Pause in Perspective 3

Okay.  So first I told you that there’s a pattern:  each of the three sets of judgments in Revelation has a (for lack of a better term) burp in it, right before the last judgment of the set is given.  For example, Seals one thru six – *BURP* – then seven.  Not that you needed that, but… okay, maybe you did.  Don’t ask, the heat is SOOOO frying my brain, up here…

In Perspective #1, I told you that the kewl thing is that we’re done with the first set of judgments.  And in looking back from where we are now?  We see that the stuff that happened during that burp wasn’t chronological (happening after seals one thru six), but at the same time as seals one thru six.  Which is… pretty big news for me.  Because I was a staunch ‘chronological Revelation’ kinda gal.  And now I’m having to change my stance in order to fit with the reality that has come to pass.  It’s actually a relief, because I was pretty lost for about two years, there.  And I showed you the Seal Chart, that has the Seals and the burp events, side by side:

sevenchartIn Perspective #2, I told you that having this wonderful hindsight is awesome, because there’s a pattern, and if we apply the pattern to what  is to come, we have a better handle on the prophecies that before we just were guessin’ and b-gollyin’ at.  It’s pretty amazing.  So if the burp events of the Trumpet judgments happen the same way (simultaneous to the judgments), it would look like this:

Which leads us to the next set of judgments that this would have to be applied to… and that’s the Vial judgments.  I know – some people call them the ‘bowl’ judgments, but I like the idea of vials… like what poison is kept in.  Cuz these babies aren’t good for anyone’s health.  But before getting into these (and the accompanying burp events), I want to address something:  It has been speculated that the trump and vial judgements are two tellings of the same events.  And yes, they look VERY similar.  Are they the same?  I don’t know.  I’ll get to looking at that soon, I promise.

But for now, let’s just look at the Vial judgments and their burp events.  And in order to do so, we have to skip some chapters to get to the Vials.  The first six Trumps are in Chapter 9, with a two-chapter (10/11) collection of ‘burp’ events, ending chapter eleven with the seventh Trump.  But we have to skip to Chapter 16 to get the Vial judgments.  Which… you’ll live:

Now… the first three on the right are the burp events.  The last four on the right are events that happen when ‘it is done’.  I didn’t know if it was simultaneous or not, so I included it, to be safe.  And for the record?  These are UTTERLY confounding.  First of all, it says three unclean spirits come from the beast, the dragon, and the False Prophet.  So… is that three unclean spirits each, or one each from three beasts?  See what I mean?  I don’t know.  It’s annoying.  Write clearer, dadgummit all.  What’s a few words where clarification is concerned, for pity’s sakes?!?!!

BUT.  It says ‘forty-two months’, not three and a half years.  So that’s interesting.  And there are armies in #6 as well as in the burp events… which only confirms that these things happen at the same time.

And FWIW, my friend V says that there can’t be an EMP, because the world sees the two witnesses resurrect.  Well… here we have #5 with darkness, which COULD be an EMP, and it happens AFTER the two witnesses… because they were burp events in the last judgment set!  Woo-Hoo!!  Although she’s right – I don’t think at that point it is going to matter.

So!  There are the new charts.  Gives me something to ponder in my heart.  And it’s been fascinating to draw up, t’boot!

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  1. I don’t think the vials are the same as the Trumps, because the Plagues were 3 sets of 3……so this should be, too.

    And it makes sense that the darkness in the Beast’s kingdom would include an EMP….so you have both Spiritual and Physical darkness.

    I’m still working on all this in my head….thank you!

    • Exactly the problem I have had with the idea… BUT… there’s a clause in Revelation that says ‘if it were not for the fact that He has shortened THIS time, all mankind would be wiped out. But He has shortened this time.’ So it *could* be.

  2. Right – I missed that! Hmmmm….still thinking…


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