Revelations of Revelation 7

((Part I: the Split-Away Verse))

About a month ago, I posted about Hanukkah in the Old Testament.  How Leviticus 23 is a list of the feasts that Yehovah’s followers are commanded to obey ‘for all generations’.  I went on to say that someone – long, long after Messiah’s first coming – went in and split up the Bible as we know it into chapters/verses, based on when a topic ended and another one started.  Only they screwed up in Leviticus, because if you look at Leviticus 24, the topic of things to be obeyed ‘for all generations’ doesn’t stop until Leviticus 24:10… the first TEN verses are two more things that fit the same category as the others.  And it looks to me like Leviticus 24:1-4… which is about olive oil lit on the ‘candlestick’ before the people from morning to evening… is a Hanukkah reference.  Now whether verse 5 thru 9 are somehow a reference to Purim (the other ‘lesser’ feast), I haven’t looked into that, yet.  But it definitely looks as if at least the Hanukkah verses were split away when they shouldn’t have been.

So there’s the set-up for what happened next.  I’m all just minding my business, and the Lord popped something into my head at a time when I definitely was not expecting it, and He said, “That’s not the only verse that’s happened with.  Take a look at Revelations 8:1.”

Now… I don’t have to look at Revelations 8:1 to know what He was referring to.  I gotta tell ya, I have Revelations 8:1 ingrained in my brain pretty deeply.  It’s one of those questions that’s driven me about crazy for years now.  ‘Silence in Heaven for about the span of half an hour‘.  Is that half the period of the Trib?  Half of a month?  Half of a year?  Half of a six-month suggestion period (aka 3 months?)  Half of something else?  WHAT?!?  I’m not the only one with that frustration, either.  Mostly I had just shrugged it off:  a) it happens AFTER the rapture in Rev 7:9-17, so I figured I wouldn’t have to worry about it, and b) I’d just deal with it when we got there, or when He told/showed me what it meant… whichever came first.

But then I was told that Revelation 8:1 was supposed to be part of chapter 7, and that changed things.  And I didn’t understand.  If the period of silence happens after chapter 7, it wouldn’t matter if it were tacked on the beginning of chapter 8, would it?  But what if it summed up chapter 7, instead… but by being split-away from what it referred to, it messed things up?

The church has always claimed that the ‘silence for about a half an hour’ referred to the Trump and Vial judgments.  That because they were so much more grievous than the Seal judgments, heaven was silent, watching in somber stillness.  But I always knew that the Trump/Vial judgments take a lot longer than ‘about the space of a half an hour’.  So that never made sense to me, really.

For a while, I thought that ‘silence’ might be a span of time between things where nothing happened.  But that would drag things out too long… it didn’t really make a lot of sense, either.

So then the message about the verse belonging with chapter seven.  It meant that the half hour-ish time period … must refer to part of (or ALL of) the events in Revelations 7.  Especially if it belongs with that chapter, right?  So we need to look at chapter seven, in light of the revelation of this ‘split-away’ verse.  Which I started to do, but it got away from me so badly, I have to split this up.  So here’s the first revelation from Revelations 7… there’s a verse that got split away that shouldn’t have.  And it makes all the difference.  Just wait and see.

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