Birth Pangs

The church (little ‘c’) has some favorite catch phrases it uses a lot.  One of them – in regards to the end times – is ‘birth pangs’.  It’s a reference to a verse in 1 Thessalonians 5 that says the signs of the end will come like a woman in childbirth.  Pretty much what they’re saying is that as we get closer to ‘deliverance’, the ‘birth pangs’ will be harder and closer and closer together, like contractions.

Being pregnant, I am well aware of this.  And it will hit home here in, oh, about 3-4 weeks, when I will ‘travail’ in like manner.  World without end, amen.

I started watching/studying eschatology in-depth in 2002/3, and at that time, things kind of… well, took off.  There were weird signs in the sky, there were events in the formation of the EU, the AoC, with Solana’s Middle East dealings, with ‘terrorism’ and ‘wars’… with the economy (although that actually started the year before).  Earthquake activity SOARED off the charts.  Back then, though, it was sporatic what/when news came down the pipe.  Call it ‘Early Labor’, if you will.  Four years worth.

Then 2007 saw the beginning of the ENPI (and the Six-Month Suggestion), and suddenly we were looking at an event every six months, at the least.  That’s just counting major ones.  We entered the ‘Active Labor’ stage… where things are steady and strong.  We’ve been in that for two years.

I’ve been noticing the dates that I’m watching now (2009) are a LOT closer together than they used to be.  Every two weeks, there’s something worth noting.  Have you noticed?  Bombing the moon the first week of October, October 14th was ‘get out of dollar assets day’, October 25/26 was a ‘tension’ starter period, and the tension is supposed to be released November 7/8… the beginning of the Mayan ‘sixth night’, November 17th is THE most noteable meteor shower of our lifetimes (we go nearly thru the CENTER of the Leonids this time – seal six, anyone?  Or maybe the censer, trump 1, trump 2, or trump 3 (since I’m a little lost at the moment)?  Still… it’s less than two weeks apart, now.  Craziness.

The next step after ‘Active Labor’ is called ‘Transition’.  According to my Birthing Center Handbook, ‘Early Labor’ takes about 8 hours (we translated it to 4 years), ‘Active Labor’ takes about 4 hours (we translated it to two years), and ‘Transition’…

“Transition takes up to two hours.  Mother may feel intense emotions, relying on others for support more fully.  May be less aware of surroundings, as focus is very inward.  Contractions peak very quickly or double peak and are intense.”

Anyhow, that’s what the handbook says.  If we’re halfing the time of things (precedence, see previous paragraph), then this period will last one year – and puts us at “Full Dilation: Birth”.  Which would be fall of 2010… that’d be my mid-Trib point (which would still be pre-wrath, if you equate ‘wrath’ to ‘birth’ in this illustration).  Very interesting!

I just… needed to share a few upcoming dates to watch, and make some remarks about the ‘timing’ of the ‘contractions’ that I’m seeing.  It’s very apt, this little comparison, isn’t it?  I’m hoping the pangs coming in the next few weeks will help re-orientate me, help me get my footing and ‘find my place’ in prophecy, again.

Even so, Messiah, Come!

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