Herb vs. George

Several years ago, my first and primary read when I got on-line in the morning was a man by the name of Herb Peters.  Herb had a site called FulfilledProphecy.com, and he was a true prophet of Adonai.   The man was far stronger and more enlightened than I will ever be.

NoTe:  This is because his primary gift was Prophecy, with teaching and discernment as secondaries, forming a triad.  ((Where as my primary is discernment, with prophecy and teaching as secondaries)).  It’s a ‘Parable of the Talents’ thing – if you use wisely the gift given you, you will be given other (read: more) gifts, and you will increase in those as you take them up in faith.  Typically there is a ‘triad’ that is strongest, though, and work together.  It just depends on how it is given out as to how strong one is to the other two.  That’s why Herb is a stronger prophet – my gift is secondary to his primary.

Anyhow, Herb blew me away with his knowledge of current events and prophecy and how things were playing out.  He was my source of information in a LOT of cases… and my discernment signal flashed green almost non-stop at his site.  It was phenomenal.  His primary focus was on the EU (primarily Solana), which of course I still watch, but not as effectively as he did.

Unfortunately, he died very unexpectedly of cancer – one of those got it one week, died the next kind of things.  Weird and shocking and completely out of the blue.  One of those things you just don’t see WHY.  I miss Herb terribly – we prophets aren’t prevalent and it’s nice to know you’re not alone in doing what you do… that someone else is fighting on your same team.  Seeing someone else pulling alongside of you really does something to the psyche, you know.

Then the Lord arranged for me to meet George Ure.  Which is a really strange thing, because George Ure’s primary gift is prophecy… but he’s not a Christ-follower.  Now there’s something you have to understand – EVERYONE has a primary gift.  Even nonnies.  Balaam was NOT a believer, but he was a prophet in scripture… and he was blessed for his obedience.  It’s NOT just a ‘chrischun’ thing.  Don’t think for a moment ‘chrischuns’ corner the market on spiritual gifts.  George Ure is a Balaam… he’s got the gift – it’s his primary.  And as a result of his using it to send the Lord’s message (inadvertently or not), he has been given the gift of teaching, as well, and discernment but not nearly as strongly as he could have it if he had the Spirit prompting him from within.  OTOH, he’s doing pretty well, considering.  I know idiot chrischuns who will NEVER recieve further gifts because of their narrow-mindedness or self-absorption.

Anyhow, my first read of every day is George Ure’s site – UrbanSurvival.com, now that Herb is gone.  And I have to be honest with you – for a nonnie who doesn’t use a LICK of scripture in his prophesying, he comes to the SAME conclusions that I do, with the SAME timelines and deadlines.  He watches and reports the SAME things… just from a different angle.  George uses financial and political data, current events, linguistics and web-bots (internet trends) to come to his conclusions, where Herb and I use scripture.  ((NoTe:  Herb’s daughter, Holly, still maintains FulfilledProphecy, but she hasn’t got the gift, and there is NOTHING to see there, anymore.))

For example, today George wrote that Israel will attack Iran in October and shortly after that, North Korea will attack South Korea, and all hell will break loose around the globe.  I almost immediately got an e-mail from a friend who said, “Anna, if the rapture is in September, then the ‘restrainer’ will be removed just in time for the attack!”  And she’s right… it’s a HUGE plus on the side of a September rapture!  ((NoTe: I can’t say without a doubt that this Rosh Ha’Shana is THE one – no man knows, you know – but if it doesn’t happen before November 2010, we’re here for the WHOLE thing, and that’ll mean some SERIOUS re-arranging of my present prep directions.))

Anyhow, according to my Six-Month Suggestion, we are in the period (until June 30th) for pandemic/death.  George Ure predicted that the pandemic would hit in the fall… but we’re both right.  You see, I am functioning on Scripture, the OPENING of the seals – or when they APPEAR.  George (because he’s functioning on the World) is looking at the ‘climax’, not the opening/appearance of the event.  In other words, I mark when the sun appears on the horizon, while George marks when the sun is at its hottest point, allegorically speaking.  And the swine flu appeared during my six-months, but it’s going to go dormant until the fall, then reappear at triple (or more) strength.  Do you see how approaching it from two different angles places us at the same events, only from different ‘view’ points?  It ‘opens/appears’ during the six-months, but will climax in Ure’s timeframe.  We work hand-in-hand… or rather, he and scripture do, but he doesn’t even know it.  I find that amusing.

I commented the other day to Brian, “Could you imagine if George were a Christ-follower?  WoW!!!”  But y’know, I think there’s a purpose for him NOT being one.  Kind of like there was a purpose for Balaam not being one.  The more I think about it, I’m kind of glad George – a nonnie – was chosen.  Because he proves scripture from another angle WITHOUT using spirituality, and without meaning to!  How meaningful is that!?

AND… stay with me, here… he is open to things chrischuns are not.  Which brings me to the ‘teaser’ for my next blog.  ((Had to write all of this first, though, to ‘prep’ you to recieve what I’m gonna delve into next.))

Starting July 1st, we enter another six-month period according to my suggestion – the fifth seal, which is martyrs.  There has been much speculation about what that means.  But I was anxious to hear George Ure’s take on it.  Because remember, he does NOT reference scripture in his prophesies.  So imagine my delight when this past week George Ure started writing about ‘disappearances’ coming up later this summer /fall…

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