*** WHY NOW? ***

I got a question yesterday:

Please please please- I gotta know something… Why would this all happen in our life time? Why not 100 years ago or 100 years from now? WHY Now??? Are we all so special to be a part of this? (Well I mean you-not me-I am 100% non-believing in anything other than art making so I mean-you) But I had to ask… Why you? Why now? And what if it never happens? Then what?

First, the Bible has a 100% track record.  So if it says something was going to happen, it did.  If it says something is going to happen, it will.  Besides, not just the Bible points to it.  The Mayan reset date is the day that ‘harmony’ is returned to earth, along with the Tree of Life.  Nostradamos predicts the same thing.  Edward Cayce predicts the same end.  Enoch (non-canonical) predicts the same thing.  Half Past Human’s linguistics are completely data based and non-spiritual, and predicts (almost verse-by-verse) the same thing.  Malachay (a middle-ages seer) predicted the same thing.  The easy answer is “It’s a faith thing”… but pretty much ALL evidences/beliefs we DO have point to the same thing.

The crux of your question, though, is “WHY Now?”  And there are very good answers for that.  It goes back to the pre-requisites (Biblical ones) for the end:

1.  There must be Six Empires, starting with Israel’s Babylonian Captivity (that have an impact on Israel we’re not talking Chinese Dynasties, or Mayan Cycles.).  This is based on Daniel 2:38-44.  There are actually EIGHT empires, total, but only six from Daniel’s time on, and since he’s the one receiving the vision, that’s where the visions go out from.  But in total, those empires are 1) Assyrian, 2) Egyptian, 3)Babylonian,4 )Medo-Persian, 5) Greek, 6)Roman, 7) Revived Roman, 8) God’s Empire.  Seven being the number of completion (the finish of man’s rule on earth) and eight being the number of eternity, or God’s everlasting plan.

There has never been a Revived Roman Empire in all of History – not until the European Union formed around 1999, uniting 27 nations together, with more vying to join.  Until OUR time, the final empire (the one in power at the end times) was not in existence.   This is why I watch the EU so closely… why it’s important to note that they’re not only nations forming an empire in the same place the Roman empire was, but also that they’re not ‘cleaving’ to one another (Daniel 2:43) – it’s a MESS over there.  It’s the fulfillment of prophecy from hundreds of years before Christ.

2.  There must be Ten ‘Kings’ or ‘Horns’ ruling over the Seventh (last) Human Empire.  This comes from Daniel 7:24… another vision of the empires of the world that Daniel had.  It says that the last empire will have ten ‘kings’ or ‘horns’ that will be in charge of it.  The WEU is the ‘core’ of the European Union.  An alliance of 10 nations, it oversees all of the governances of the union.  So as interesting as it is that the nations of the old Roman empire have re-united, it’s more interesting that the WEU has TEN nations at it’s hub.  What are the chances?

3. There must be a ‘Little Horn’.  Daniel 7:8 (same vision, different telling of it) says that this ‘king’ will come up ‘among’ the ten, will have eyes of man and a mouth speaking great things.  It says (7:24 again) that he will be different from them, and will subdue three of the kings/horns.  Fast forward to what we have right now, the EU is run by the WEU, but they needed a single person to be ‘spokesman’ for the whole of the EU.  So they created the position of High Representative of the EU.  Javier Solana held the position 2000-2010.  A Spaniard (of the WEU), he’s said to play the ‘dark side’ of politics, but you’ll note that NOBODY has heard of him, even though he’s been THE most influential person in the world for the past decade.  Odd, that.

Never before then was there a Revived Roman Empire, let alone one with a 10-nation governing body AND a leader who ‘speaks great things’ on their behalf.  I should probably add that there is a clause – known as Recommendation 666 – that gives the High Representative sole, FULL control over all the nations.  What ‘irony’ that it has that title, eh?  And if this wasn’t enough ‘coincidence’ for you…

4.  There must be a ‘Covenant with Many’.   In Daniel 9:26 it confirms that the one who is going to come and have power over this last empire will be from the Roman lands (the peoples who destroyed the temple).  Then goes on in verse 27 to say that he will ‘confirm a covenant with many for one week’.  Solana drafted a ‘covenant’ called the European Neighborhood Policy Initiative (ENPI).  What happened was the other nations liked what they saw happening with the EU, and wanted to be a part, but they weren’t European.  So this ‘covenant’ is an alliance between the Middle Eastern nations and the EU.  Israel, (again irony?) was the first to sign on.  The covenant, (more irony?) was set for January 2007 thru December 2013 – exactly seven years.  Never in history – before 2007 – was ANY of this in place, did anything like it exist.

Why our generation?  Because Matthew 24:34 is where Yeshua said the generation that sees Israel (the fig tree) return to her land (bloom) after a long diaspora would be the generation the end would be in.  Israel became a nation again in 1948… that means OUR time.  Not 100 years ago, not 100 years from now.

5.  There must follow the Beginning of Sorrows.  I just wrote about the Olivet Timeline two weeks ago, and it is one of THE most important blogs I’ve put out there to date, but for space constraints I won’t repeat what’s in it here.  (Although it was NOTHING the ‘church’ has EVER taught me.) For simplicity’s sake, the first set of judgments in Revelation 6 are called the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’ in Matthew 24.  They’re the kick-off of the Tribulation, which MOST people believe is 7-years long.  ((Although Daniel is clear the 7-year covenant is broken, so all bets are off after 3.5 years, and ANY length goes.))  All people agree that the ‘covenant with many’ starts up the Tribulation.

Which means – IF the EU is the Revived Roman Empire, IF the WEU is the 10-king hub, IF Solana is the ‘prince’ who ‘speaks great things’, IF the ENPI is the ‘covenant with many’… and it went into effect 2007, then we are IN the Tribulation.  More than that, this year is the halfway mark.

Having said, we should’ve been seeing ‘seals’ then, right?  The ‘beginning’ of things.  Here fits the Six-month Suggestion, which is simply this:If there are three sets of ‘tribulations’ the Egyptians went thru prior to the Exodus in the Old Testament, and the Jews were only participants in the first set, then where there are three sets of ‘tribulations’ in Revelation prior to the end and the Christ-followers will only participate in the first set, which are called the Seal Judgments, or ‘Beginning of Sorrows’.  It’s a theory, anyway.  So divide the seven seals into the three and a half years that we DO have, and you get one seal every six months.  In chart form, here’s what we have:

 Jan 1, 2007

 7-yr ‘covenant’/Trib begins

 July 1, 2007

 Seal 1:  Bringer of peace (unity begins)

 Jan 1, 2008

 Seal 2:  Rider of Red Horse  (war begins)

 July 1, 2008

 Seal 3:  Rider of Black Horse   (famine begins)

 Jan 1, 2009

 Seal 4:  Rider of Pale Horse:  (death/sickness begins)

 July 1, 2009

 Seal 5:  Martyrs under the Altar

 Jan 1, 2010

 Seal 6:  Massive Earthquake (cataclysm begins)

Why did I start it on January 1, 2007?  Because the Trib starts with a 7-year covenant being made.  Sooooo… how has that worked out so far?  I’m so very glad you asked!

  • Jan-June 2007 – Seven-year treaty begins Tribulation.  ENPI, Javier Solana’s covenant, goes into effect.

NOTE:  Now yes, he left office in November 2009, and has been replaced with Lady Catherine Ashton. She has been mocked, ridiculed, derided, and generally absent from the picture ever since she was appointed literally out of nowhere.  Europe hates her.  And interestingly, the latest article I found on EU relations in the middle east had Brown (UK), Sarkovsky (France), and Merkel (Germany) representing the EU with Israel.  Daniel says three horns will rise up out of the 10, and will be ‘plucked’ by the little horn.  It looks like – in Solana’s absence – three horns have risen up out of the ten.  UK, France, and Germany (known in the news as ‘The Big Three’, ironically) are working with Obama in establishing peace between Israel and Palestine.  And yes, I’m watching for a ‘horn-plucking’.  I don’t believe for a minute Solana won’t be back, and stronger.  My friend Trent pointed out that scripture says he will be ‘given power’… this makes one wonder.  Maybe he had to leave office – you can’t be ‘given power’ if you already have it.  But now… If something huge happens to Europe, they may cry out to the diplomat who held them together so very well.

  • July-Dec 2007Seal 1: Bringer of Peace.  AoC holds first-ever summit. ((Alliance of Civilizations is a coming together of world nations to promote peace and blending of religions/cultures)).  The church claims this bringer of peace is the AntiChrist, but none of the other seals are people, so that’s incongruous.  Further, the Antichrist’s appearance has to be BEFORE seal one is opened, because his 7-year treaty is what kicks off the seals.
  • Jan-June 2008 – Seal 2: Bringer of War.  I was expecting a major war with Israel, probably involving Syria.  Instead, we got the “reconstitution” of the King of the North, which is Russia.  And I’m sure by now you’ve noticed the increase in news regarding that country.  It started during THIS period, with the Russia/Georgia war which directly involved Israel, but more importantly is the kick-off event that will trigger the battles that are prophesied to occur in the Middle East.  Perfect Timing, Putin… and Mederev.
  • July-Dec 2008 – Seal 3: Bringer of Famine. I read a paper put out by a small group called ‘Half Past Human’.  They use linguistics (words that show up repetitively in conversation on the ‘Net that aren’t regularly used words) to predict things that are going to happen in the future.  They predicted that October 10, 2008, there would be a stock market crash leading to an economic crash that would start in the USA and spread globally.  HpH was two days off – the crash was October 8th.  And no, we’re not in famine at the moment.  We’re merely headed there.  Remember, these seals are the ‘kick-off’, or BEGINNING of sorrows.  They build with time.
  • Jan-June 2009 – Seal 4: Bringer of Disease.  This is an easy one: March of 2009 was the emergence of the Swine Flu global pandemic.  And yes, seal four says ‘death by war, hunger, death and animals’.  Well, this is indicative of the ‘snowball’ effect of these seals.  Be assured that we will be seeing more of ALL of them.
  • July-Dec 2009 – Seal 5: Saints under the Altar. The problem here is that this does NOT take place on earth, so we have no record or witness to this happening.  Christianity says that this is ‘martyrism’ and we would see people killed for the faith.  There is NOTHING in this seal that indicates this… the people under the altar are already dead, and apparently have been for some time, as they are crying out ‘how much longer before we’re avenged?’  Remember, this is the BEGINNING of Sorrows… So if they’ve been waiting a long time, they are NOT Trib martyrs.  We don’t see this.  So it’s a faith thing, this one.
  • Jan-June 2010 – Seal 6: Cataclysm.  This is what I’m waiting for.  Sometime between NOW and June 30th, there is going to be a terra event so extreme that the sky will look like it’s rolling back (or will roll back), the sun will appear black, the moon will appear red, the ‘stars’ will fall (whether meteorites, satellites, planes or stars, I don’t know).  It could be a massive eruption (Katla, anyone?) or an incredible earthquake or some even suggest a HAARP misfire or coronal mass ejection from the sun.  I know only one thing: this is what’s next.  And it WILL happen in the next ten weeks.

I’m not terribly good with statistics, but what do you think the odds are that not only do the pre-requisites from Daniel are ALL in place right now, as well as the fig tree parable, but of the seal judgments, five of the five have hit dead-on in their corresponding six-month period?  Those are some INCREDIBLE odds.

THIS is why I write what I write.  It’s why I spend so much time watching/blogging earthquakes, eruptions, news articles, solar flares, CMEs off the sun, the middle eastern and european politics?  Because WE. ARE. THERE.  And you know damn well the church isn’t keeping track.  NONE of them are watching.  Not a one – they’re busy covering up pedophile scandals, robbing you by way of ‘tithes’, and lording over you from the pulpit, telling you when to bow, when to sit, when to sing, when to shake your neighbor’s friggin hand.  They’re busy bottle-feeding the sheeple who are oblivious to Truth.

Now is it possible the end is a ways off yet?  I could be wrong, I suppose.  What if the ‘fig tree’ *doesn’t* stand for Israel like the church taught me?  ((<< I’ve been burned by their false teachings SO many times, it wouldn’t surprise me…))  What if the EU falls apart, Solana dies…?  I don’t know.  But I honestly can’t think like that – not the way everything so far has lined up.

It’s like sitting in a traffic jam, and suddenly cars start moving, and you find the way clearing and you’re moving forward, inch by inch, foot by foot… one notch on the speedometer at a time.  Could it congest again?  Sure.  But the odds are – judging from the cars around you, the look of the road, and your now decent speed, that you’re going to finally hit the speed limit after a long, hot, miserable wait.  That’s how prophecy has been.  We’ve be stuck – waiting the 2 days (see the parable of the Good Samaritan)/2000 years for the Savior to return.  What year is it?  Yeah, exactly.  We’re THERE.  Even the idiot christian prophecy teachers will tell you that – and they don’t have a clue about half of this stuff.

So there’s the WHOLE of the current prophetic landscape.  And I’m encouraging you to share this post’s link with other people, which is something that I don’t normally do.  The link is http://anna.xanga.com/725740061/item/, and time is so short, that I suggest you let me do the dirty work and simply let your friends/families/pastors/etc think I’M crazy.  I’m even posting it to my Facebook, and that’s unprecedented for me.  THAT’S how important this is.

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