Seal One Apology

You should be used to this by now.  It happens every once in a while… where I have to write and apologize for my wrong beliefs.  You see, I was raised a christian.  I believed what I was told, and didn’t question a heckuva lotta anything.  And I had NO idea that I was being taught lies and things that directly contradicted scripture… I didn’t know I was in a cult.  I was always told that people came out of cults and TO christianity, not that christianity WAS a cult.  ((<<Like they’d tell you, anyhow.))Anyhow, the problem with coming out of something wrong is that you take a lot of wrong beliefs with you.  And it takes a LONG TIME to shed some of the crud that rode out with you, let me tell you.  And this site has been one reeeeeeeally long journey from lies and contradictions to Truth.  And I know that – reading down the sidebar – you read things that don’t sound like me now… because I wrote them seven years ago when I was first coming out of the cult.  This site, it’s a person’s journey not a manual.  Seriously.  In case anyone forgot that.

So to the point.  I was watching that idiotic video the other day – the one that says the US is Mystery Babylon (haha) and that Obama is the antichrist (bwahahaha!)… only I never let you get that far, because that’s SO wrong, there aren’t words to describe it (or verses to back ANY of it up).  And as I’m checking out everything in the first (more believable) part of the video… I ended up back at some posts that I’d written earlier.  To clarify my own thoughts on things and refresh on what I’d learned.

And one of the places I ended up was at the comparison of the Olivet Timeline (“Beginning of Sorrows”) and the Seal Judgments (Revelation 6).  You may even recall where I did a little comparison.  It might even still be on this page.  It looked like this:

Beginning of Sorrows          Seal Judgments
((Luke 21: 10-11))                  ((Revelation 6))
* (not given)                          * White Horse/?? (unseen by us)
* nation against nation            * Red Horse/War
* famine                                * Black Horse/Famine (economic crisis)
* pestilences                          * Pale Horse/Pandemic
* (not given)                          * martyrs under the altar (unseen by us)
* great signs in heaven           *heaven rolled back, sun dark, moon red

I wrote this a couple of days ago, and went ‘Wait a second… no seal one in the Olivet Timeline?’  I mean, I know WHY there’s no Seal Five – because we don’t witness it.  We can’t – from here on earth – see the martyrs under the altar asking Yehovah how much longer they have to chill.  ((And a NoTe:  The church says Seal Five is us here getting martyred.  That’s NOT what the verse says, and it doesn’t even indicate anything of the sort.  This is one of those things that I took out of the cult with me, and had to ditch along the way, cuz it’s bogus bullcrap.))  There’s actually a post on my sidebar (link) that is an apology for getting Seal Five wrong for so many years in my writings, here.

But now (as in, this week), I’m looking at this going, ‘Wait a second… no seal one in the Olivet Timeline?’ and realizing that I bought another lie and have been hanging on to it when I shouldn’t be.  And actually I’ve dropped PARTS of it, but still got it wrong.  And that’s that Seal One is something we’ll see.  The church says that Seal One is either a) Messiah on a white horse starting up the Trib or b) the AntiChrist on a white horse of diplomacy coming on the scene.  And the first contradicts scripture, which says Messiah is in heaven opening the seals and sending OUT the horses.  He isn’t both places at once.  And the second contradicts scripture, because Yehovah is a God of order and the OTHER horsemen are not people (seal two is ‘war’ and seal three is ‘famine/economic hardship’ and seal four is ‘death/disease’)… so seal one has to be something non-person.

So I reached for what happened during that period that might have something to do with diplomacy or peace, and grabbed on to the Alliance of Civilizations.  Partly because the other prophecy sites were pointing at it and going, ‘Look, look! The Vehicle for the False Prophet!’… and partly because I needed SOMETHING to fill the blank for Seal One… truth be told.  I botched it.

Because if Seal One and Five aren’t in the Olivet Timeline, I’m betting its for a reason.  And it seems very much as if all indications are that Yeshua didn’t mention them – in ANY of the three passages recording the Olivet Discourse – because we aren’t going to witness them.  So whatever/whoever Seal One is… we don’t see it.

And can I admit and apologize for something else?  When I did my research on the Alliance of Civilizations?  I was FRUSTRATED as hell, because NOTHING of significance happened in that six-month period.  So I blanket covered that fact with ‘the AoC was being formed’ or something just as vague.  Because it was the ONLY thing that made sense to me, so I wanted to plug it in.  I don’t like open spots and unanswered questions.  So I fricked it up.

And now, here I am, apologizing for that.  I’m very sorry.  Now that I’m staring the Olivet/Rev6 comparison in the face… I see *why* I was having the trouble I was having, and where I was wrong.  Because it was something *I* wanted to mark, but Yeshua assured us Himself that we weren’t going to see it.  So not just the wrong teachings of the church were a problem, ANYTHING in that blank is a problem.  Because it’s not something we should be able to witness.

So!  Now you know the Truth, and I know the Truth, and I feel better.  Because I do NOT want to EVER lead you astray on anything, and I’ll be honest (again)… I don’t have all the answers.  I study and examine and watch, but He’s still teaching even me.  And I’m more than willing to admit when I write it down wrong, and make the changes to my views that are necessary to reflect His Truth.

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