?  They weirdly taste like banana muffins.  It was very strange, and not in a pleasant way.  It was an experiment, but… mmmmmno.  Not doing that, again.

Black Panther.  So half of us went to see ‘Black Panther’, this weekend.  (One child put toothpaste in another’s hair, and the other child left his window down in the car during a blizzard, so they were *supposed* to miss ‘Infinity War’… except I can’t do that.  So we negotiated this as a swap.)  Everyone said it absolutely STELLAR, but there were serious issues that I had with this film.  Mostly having to do with communication, but that’s just me.  I wasn’t disappointed – it was exactly what I was expecting – but it didn’t exceed those expectations.

Other Movies.  I was reading today how it was ‘upsetting’ to Hollywood that “I can Only Imagine” made #4 at the box office, over “Wrinkle in Time” and “Love, Simon” a (quote) ‘gay teen romance’.  Made me smile to read it, because honestly, regardless of what the media spews, this nation chose Trump.  And we don’t buy the leftist agenda.  And the people speak with their money – and when this happens, it just tells the truth about what people want.  It’s kind of amazing how many movies are coming out from a Biblical perspective:  Samson, Paul the Apostle, and more.  And they’re doing well…!  Meanwhile, the chaotic and depravity-themed movies are not.  Which I suppose *would* upset Hollywood.  *snort!*

Anyhooooo…  It’s taken me all day to write this.  I’ve been hiking, going for a drive, hot-tubbing, scrapbooking, Bible studying, and watching a movie with the kids.  E-mailing event RSVPs.  It’s never a dull moment!