The Other Dimension (3 of 3)

Good vs. Evil by PaynoO at DeviantArt

Last Friday, I posted a dream that I had about my great-grandpa.  It was a dream about learning more Truth, my desire to know, and how I missed getting to pick the brain of a man with an epic faith.  Wishing to know more about my great-grandpa’s beliefs, wondering if there was anything I could find on-line about him (perhaps from a previous ministry, perhaps a paper or sermon he published?), I went Googling.  Because I wondered if he celebrated the feasts.  I wondered if he ever questioned the pre-approved ‘chrischun’ way.  After all, of the four brothers, he was the rogue one, the one who didn’t preach under the Plymouth Brethern – he broke away and went Baptist.  So… why?  Why did he deviate?  What was he thinking?  What I wouldn’t give to know!!

Unfortunately, the only two things I stumbled upon were the Printing Press’ history page (which I’ve already gleaned from), and an query about the family – and the Google search put me back at my reply to the woman inquiring about the family.  Because about three years ago, I’d responded to her.

Only I’d heard back from a guy named Patrick¹.  I was confused, I thought I’d read that the query was by a woman, but then thought, “Hrm, maybe the username shortened it to ‘Pat’ on the ancestry site and I just mistook it for a woman?” and didn’t go back, but kind of forged a… well, it’s a friendship, but an interesting version of friendship.  He’s… there aren’t words for how different this guy is from me.  He’s in L.A., I’m nestled in the woods in Michigan.  He plays bass at the Viper Room… I play piano in my parlor.  He gets tatts, I get lapbooks.  He rages against society in words I don’t let pass my lips, if at all possible.  He’s atheist and mocks Bible-fearing people, I’m… well, that should be obvious. I’m day to his night.  It’s a study in contrasts, and it’s kind of… well, amusing, if not educational.  In spite of all, we actually get along just fine.

Now I just mentioned that of the four brothers (who were ministers) that my great-grandfather was among, three of them were Plymouth Brethren, and one went rogue and was a Baptist minister.  The Baptist minister was my grandpa, Jerold.  So I wondered… and I teased that it was the Plymouth Brethern denomination (which is *VERY* strict) that turned all of the rest of the family off from scriptural faith.  That this was the reason his family is SO NOT religious, and mine is so extremely religious.  Regardless, we’re as different as can be.

Or so I thought… until I posted about my great-grandpa on Friday.  And Patrick linked to it on his FB, which directed every punker, thug, tatt-covered brooding musician, and wild man to my blog.  I don’t even WANT to know, so don’t tell me.  But in any case, that’s when I met Joe¹.

Apparently, Joe is a cousin of mine.  He read my post (via Patrick’s link), and friended me on Facebook… so I thought, ‘Okay, that’s kewl, I found another family member’.  But… upon visiting Joe’s blog… and then his website… and then the Wiki entry about Joe (apparently he’s a TV personality)… well, next to Joe, Patrick now looks like Mr. Rogers.

Joe is an acclaimed clairvoyant.  He’s a ghost hunter, a psychic, is an expert on paranormal and haunted places.  He writes horoscopes for syndicated papers, gives tarot readings, hosts seances, and conjures spirits for celebrities.  If I thought that my third cousin Patrick was different from me?  I was WRONG.  Joe’s FB page was pretty dadgum skeery, if I dare say so aloud.  I had to click out of the pictures…. that’s not a place I would ever, ever visit, FYI.  Lifestyle-wise, Patrick and I are vastly different, but Joe and I?  We’re on completely different sides of a battle that both of us are aware of and engaged in.

Which brings us back to the conversation about other dimensions.  Because as believers, we often forget that there’s a different team.  Heaven isn’t the only place in that other dimension.  And we as servants of Yehovah aren’t the only ones watching things unfold.  (I’d go so far as to say that there are more people from the OTHER team watching than those on mine!!)  Oh, believers laughingly allude to Satan as ‘the bad guy’, and sometimes even attribute trouble to ‘demonic oppression’, but do we really think about it as a daily reality?  Yesterday I explained that Yehovah is a way of life for my family… if He and His host are as involved as I believe, why is it such a stretch to accept that the other team is as involved in this physical realm, as well?

The shabbat lesson we read Saturday about portals and those sensitive to it, who are able to see it, hear messages, etc… who are in interaction with ‘the other side’, like Elijah… it doesn’t just apply to people close to Ha’Shem.  It applies to those who are close to Ha’Satan, too… don’t kid yourself.  And I can’t help but wonder… what if all people are given a gift – whether discernment or tongues or (yes) prophecy… even if they’re NOT Yehovah-followers?  What if those with that God-given sensitivity to that portal between the physical and spiritual reject Truth?  Do we honestly believe that they lose that part of them that they were given?  What if it runs in a family, like a bloodline?  What if the reason Joe is clairvoyant and I’m able to hear from Yehovah directly is because we’re family, because we have something that is in our blood, our lineage?  It’s kind of a sobering, interesting thought, to my mind!

I have to tell you something.  Meeting Joe has really opened my eyes to some realities that I’d accepted in word, but hadn’t really put any thought into.  For example, when looking for a pic for this post… I typed in ‘Saint vs. Satanist’.  There’s nothing there.  So I just tried ‘satanist’… and interestingly, it was tame, the pictures that came up.  What I mean by that is… when I was a kid (in the 80s), there was a huge ‘hellfire & brimstone’ movement in the church, exposing Satanism and demonic activity.  I read a LOT of books about it… and the pictures I’d been shown, the things we deemed ‘demonic’?  They’re not ‘demonic’ anymore… they’re a way of life.  I don’t know, maybe the availability of information via the internet has dulled our senses, but… heck, I’ve seen worse.  ((Than the pictures that come up on a search for ‘satanism’.  The mind boggles.))  It was just a shock to me, that what was supposed to be scary, that which was deemed shocking and horrifying… well, it’s not, anymore.  I’ve seen tattoos that are worse.  I’ve seen art that’s more disturbing.

Do you hear what I’m saying?  I’m saying we’ve reached the point where what was once considered demonic is an everyday sight.  When a ‘good little girl’ like me – who keeps her nose in her Bible and is sheltered from TV, radio, and pretty much anything scary (cuz I’m a wuss) is used to seeing ‘disturbing’ images, that it’s practically a norm for the world.  This reality slap has really floored me.  For the record.

Now, having said, I have to tell you something.  I’m going to remain friends with Joe.  Why?  Because maybe there’s a reason he was put in my life.  Maybe he needs me… my words, the message that comes through me.  I know that He that is in me is *far* greater than he who Joe has chosen, and I know which team is victorious, in the end (it’s hardly a fair game of Life when the Creator of the game already has worked out every play and the end result is predetermined… but then again, if you’re on the winning team, you don’t really mind, so much).

And speaking of, that’s something that really flummoxes me.  WHY in the name of everything holy would ANYONE choose to be on the losing team?  We’ve already been told who wins.  The demons, Ha’Satan… EVERYONE knows who is going to win in the end.  So WHY would so many people flock to darkness and depravity and defeat?  I don’t get it.  It makes no sense.  Why would you want hunger and pain and misery when you could have peace and plenty and beauty and happiness?  It’s. So. StoOoOpid!!!  But I kid you not, that’s where the world is, right now.  It’s… it’s embracing everything horrible and rejecting everything pleasing.  It’s mind boggling, to me.

But regardless…  I’ve learned SO MUCH, just from this whole dream, and the consequent lessons that have come in the same vein.  And isn’t that the whole point?  It makes me feel small.  Naive.  Innocent.  Little.  And a little awestruck by the revelation.

¹Names changed to protect the individuals.

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  1. I know why. People don’t think they are worth it. They don’t think they deserve the peace, and the happiness, and the beauty! I believe it is all in the programming. You are your hardest judge, only you know what you’ve done, and for some people, in their heads, they feel evil, so they tend to gravitate that way. Not saying this is true for everyone, but when you sit and really talk to people, and listen to what they say about themselves, sometimes it’s startling!

  2. When my 1st DH was killed, my MIL convinced me to contact a psychic..and she paid for it. I was sleeved out – not just because of the Bible telling us not to deal with them, but because this lady wouldn’t guarantee a reply..even After accepting your $200.

    Anyway, she did call me….and I am still sleeved out by it. (And back then, I had Faith, but not ,much Knowledge. Just what the church taught, which isn’t much. I avoid ANYTHING related to those folk now, because….well, it was icky.

    I KNOW there are 2 sides in this war, and I know which side I am firmly on.

  3. People are just human. Flawed both good and bad and in-between. I like to think there are 3rd side… the good, the bad, and the neutral.

    (I had lunch with my friend once at a place in Baltimore that was called The Palmer House. It was a historic restaurant that had a psychic that would come and ask you if you wanted to have your palm read. So we both though that was exciting and said sure at the end of the meal. When them woman came to sit down she took hold of my hands and just held them for a minute and then put them down and looked at me with a serious look. She said… “You have the gift” She then said, “you will understand more about this as you get older. But it is strong with you.”

    I just smiled and thought-BS!

    But my poor friend was a little freaked out.

    She told me the boy I thought I was going to marry was not to the one and that he would break my spirit.

    Wow…I didn’t really see that one coming but sure enough-he did. Luckily I was warned and after the horrible break up and sadness, I managed to pick myself up and brush myself off. Anyway…who knows if I do have *something* but I like to think I am pretty neutral and strongly connected with the people and creatures who walk this Earth. Sometimes perhaps a little TOO connected)

    I really enjoy trying to find out about family history too. For me it is a little hard. I do think I am related to some famous potters in England.

    • I don’t enjoy geneology, I feel sucked in by it, like a tide that I can’t avoid. Mostly though, I try to stay away from it. So this whole ‘need to find out about my family’ stuff is a HUGE internal fight for me. You’ve NO idea. I hate it.

      And there is no neutral. People who do not choose to fear/serve Yehovah are not His, period. They might not be fighting for the other team, but they will end up the same place, in the end. Somethings don’t have a Door #3. Either you are on His team, or you’re not. What you do while you’re not is irrelevant.

      • What is you were born without religion? Without belief? Never knowing anything? Never taught anything? Then what? It takes humans to teach other humans about this I guess?

        I was truly born without being able to believe in “something else”. I’ve tried to think about it but something is just missing.

        I find it similar to being Gay. You are just born that way. You can hide it or pretend but it doesn’t change anything inside.

        So do I get swept into the negative pile according to those who follow this? Just flush me down the drain? Which is totally okay because I don’t mind that someone might think I am going to hell…haha! But I think it is a little unfair-especially since I am kinda good. What about all those really kind good ethical people out there? Doesn’t that count?

        Just wondering what happens to societies of people that have no awareness of the existence of god? What then?

        (I enjoy how your blog gets me to think & ask these questions!)

      • You’re not kinda good. You’re not good at all. Neither am I. Don’t even try to pass yourself off as such, because nobody is. That’s why we need a Savior. That’s why Greeks and Romans and Native tribes globe-wide created gods. You’re trying to give yourself lame excuses. But if you read my blog, you know enough Truth to be held accountable for what you DON’T decide to take up. You have choices, don’t give me that ‘something is missing’ crap – if it’s missing, you’ve elected not to acquire it.

  4. I research genealogy because, I know that my grandfather went through life never knowing where he came from, and likewise my family never knew if they came from somewhere that they could be proud of, to say this is your past. I do it merely for a historical standpoint because I feel it’s important to grow and learn from your past. We also have to accept knowing the bad things along with the good things in discovering our families. I know that I come from a line of strong women, and that strength is passed to me. That can sometimes be comforting, but not as comforting as knowing who is in control, even when things get rough going. Even the Bible has genealogy, it was important to the Jews to record where they came from, and to always remember. And I think that’s okay, so long as we keep things in perspective and don’t always look to the past.

    As for the rest… without a doubt Anna I agree… and I’ve spoken about darker experiences I’ve had before. I’ve always known things.. and sometimes seen things one ‘shouldn’t’, but it’s all in what you decide to do with that. I mean, I knew the day both my grandparents died before anyone else did… I remember when the phone rang, I just looked at my Mom and said ”Mommy I think Pop died.” But in this way, it almost was preparing me. I didn’t feel sad like other people do when they merely find out someone has passed. I felt at peace with it, it wasn’t a sudden jarring shock. Call it a dimensional overlap, something in our bloodlines or what have you.. but whatever gifts we’re given you better darn sure use it for good.. because there is an evil in this world — which Yehovah gives us strength to not be afraid. As for the losing team.. well we each have a choice and free will. The Lord doesn’t force us to Him, because if He did then we wouldn’t have any choice to make. Some people make the darker choices because temptation looks appealing doesn’t it? Some people can’t believe in such goodness because it seems ”too good to possibly be true.. or just fooling oneself” and can often be difficult, but the darkness.. that almost looks glamourous and easy. My aunt works as a ‘channeler’ in civil war graveyards and ‘ghost tours’. That’s disturbing to me.. almost as if it’s defiling and profiting from the dead. I don’t ask to see/know some of the things I have. But I know it’s for His purposes alone. It’s a big sometimes scary ‘interdimensional universe’ we share Anna, but He gives us courage to face attack from anywhere.


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