Day 22: Satan, Solana, Obama


My friend Melissa (PulpFictionFan on Xanga, from way back when) shared this with me, the other night.  She wanted to know if it was true.  Watch it, first.

First, of all, Aramaic was NOT the ‘most ancient form of Hebrew’ – this guy made NO sense in that, because two minutes later, he says the New Testament is written in Aramaic and the Old Testament is written in Hebrew. If Aramaic was the ‘most ancient form of Hebrew, wouldn’t the Old Testament be written in Aramaic?   Aramaic is a Phoenecian-based language of merchants and the general populace of the Middle Eastern nations of the era.  NOT Hebrew.  The gospels/letters were written in it so that more people could read it, but it was NOT Hebrew.

And for the record, Yeshua didn’t EVER speak Aramaic –
He was a Jew, and He spoke Hebrew.

HOWEVER… this guy is right about the Strong’s numbers. And he’s right about the words in those verses. The words referenced  DO translate to Barak O’Ba-mah. And frankly? I already suspected he was the 12th Imam, before this video. He’s not American, he’s not ‘christian’, he’s not on our side. He’s strategically placed and doing things that correspond to another agenda (open border, ludacris deficit, pushing Hamas negotiations, not putting troops down to fight ISIS, bringing ebola back to the states, etc.). I’m not a fan of Glenn Beck, but I wanted to know why Obama keeps calling ISIS by the abbreviation ‘ISIL’, instead.  Glenn Beck explains it, and it speaks volumes in reference to my suspicions about Obama.  So could he be the anti-Christ? Most definitely so.

Plus the timing… you know I strongly anticipate a rapture within the next five weeks. Obama’s time to move as one of the most powerful men on earth is coming to a close – it has to happen now. And ironically, it coincides with the really-fast appearance of ISIS and sister team Al-Queda… who we supposedly were subduing for a decade in Iran, when really he was just buying them time and supplying them weapons for such a time as this – right at the pivotal moment of the grand finale of his presidency.  Coincidence?  Just last week I posted that Obama has been hemming and hawing, NOT putting troops in to stop ISIS.  Planned?  There’s a good possibility.  The border issues here in the states?  LOTS of time for Muslims Mexicans to cross the border with guns to organize cells within… right?  ((nudge, nudge)).  And take up places within the agricultural infrastructure that would cripple us… on top of the deficit we already have that’s got us on a precipice…

Ahmadinejad (ex-Iranian Prez) said that he had met the 12th Imam, and that he was alive and on the world scene.  I went to try to find out if he’d ever met with Obama… but it doesn’t appear they’ve met… in an official capacity.  That’s not to say that they didn’t meet before Obama took office, or that they didn’t have a clandestine meeting (which has been hinted at several times).  I don’t know.  But it’s definitely interesting to watch.  So is Obama a possibility?  Sure.  Would Messiah have played with words like that?  Heck yeah… He does that a LOT.  Remember the whole ‘know man knows the day or the hour’ punny?  Yeah, like that.


Now I want to take a turn in topic, slightly.  Because there are a lot of ‘anti-Christ’ references in the Bible… and I’m fast coming to the belief that these are NOT all references to the same guy.  Sure, Obama might be a major player (or not)… but maybe all the references we lump under the heading ‘Anti-Christ’ that might refer to other people/entities, entirely.

There’s the reference about the beast with the head wound in Daniel… many speculated that it was a reference to Gorbechev, because of the birthmark on his head in the 1980s, and that he was the ‘Anti-Christ’.  Come to find out, it was a reference to the Roman Empire, which revived after being mortally wounded, and is now alive and well as the EU.

There’s the reference of the one who would make a ‘covenant with many’ for seven years in Daniel 9.  Speculation by the church has always been that this is another ‘Anti-Christ’ reference.  Turns out that the ‘prince’ who did this was Javier Solana… not the Anti-Christ… yet.  He was, however, the ‘prince of the people’.   I still hold that there is a possibility that he could be the False Prophet.  The current Pope is giving himself three years, tops, before he’s done pope-ing… and he’s the last pope on Malachay’s menu.  So could the ‘church’ be handed over to someone else?  Blair?  Solana?  Another guy?  It’s possible, if there were enough pandemonium and enough cardinals were obliterated in the coming Etna eruption.

But back to the Bible references we attribute to the Anti-Christ.  There’s the reference about the ‘Anti-Christ’ descrating the holy place… enter our Catholic friend, again.  Pope Francis of present power is the one who did this – in May of THIS year.  I just referenced a week or so ago in my ‘NoteWorthy’, too.  So maybe he IS our man.  And he knows that there’s 3.5 years left, which is why he (tongue in cheek) gave himself three-ish years.  Haha.  He would know, if he were the one… wouldn’t he?

Then there are all of the references in revelation.  The false prophet, the Anti-Christ, the three unclean spirits, the beasts of the sea and the earth… it’s hard to tell who/what are the Anti-Christ.  I’m just sayin’… I think there are certain people doing certain things that fulfill certain scriptures.  The crazy thing?  We’re seeing ALL of them in our time.

Keep looking up!

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