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I’m Anna.  I’ve been blogging since December of 2000, (first Xanga, then everything imported here that WP would transfer).   There is a TON in the archives, and up thru July 2015, everything is viewable.  I used to blog completely publicly.  It was nice for everyone else, but not for me.

These days?  I put up a mix of public and protected posts.  Pretty much it’s like this:  anything homeschool, spiritual, craft-ish, or that I really need to share, is public, and can be viewed by everyone.  Everything related to my family, my feelings, our personal activities?  It’s all private.  Partly because on-line people are just plain vicious and have abused my willingness to be open, and also because people I don’t want having access to my life (IRL) lurk up my blog, and that just doesn’t work for me.

Why protected and not private?  Because I do have a handful of friends that I like to share with.  So it gives them access, and keeps out the people I don’t want snipping at me (or snooping up my family).  Everything on the sidebars is there for public use, everything in the homeschool archive is free and pretty much up to date, and I’ll keep adding to it, as I blog.  But not everything is viewable.  If it asks for a password, it’s not for you.

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____________ July 27, 2016 ___________

Questing:  Hula Hoops!

I’m so behind in posting things we’re ‘questing’, it’s seriously laughable.  This summer is just so full of unexpecteds, and we’ve been coming and going so much…!  I shouldn’t complain.  We’re blessed, and we’re having a wonderful time of it, too.  But I really do need to get back on track and share about hula hoops!

10031lhI used to be able to hula hoop.  When I was a kid?  I could win contests.  Six babies later?  (((snort!!!)))  But that doesn’t mean my five couldn’t get out there and try it, right?  Anyhow, there was a library event to inspire them, so we planned on starting with that.  But the even better thing was that one of the girls in our Quest group did aerial silks and hula hoops – the type that light up and are really kewl.   So we were already starting out a little awed in inspired by what we were being told.

First, we watched our favorite hula hoop video (it’s one of those we downloaded because we love the music, so mostly we just listen… but pulling it out to watch is fun, too!):

Then – courtesy of Kristen, the mom who’s daughter does this stuff as her choice of extracurricular – I got a video of the actual Olympic like events in hula hoop.  We were absolutely blown away by what these girls can do… how high they can throw them and catch them on one foot.  It’s incredible!

And then it was time for the library event.  We hadn’t realized it, but the lady giving the presentation is the teacher of our friend Kristen’s daughter.  So that was pretty kewl, too!

IMG_4557 (555x278)
I actually shared a video of the girl on the left doing a whole routine, on FB (if you’re there, it’s still up, along with the one of me participating).  YES, I did!!  The Audacious Ms. Audrina called for a volunteer, and nobody was offering up, so I figured it couldn’t be too taxing, if she was asking novices, right?  So I went up there to help, and… homigoodness, they didn’t tell me I’d be – in essence – doing a ring toss over her head with TEN hula hoops, so that she could ‘dive’ in and do ten at a time!!  Thank goodness I didn’t miss!!  Yes, the video for that is still there, too… but I can include a snapshot, here.


IMG_4591 (149x222)

They taught anyone willing to take up a hoop a bunch of different moves and tricks and *WHEW!* is that hot, tiring exercise!  I was impressed by the workout it was.  We had so much fun.   I’m trying not to show so many pictures of my kids on here, anymore, but here’s one of my Ethan doing the calf-high hula with me.  We had a ball.  Funniest was Owen, who can hula hoop with his eyes shut.  He doesn’t actually wiggle, he just gets it going with his hands, stands stock still like a post, and lets it go down him.  It was hilarious.

One of the requirements was for the kids to learn to hula hoop for 30 seconds without stopping.  Ethan and Isaac can do it around their waists, but the others did their necks, arms, or calves.  We also learned all sorts of fun things about hula hoops – the rage in the 50’s and 60’s, the biggest hoop, heaviest hoop, most hoops, and more.  It was really fun.

Then we went to the teddy bear picnic, and we’d told Kristen that we’d bring our hoops for after the picnic.  Her daughter did, too – and she was amazing.  No, seriously amazing.  I was so impressed, and the kids were all having a ball taking turns – the one who was craziest and highest energy was a little girl named Gigi.  She was all over that hula hoop, and got a serious work-out in the yard with it!  (<< Then went directly into the boys’ soccer game, where she was their most aggressive player.  Where do kids get their energy?!  Just 5 minutes of hooping, and I’m winded!!!)

00000hoop (444x220)

But we weren’t done!  One of the final requirements for our badge was for the kids to each come up with their own routine to music.  This is my ‘Photo of the Day’ over at Facebook, today… because they did SO good!  And who knew Lydia could put together a video like that?!  Wow, that’s impressive, too!


Anyhow, we only have one requirement left: to use a hula hoop in an obstacle course.  So that will be coming soon… in the Quest: Obstacle course post!

____________ July 26, 2016 ___________

Travel Trailer Talk

I’m allergic to travel trailers.  Not kidding, I really am.  I’m not allergic to anything else… just campers.  And not all campers, either.  Just campers built after the year 2000 that have high levels of formaldehyde in them.  And it’s in everything – they use it in the plywood, the laminate, the carpeting.  It keeps things from mildewing and getting mold/rot… something important when you’re roughing it, yes.  But it’s strong.  Bad for humans to breathe.

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina and all of the trailers they shipped down there, and how people were getting sick from being in them?  It’s the formaldehyde that made the people have terrible reactions. And I’m one of those people.  Depending on the amount of formaldehyde that’s been used in the manufacturing of the trailer, it can affect me immediately, or over the span of about an hour it can build.  Brian’s aunt bought a used camper (2000, I believe), and I couldn’t make it thru the tour she was giving us of it – just the three minutes of being in it made my eyes burn.  And everyone else is just fine.  It’s so weird!  Brian says it’s a blessing – because such levels that cause reactions like that can’t be healthy for people who aren’t allergic to formaldehyde, either.  So there’s that.

Our camper is a 1978 Coachman.  We call it the ‘Sunflower Trailer’, because whoever had it before us recovered everything with greens, yellows, and sunflowers.  It has baskets of sunflowers, sunflower magnets on the fridge and a window cling on the mirror… it’s just pretty.  Very vintage, very nice.  We’ve loved it for years… have had it for going on seven, I believe, now.  Even when we thought it might be nice to upgrade… it was paid off, so we kept it, “just in case”… and then it turned out I was severely allergic to the new one, so we were very glad that we held on to the older, better camper.

But this year, we have a problem.  There are fold-down upper bunks in the bunkhouse that are *tight* to squeeze into, and the 8 and 11 year old no longer can shimmy up there.  (Believe it or not, they’re the same height/weight!  Aaron’s built like Brian, and Ethan is slight like I was at his age.)  Also, the 6 year old does NOT fit in the port-a-crib, anymore.  I couldn’t even ask him to, anyhow – it’s an age thing.  So we had to move him up to a bunk, use one of the upper bunks for backpack/toy storage, move the 8 and 11 year olds into our bed in the back (used to be a bathroom – we tore it out and made it a full-size bed with a real mattress)… and Brian and I had to cave and put down the table permanently into a bed up front for us (and buy a real mattress for that).

This is NOT ideal.  There’s no room to maneuver.  There’s no table, there’s… problems.  And then?  We’re lying up front, and we notice that the ceiling is coming apart.  Rotting apart.  And in Brian’s corner, the wood is actually crumbling all the way down to the seat backs.  It’s just too old.  We already knew this… when we’d pulled out the bathroom to put in the rear bed, we’d discovered that the previous owners had used the shower and it’d leaked and rusted thru the frame of the camper.  We’ve used it that way, but we can’t take the thing further than 20 miles.  It’s just too old for a road trip.  Which is bad for us, because we’re starting to not fit in a hotel room, anymore, either… and we’re going to need to start doing our travel adventures in a trailer.

It was time to get a new trailer.

Which, of course, brings us back around to my little allergy problem.  Brian said that likely they’ve lowered the concentration since the Katrina trailer crisis… and maybe the newer ones wouldn’t be so bad.  So we went to General RV to talk to them.  And as we’re waiting for our ‘agent’ to be assigned to us, the kids and I wander around.  There’s a 40′ (I swear, it was HUGE) massive house-on-wheels in the showroom, so I step inside… and immediately am hit with that smell… and my eyes start burning.  Oh, no…!  So I got out of that sucker fast, my hopes plummeting.  Brian’s raising an eyebrow my way, knowing that something’s wrong, and suspecting what I already know.

Salesmen are arses.  Did you know that?  They don’t mean to be, they just want to make a sale, I get that… but they’re arses.  They’ll tell you anything to get you to buy their products.  We shake hands, show him our horde of children, explain our situation (can’t travel, outgrew the beds, starting to fall apart), and ask about formaldehyde.  “Oh, every company is different.”  He assures us, and I start breathing, again.  “Keystone’s are the worst for that, so stay away from those.  But Starcraft has really good campers, and doesn’t have any formaldehyde at all.”  This was sounding better.

He took us out to see the hybrids, because with our sheer number, that’s what we were leaning towards.  He had a 22.9 ft Travel Star with three expandables and a slide out (also one w/o slide out)… and that was amazing, because it was smaller than the sunflower trailer, and lighter by far.  Plus they were really pretty.  Seriously pretty.  Marble counters, hardwood floors, super-mega everything.  And I was able to be in them and not flee… so we were getting pretty excited.

But as pretty as it was…?  It felt wrong.  I can’t explain it any better than that.  It felt… blingy?  Fancier than my house – not a ‘camper’, if you understand.  It’s probably just me – I’m not very good with lavish things, to be honest.  Quaint, charming, antique, cheap, comfortable… yes.  Expensive, blingy, fancy, high-end… not so much.  And we didn’t care for the numbers he was tossing around, either.   So we headed out… but keeping TravelStar in mind.  Although as we were leaving, he checked with the manager.  TravelStar’s have formaldehyde, too.  All of them do… to one level or another.

I’m a Craigslist girl.  We love to get things used off the ad site – in fact, that’s where we’d just gotten our new mattress for the front of the camper (<< also eating into our vacation, but I digress).  So anyhow, I went on-line, and found a Palomino Solaire 213X on Craigslist.  It looked to be the same style/size as the TravelStar, but it was a lot cheaper, and I liked the interior (just from the pictures!) so much better.  They had two on a lot in Lansing, so (in the middle of our vacation) we took a day and drove over to Lansing.  Brian was off work, you see – and that’s hard to come by.  Plus it’s an adventure, right?

The salesman was hilarious.  “None of our campers have formaldehyde!  They don’t do that, anymore.  That was back in the early 2000s.”  Yeeeeah.  Anyhow, if you want to see lots of pictures of the Solaire, they’re here… but I’ll put up two, like I did for the TravelStar:



Very similar, but not so fancy-schmancy.  We got there, and he’d just sold both of the models.  He said they go off the lot as fast as they come in, because of the space in them.  This is a 21 ft camper that opens to the size of a 27 footer… and is light to pull!  It’s amazing.  He was getting another one delivered first thing the next morning, so we drove back again the next day (after calling to make sure it was there, this time!).  We walked into it, and loved what we were seeing.  Comparatively speaking, of course.  It was really nice, but not luxury quality, you know?  And the price was better, too.  I sat in it for half an hour, to be SURE that I wasn’t going to have a reaction.  We shut ourselves in, and I went to every corner of the thing, spending time in all areas, just to be SURE.

We also went in everything Solaire on the lot, in case.  (And one Jayco pop-up, which had red plaid interior that I absolutely fell in love with.  It would never, ever fit us, but I loved it, just the same.  It was so cottage-y and wonderful!)  And then we drifted back over to the Solaire 213X hybrid, and had to make a decision.

But something was holding me back.  Brian was all for it.  It was a 2017!  Brand new, never owned… and the price was high, but if we tightened, we could swing it.  But I couldn’t do it.  I loved it, don’t get me wrong… but it wasn’t for us.  I couldn’t explain any better than that.  And I’m sorry.  But I couldn’t.  I blamed it on the money, because that was a big part of it for me.  I hate debt.  We have one on Brian’s truck, and that’s already too much debt for me.  Adding another that was large enough to be an uncomfortable squeeze?  No.  Just… no.

So back to Craigslist I went.  Had to find another option.  And so I thought, “What if we didn’t just search hybrids?”  So I started looking at other options, and found a listing for a 2005 25′ Jayco 25G.  It’s the same size as our Sunflower Camper (but nearly 30 years newer), has longer bunks with more headroom, and a pop-out up front, which adds a lot more room.  It’s got double the storage.

And it’s red plaid interior.

(((GRINS!!!)))  Ha’Shem was prepping me for that, with the little one we’d gone in at the Lansing lot!  I couldn’t believe it.  I do believe in signs, and that was just… awesome.  Have I mentioned that my first car had red plaid seats in it?  It was a 1979 Mercury Zephyr, and it was red inside, too!  I just… have a thing for red plaid, apparently!  Take a look… what do you think?



I texted the number in the ad (TEXTED?!?), and the guy was a hoot.  He kept texting me all sorts of crazy stuff.  He was just chatty, and a lot of fun, so we were looking forward to meeting him… even if it meant driving almost to Detroit!  So off we went.  The guy – Dave – has twelve kids.  (Six are hers, five are his, and they had one together!)  He buys ‘totalled’ campers at auction for pennies and fixes them as a side income, then re-sells them with a salvage title.  This one had water damage on the floor, so he pulled out the flooring and replaced it all.  (The flooring in the picture has all been replaced with wood in his camper.  Brian went over it all, to be sure there were no soft spots or problems, that the guy did a really good job.  And he seriously did.)  Which, btw, means less formaldehyde issues!  Except we were still concerned.  We knew nothing about the chemical concentrations in Jaycos… so this was an ‘exploratory’ trip.  To see if it would work.  If I could tolerate it.  If the style might suit us.

Long story short, we loved it.  It was “The One”.  I wasn’t allergic at all, and we all agreed that it was perfect for us.  So we put $$ down, and bought the camper.  I was waiting until we had everything squared away to post about it, because we had some goofiness with the financing (salvage titles make things tricky, you can imagine).  But the price is way lower than the newer ones, it’s the same weight as the 213X (because it doesn’t have a slide-out), and it’s not too long for us to pull.  It’s just beautiful.  Cozy, quaint, charming, cheap, antique-ish…

… and the perfect camper for us!

____________ July 25, 2016 ___________

Back to Chapter 7

So here’s something I’ve never told you – I don’t talk ‘Revelation’ with my kids, mostly.  I’ve tried to talk prophecy with my parents, sibs, aunt, cousins, yes.   And you can probably figure out about how well those conversations went.  Mostly I just keep my studies, revelations, and excitement to myself.  People only like mystery and the fantastical if it’s safely on the other side of a TV screen.  It’s not supposed to happen in their lives, and… well, prophecy wigs people out, even fulfilled on a smaller scale.  It’s probably why churches steer clear if at all possible and even the great and powerful Rick Warren says that “prophecy is not for you”.  Nevermind that more than 25% of the Bible is prophecy.  Grab that quarter, rip it out… it’s not for you!  (<< Yet another reason to get the heck out of churchianity as fast as you can.)

From a humanistic viewpoint, yes, but from a Godly one?  Too freaky.
God’s word as inspired?  Sure.  But anything more?  You’re crazy.

Anyhow, my kids were small when I turned thirty and was given a mandate to tell people about what was coming down the pipe.  They got older, but it was still heavy stuff, right?  We spent a LONG time studying Torah, and then another long time studying the Gospels.  We’ve done Proverbs as copywork for twelve years.  We sing our way thru the Psalms.  But what Mama does on-line that’s so ‘very important’ wasn’t for them.  I just didn’t feel like that was something I should talk to them about, then.

Don’t get me wrong – they know all about the feasts.  They see me praying, tipping my face towards the clouds, watching for His coming at various points of the year.  They know why we celebrate the way we do, and what it means… and in a vague way, they know that in a year not too far away, the Lord is coming back.  They mostly look forward to it because of the way that I look forward to it.  But mostly I think it’s been a sort of a fairy tale to them… that might come true, but might not.  Kind of like wondering if characters from a book might come to life, for real.  There’s something exciting and also freaky about such a belief, let’s admit it.

Anyhow, since I found out that we’re on the cusp of the Vial Judgments, I have felt strongly that it’s time to prepare them for the worst, should He not come until after all three sets of judgements.  This is a big year, you know: basically, if He’s going to come before the Greater Tribuation?  This is the fall feast season.  If not, we’re here for the duration.   Because we’re past a Pre-Trib rapture.  We’re past a Pre-Wrath rapture.  We’re at a Mid-Trib rapture.  And the only thing after that (if it doesn’t happen this fall) is a Post-Trib rapture… and we’ll be buckling in for the rough ride, with that one.

My oldest is turning sixteen in two weeks.  She’s old enough to understand.  My eldest son is 13, and had his bat mitzvah, this summer.  He’s old enough to understand.  And so I’ve printed off the timelines, and we’re looking at what was foretold, and when it happened.  It’s pretty impressive stuff, let’s face it.  We make a ‘Book of Centuries’ for school, showing history as we learn it.  But here’s a totally different timeline, from 96AD to 2015AD.  And it’s happening in our lifetime, too.

As we came up on Revelation 7,  we hit on the first snag that I had in things.  I had to admit to them that I didn’t know about Revelation 7… that the first half of it was definitely fulfilled, and at the beginning of the Seal Judgments.  But what about the second half of it?  I confessed to them that I’d hoped it was the rapture, but it didn’t happen at the end of the Seals, so Chapter 7 didn’t ‘bookend’ the Seal judgments.  I suggested that maybe Chapter 7 bookmarked a bigger period: maybe from the start of the seals to the end of the Trumpets (but it didn’t feel right), or the end of the whole three-set mess… which I really don’t want to be the case.  Both of them didn’t set right with me, to be honest.  But what else could it be?

And then it hit me.  Take a look at Seal #5 (which was unseen, in Heaven):

And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:  And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?  And white robes were given unto every one of them; and it was said unto them, that they should rest yet for a little season, until their fellowservants also and their brethren, that should be killed as they were, should be fulfilled.  Rev 6:9-11

And then look at the second half of Chapter 7:

 After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, and palms in their hands;  And cried with a loud voice, saying, Salvation to our God which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb.  And all the angels stood round about the throne, and about the elders and the four beasts, and fell before the throne on their faces, and worshipped God,   Saying, Amen: Blessing, and glory, and wisdom, and thanksgiving, and honour, and power, and might, be unto our God for ever and ever. Amen.

And one of the elders answered, saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?  And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.  Rev 7: 9-14

I don’t know about you, but that looks like the martyrs, having been brought up to Heaven.  They aren’t given white robes upon arrival – they’re already in white robes.  They were given to them under the altar!  Do you see that?  So I was gasping at this realization… because it looks to me like they went up!

But wait.  The church (hahahahaaaaaa) always taught me that at the rapture all the dead and the living would go up together and meet Jeezus in the air!  So I hurried off to 1 Thessalonians 4 (<< because I’m a geek and know exactly where all of this is, yes, it’s true).   And here’s what it says:

But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.  For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.  For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.  For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise  first:  Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  Wherefore comfort one another with these words.  1 Thess. 4: 14-18

I always believe that these things happened at the same time, because that’s what the church taught.  Like a two-part, single event.  They come out of the Earth, start rising in the air, and we go up with them, right?   But that’s not what it says.  We don’t go with them… they rise first.  THEY RISE FIRST.  I had to bold and italicize and underline it, so that it’s not mistaken.  These are TWO different events.

Before we’re raptured?  The dead rise.  We are caught up in the clouds, yes, but that’s after.  It doesn’t say how long after in Thessalonians… but Revelation does tell us when.   And it appears that it happens at the end of the Seal Judgments.  THIS is who the ‘robed redeemed’ are!  THIS fits, and makes sense to me.

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The Significant Shift

One upon a time, good was celebrated, and evil was triumphed over.  Heroes in stories and epic tales overcame the villians, and the people were grateful to the one who had the ability to save them, rejoiced at their victories and praised them for their feats.  Do you remember those days?  And are you wondering why I’m speaking of them in the past tense?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but there’s been a serious shift in the superhero movies, lately.  It started with ‘Transformers’… at least, that’s the first time I really sat up and noticed something was different.  Something was wrong.  And while you’re probably not giving a crap about junk-heaps of metal bashing other junk-heaps of metal, there are metaphors to be found in the movies that we watch, and I hope you’ll bear with me and take a look.

In ‘Transformers’, the Autobots come to Earth to stop the Decepticons (who had come here for an ‘Allspark’ that had crashed into our planet, liked what they saw, and decided to stay and wreak havoc) from taking over and destroying mankind.  How were the Autobots repaid for saving humanity?  The people of Earth decided that if it weren’t for the Autobots’, there wouldn’t have been the massive destruction across the cities and countryside, so they – these insignificant, loud-mouthed, obnoxious human politicians – decide the Autobots have to go.  So they do.  The sign of a true hero is one who honors pacts and respects others view and choices… even if it means accepting something they don’t agree with, getting up and leaving.  But do you think the bad guys – the Decepticons – are going to do the same?  Of course not!  So the Autobots then end up having to break the laws and go ‘rogue’ against the humans in order to save the humans that threw them out and vilified them from utter destruction.  Again.

When I first saw that, I thought – ‘Wow.  That sucks.  Humanity is just a bunch of idiots, anymore.  Don’t they SEE that the Autobots were doing good, that their intentions were in the favor of humanity, that they did their best?!’  And it bothered me to see how everything went down.  Mostly because a lot of it rang true.  That’s exactly what would happen, anymore.  That’s what humanity has become… we’re just watching a fictional scenario, instead of the real thing up on that screen.

Let’s move over to DC comics, shall we?  I had the misfortune of going to the theatre to see ‘Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice’, thinking that any movie with Superman in it couldn’t be bad.  (((pfffft!!)))  In the latest DC film offering, we find Superman in trouble with the government for all of the destruction that happened in Metropolis while he was defeating Zod.  He saved humanity, tried to minimize the loss of life as much as he possibly could, but how was he repaid?  The people of Earth are convinced that he’s responsible for damage and destruction (nevermind they wouldn’t even be around to bitch if it weren’t for him!), and the entire movie is spent hating on Superman on every level.  They continuously say that he is ‘uncontrollable’ and ‘like a god’ which makes him ‘dangerous’…

And I kept thinking, “Man, when Messiah comes, they’re are going to despise the Creator.  They’re going to shake their fists in His face and tell Him that THEY are the last word, and that THEY have the power.   It was really insanity in the movie, when you think, about just how much power Superman has.  He could level Metropolis if he wanted to – but that’s not even a thought in his head!  Yet they treat him like he’s a villain!   …Until at the end he fakes his death and let’s humanity have their way.   Which of course opens the door for the new movie that’s coming soon, ‘The Suicide Squad‘ – which is a glorification of every DC villain I know.

That’s right – the next ‘superhero’ movie is a super villian movie.
Talk about a major shift!

And it’s gone the same way with Marvel superheroes.  The latest movie is “Captain America: Civil War” (NoTe:  Which is more about IronMan and the Avengers as a whole, and shouldn’t have been a Captain America movie, but I digress.)  In this film, a villain gets hold of a plague and is going to unleash death, sickness, pain and destruction on all of mankind.  The Avengers show up, kill the bad guy, retrieve the plague for the laboratory… and how are they repaid for saving humanity?  They are absolutely vilified by the entire world, because a handful of humanitarian workers were killed in the crossfire.  The Avengers did everything they could to keep the people around them safe, to try to minimize the damage and save humanity, apologize to the families for the loss of those few people… and they are verbally slaughtered by all of the nations, across the globe.  Told that if they don’t bow at the feet of the governments, they would be considered villains… at which point they were locked in a prison ship underwater in the middle of the ocean.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have long seen superheroes as a cry for a Savior.  No, I’m not going to go spiritual in this so much, because that’s not my point, today.  But there is just rampant evil in the world.  People look at Trump and Clinton, they look at Iran and North Korea, they look at Putin and China… they only have to look as far as their backyards, to be honest!  The world needs a hero.

The superhero stories give people some sort of ‘hope’ – fictional and temporal as it is.  We feel as if we’re heading on towards a global disaster, and there’s frustration at not being able to do anything (more than ‘pray’) about it.  So superhero movies have always given us at least the illusion of deliverance from this disaster we call our ‘world’.  (Of course if you’re of a spiritual nature, you would say that superheroes are an attempt to usurp the TRUE Savior, but I’d tell you to put aside your piety for five minutes and just see things from where we’re all sitting.)

Truth?  There are no superheroes.   But there are heroes.  People who try to make a difference.  People who do their best to do what’s right, and to stand for what’s true, and to keep some semblance of peace and order.  There are people like that.  There have always been people like that.

The difference is that – for the first time in my life – I’m noticing that there has been a significant shift in the general order of things. If the good and evil of the world were on a balance, I would say the scales have finally tipped.  They’ve been levelling out for quite a while, but good has, up until now, been favored.  Now, however, the loud-mouthed, squeaky wheels who suck off of society and expect others to do good for them are openly and vehemently vilifing the everyday heroes.  The collective isn’t interested in peace and order, they’re interested in what they can get.  How much attention they can pull to themselves.  Being catered to, having every whim granted.  They’re interested in whether they can get their way.  And you will find that as this has happened, we’re shifting from superhero movies to villain movies, only in real life.  The darkness is overcoming the light in ways that hit home at a personal level.  I see it in the people around me, almost everyone I know in real life.  It’s apalling… and heartbreaking.

It has seemed to me that – ever since Gan Eden – the world has progressed because of a concept called ‘survival of the fittest’.  The stronger animals were the overcomers, the sickly, stupid, and/or lazy animals were not the leaders of the pack.  The smartest people were promoted, and did wonderful things with their creativity and intelligence.  We built, developed, used ingenuity, and hard work to make things better and better.  We invented computers, created cures, had a space program that could send people to the moon!  We won the Cold War and had a military that could keep the peace and help other countries that were in need.

Things have changed from that – for the first time that I can see.  Oh, the scales evened out around the year 2000, but  it isn’t until how that we’re seeing the downward trend of things.  The stronger people – the ones who are intelligent and creative – aren’t given the freedom to create and make positive change.  It’s all tied up by money and held back by small-minded, loud-mouthed arrogance.  It’s stunted by people with power who should never have been given any, in the first place.  The Cold War’s triumphs have been undone, our military is decimated (first by Bill Clinton, now by Obama).  We no longer create cures, we do preventatives that don’t prevent anything – just make money for big pharma.  We don’t keep peace, we are so tangled up in so many skirmishes that aren’t even our affair…!  We can’t even send people to the moon, anymore – Obama also took care of that for us.

Those who triumph now are the sickly, stupid, and lazy… because it’s not about what you can achieve, anymore.  No, now it’s about pacifying and pandering and trying to shut up the incessant screams of ‘injustice’ by those who have earned and contributed the least.  In an effort to gain more for themselves, there are more people grabbing up more government assistance than ever before… and nobody dares to put their foot down and say enough… which is why we’re trillions of dollars in debt.  And if you speak out against any of the pandering and pacifying that’s going on?  You’re an intolerant bigot.  How dare you!  It’s bluster and air, but empty threats and harsh words seem to have more strength than capable action, anymore.  And I shake my head at it.  And mourn for what I’m seeing.

Because I think this tipping point that we’ve recently crossed is the point of no return.  This negative shift is so astoundingly strong that it’s even effecting the entertainment that we used to go to for ‘hope’, albeit a fantasy hope.  Everything, everyone… is succumbing to the weight, the pressure of the mouths, endlessly talking, demanding, bullying…

I know how Superman, Optimus, and Captain American feel.
Because I’m right there, with them.  Shaking my head at the world.

____________ July 21, 2016 ___________

What kind of Homeschooler am I?

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching about this, the past week and a half or so.  I’ve had some problems where homeschooling is concerned, lately.   I left two different groups.  One was so ridiculous, I’m not even going to waste breath on trying to explain the idiocy that went down.  That one wasn’t a big shock, but the Charlotte Mason exit really took me by surprise.

When I started homeschooling (almost thirteen years ago!), there weren’t a fraction of the resources that there are online, now.  I had NO idea where to start or how to do it, or  what was available to me.  I didn’t even know if I could homeschool.  And as a lame start, I just decided one day to begin by picking up classical books: Tom Sawyer, Moby Dick, The Mysterious Island, The Three Musketeers. I was buying a tiny cache of them from Goodwill, and made a comment to the cashier that I was ‘preparing’ for thinking about homeschooling, or something like that.  She said, “Oh!  If you want to look into Homeschool, go to Ambleside Online.”

That was all I had to go on.  Two words: Ambleside Online.  And from there I learned about all of the different methods of homeschool, and still chose AO’s style – the Charlotte Mason based curriculum.  I’ve been homeschooling with AO/CM the entire time that we’ve schooled, and I’ve mostly loved every single moment of it.


There have been a few snags, and each time they were on the same problem:  Charlotte Mason taught in the 1800s, and wanted to created a whole education.  She wanted students to know things, not just do schoolwork.  She wanted them to know when things happened in history, in relation to other things happening.  She wanted them to know master artists, great music and composers, Shakespeare and Poetry.  She wanted the child to know about the world around them.

But she’s been gone for a long, long time.  She wasn’t here for the Beatles or Charlie Chaplin, for Thomas Kincaid or Ayn Rand.  She wasn’t on earth when there was telephone, television, internet, 8-tracks, CGI… and life didn’t just stop at the end of hers.  Because of who I am, I like to keep things going from where she left off, as well as include what existed in her time.  The other side of that coin is that there has been an influx of information since her time like no other time in history.  It was easier for her to focus on the smaller amount of art, literature, history, and music, because that’s what there was.  It’s not like that, now.  We are inundated with genres of music, communication, art, theatre, technology and more.

Which brings me to my problem: if we are to give the children a solid look at art thru all history including the more modern times, we don’t have the time to spend a month on each artist.  We just don’t.  And anyhow, does it matter if my child has seen twenty-three paintings by Mary Cassatt, or if he/she can identify the most famous of her works and her style?

I had the same thing in church, way back before I was even considering homeschool.  Do you have any idea the number of verses that they tried to cram into my head when I was a child?  A different memory verse every week!  Ask me how many of them I remember.  It was overwhelming, and I couldn’t retain it all.  Wouldn’t it have been better to have had me memorize 36 really useful or meaningful verses over the entire course of my childhood, thirty-six verses I could remember and utilize, instead of three hundred I don’t remember?

This is my problem with Charlotte Mason, and why I left the group.  Someone had asked how to go about teaching art study.  They were looking for a book that covered the masters, but I suggested the 52-weeks of Great Art site that we’ve decided to work on.  (The page even refers to Charlotte Mason and her tenets!)  I shared how we were doing it, and even asked permission to upload the resource I was compiling (a large, color print of the work, then information about it that was done in a fun, educational way).

Then someone got on the board and said, “THAT IS NOT HOW CHARLOTTE MASON WORKS!!”  Apparently if you don’t immerse a child in all the works of an artist, you aren’t *doing* Charlotte Mason right.  This particularly vocal woman got really irate, and was ranting quite vehemently about how my resource had to be pulled, that I was ‘tainting’ the CM ideology…  It turned out that she was one of the page’s thirteen administrators.  ((!!!!)))  So I apologized (for thinking/sharing out loud), pulled my resource, and left the group.

Anyhow, I’m not really sorry for my take on things.  I’d rather have a child that remembers and loves and KNOWS things than one that has had thousands of facts and pictures and sound bytes crammed past them and has tuned out.  And I’m not going to change for anyone.  Their way is their choice, my way is my choice.  I’m getting sick of their choice being the only choice, and anything/anyone that doesn’t agree or conform to that is tossed out.  (What’s really funny is when they say they’re ‘inclusive’, but they really mean they’re only inclusive of what suits them or panders to their own opinions and/or personal preferences.  Which, by definition, isn’t inclusive at all, now is it?  But I digress.)

We’ve been camping for a week and a half, and I have to tell you… one my favorite things is when people come up to us and say, “We’ve been watching your children, and I just had to tell you how well behaved and nice your kids are.  They’re homeschooled, aren’t they?  I can tell.  They play so good together, they obey and are just good kids.”  I love that.  One of my least favorite things is when that’s followed by “We really want to homeschool… how do you get involved in that kind of thing?”

PLEASE do not ask me.  Ask anyone else.  Because I apparently don’t do what I do correctly.  I’m told as much often enough to know that I’m not a good resource.  I do my thing.  I do it well.  I’m happy with it.  If people can’t accept that, I’ll gladly sweep a bow as I back up and let them bluster past me like blindly charging bulls.  Have at your own thing.  But don’t ask me for my opinion or advice.  You don’t want my way of doing things.  I get antsy and nervous and don’t like to talk homeschool.  Yes, I do it.  No, I don’t want to tell you what I do in my version of it.  In fact, just shy of a month ago, I joined a FB page for CM-bloggers.  I read them, but I won’t share my blog.   At this point, after leaving the CM page, I don’t feel I can even call myself a CM homeschooler, although that’s pretty much what I do, with my own ‘kisses’ on it.

Well, last night I was reading a blog entry about a woman who went to a CM convention, and here’s what she said:

As a Charlotte Mason homeschooler who doesn’t always fit the mold, and tends to buck some of the more typical Charlotte Mason stuff – I couldn’t wait to hear …about bringing Miss Mason into the world and time in which we live right now. I had been having a bit of a hard time recently with this idea and have felt a bit out of place, outcast, in the online CM community. While we all KNOW we can run our homeschools however we see fit for our families, it IS nice sometimes to feel like you have a group of women who are of a similar mindset about things. I haven’t felt that recently, and really went to this retreat hoping to find encouragement to keep on keeping on.

…What I went in hoping to get from this retreat – I did indeed receive. Julie’s keynote was on point, and really affirmed a lot of what I had already been feeling in the last few weeks. I am who I am, my kids are who they are, and MY family does not fit the typical image of a Charlotte Mason family. And just as I knew I would hear, it is TOTALLY OKAY! This isn’t rocket science, and should come without question – – but it was precisely what I needed to hear.

…Julie talked of Miss Mason being a revolutionary in her time, and then said “She’s not the final word, take what you know and create your OWN vision”. If I hadn’t just come off of a two day drive, dropped my bags at the hotel, and walked straight into this keynote – you would have heard me HALLELUJAH from the back of the room. THIS is what I needed to hear. THIS was my biggest takeaway from the talks at the retreat. The method was progressive when it was created, so why are we STOPPING the progression? Why are we trying to keep it what it was 100+ years ago?

The inspiration and confidence that I received from that ONE talk, that ONE idea, was far beyond what I ever expected to get there at the retreat.

Can I be honest?  This is exactly where I am, in homeschooling, too.  I don’t *fit* as a homeschooler, either – because I continue a progression.  Frankly, there aren’t a lot of people like that out there.  I’ve noticed two main groups:  there are the die-hards, the ‘This is the way it HAS to be’, and then there are the ‘it can be any way you want it to be, there is no “way” to do it’.  It’s like rigidity on one end of the spectrum, while the other end tosses everything to the wind and anything goes.  There’s no moderation, no balance.  There’s no taking foundational practice and making it progress thru to the place in which we are.  And that’s what I yearn for.  That’s why I don’t fit in.

I’ve noticed this about homeschooling in general, too.  There are the staunch, ‘intellectualized’ homeschoolers, and there are the ‘devil may care’ homeschoolers.  I don’t fit either group, because I believe in structure in which to play… but no playing outside of the structure.  Without the skeleton, or frame, there is no edifice, just a big slop mess.  I just… wish more people approached CM’s methodology as a great ‘format’ to use, and take as the framework for the schooling that fits their family and works as a way to educate wholly.

Just… needing to get some thoughts out.  Because really all of this has been bubbling inside, and I wanted to pull it out and make sense of it all.  And it seemed like that post really spoke to my heart.

____________ July 20, 2016 ___________

Affirmations from Daniel

aNNa’S NoTe:  Daniel is one of the Jewish autistic boys who is given prophecies from Yehovah for the people of our time.  Some of them are just warnings to repent, but he really went into some reassuring detail, this time, and I really wanted to share exerpts of the translations from his latest prophecy.

Father, everything is going to run out in the near future. Around the world, everywhere there will be mass confusion. People will be walking around in shock. They do not realize what is happening, but they know something is wrong. They feel the ground shaking beneath them, and know that it is going in directions that are not healthful. They are being led in directions that they think feels good, but it is not.

Once, life was relatively simple, we knew what can and cannot be, more or less. There were people who were walking in improper directions, leading us in improper directions and kept it a secret. Today’s planned evil is different – the forbidden is allowed, and permitted is forbidden.  ...there is confusion and concern about how children could grow up with such confusion.

Now Dad, the evil ones are beginning to show themselves amongst the Arabs… We are beginning to see who belongs to what. Now the villains have become more courageous and show us who they are.  We have an upside-down world; a world that is enough to make one just sit and cry.

…And after the star devastates the world population, those who survive will be brought to the camps where the evil ones will decide who lives and who dies, who can work, who can be serve a purpose for their agenda. Their plan includes the majority of governments around the world, especially in the West including the Israeli government (who will be needed and who will be eliminated).

…I just want to explain to our people that the only way to save ourselves is to have complete confidence in Hashem. Even if you move into a bunker, have weapons, food, water and everything you need for a few years, it will not help you without Hashem. And, if you do have Hashem, He will take care of you; you will have food, water, electricity and everything you need. Like the Jews who came out of Egypt, the plagues did not affect those who had Hashem.

I want to explain to you that most Jews simply are afraid, and don’t understand that we have come to the end. Moshiach will soon be revealed, but we’ll have to first go through the most difficult thing. Hashem is going to destroy two-thirds of the world. This is something that must be. People cannot do such destruction, only Hashem can do that. Do not think it will be because of a nuclear war? It could include one, but it will not be that people could destroy the world. As we have said many times: “Hashem created this world, only Hashem can destroy it.”

…Our people are tiny compared to the world population; all real Jews do not take up much space. There is something like 14 million Jews around the world. Some who do not take it seriously, are not Jews at all. We do not know exactly how many Jews are real; only Hashem knows. Many Jews, who think that they are Jews, are not Jews because of all sorts of reasons. We can write all kinds of sources before Moshiach comes, but the majority of Jews would find they are Erev Rav, the mixed multitude. There are real differences between secular Jews, and it will all be clarified soon, who is what.

…Now, the big change that is about to happen in this world. We live as human beings in this the first human world which is temporary. Hashem will raise us up much higher than what was in the Garden of Eden. After all wars, the star, etc, we move to another dimension; Hashem will raise us to a better, higher place, like the next higher world of Heaven where souls await after death. It will be higher with more spiritual pleasures.

I’m very sorry that we have to pass tests that are so difficult now. The money and all the material things we have become accustomed to will go away. We’ll live only with the truth. We will not have to go to work; we will not have to go scrounge; we will not care each month about our electric bill; we will be with Hashem – literally. And He will give us everything we need. We will not need anything more than that. No need for a car; no need for a fancy house; only the need to be with Hashem Who will give us everything we need. We will be without an evil nature, and it will be a pleasure, with no barrier between us and Hashem. We will come closer more and more to Hashem, and this approach will include spiritual pleasure indescribable.

NOTE FROM TRANSLATOR: The message continues on for several more pages but not with anything that is so vital for us now. The above was translated by me, and was quite time consuming. It was very reassuring to read such information that matches what I have been covering for a while. …Hashem is the source and He is obviously giving us such messages to let us know we have “come to the end.”

aNNa’S FooTNoTe:  I underlined a bunch of stuff in this.  Basically, though, what Daniel is doing is confirming that we *ARE* about to enter the ‘Final Tribulation’ (or, vial judgments).  He is saying, however, that those who are true Jews (Romans 2:28-29) are going to be spared from that final wrath period because of their faith.  They’re not the Jews that think they’re Jews… it’s going to be interesting.  But I really do love it when everything between us is in alignment.

____________ July 19, 2016 ___________

cooltext1738801955Chapter 7b – I had to split it up, as it got long.


The man who split up the Bible into chapters (I believe it was Stephen Langton) tried his best, I’m sure to get things split up by subject, or with breaks in logical places.  He did a really good job on chapter 7 of 1 Corinthians, too… every verse in this chapter is about marriage, sex, and/or man-woman relationships of a romantic nature.  What irritates me is when something is so simple and organized, and then the church decides that it’s talking about something that doesn’t jive with what they want to believe, so in the middle of it, they decide to change the meaning to suit their delicate sensibilities.

I’ve had a long week of delicate sensibilities.  Fact is, I really can’t expend energy on the people who are just angry because the truth I speak contradicts the lies they live.  The same is true of this, and I’ll show you exactly what I mean in just a minute or two.

First, however, we need to kind of recap that the first half of the chapter (that we did about a week and half ago) was just more of the same.  Who do you marry?  What about divorce?  What about celibacy?  What’s the Biblical take on marriage?  It was pretty interesting, but it’s stuff I’ve covered on this site before, so it was really nothing new to me.  THIS, though?  Was all new to me, and opened a whole trove of questions I really don’t exactly have the answers to… but am utterly intrigued with!

But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remaineth, that both they that have wives be as though they had none;  And they that weep, as though they wept not; and they that rejoice, as though they rejoiced not; and they that buy, as though they possessed not;  And they that use this world, as not abusing it: for the fashion of this world passeth away.  vs. 29-21

You might not see it at first, but this is ‘More Four’.  I hate to keep explaining that (since I’ve been explaining it for years, hello…!), but for those who don’t know what ‘More Four’ is, it’s the way God has designed relationships to work.  Look at Mark 12:30, and you’ll see it (heart-soul-mind-strength).  Look at Luke 2:52 to see Messiah illustrate the four (wisdom-stature-god-man).  Look at a deck of cards… four suits.  It’s illustrated in a square, it’s hidden in the four different takes on the Gospel story, in the four kinds of love… we’ve identified a LOT of them, on this site.  One in the first half of this chapter!

But this one is different.  It’s backwards.  In all other cases, it’s an illustration of our relationship with Yehovah (or working it out in our own actions), but this is how things if ‘More Four’ were applied to a screwed up situation.  Which, by the way, pretty much sums up our existence on Earth.  There’s sin, death, betrayal, hurt, sickness, pain, loneliness… it’s not what the Creator intended for the world, that’s for sure!

Having said, Paul tells people that ‘time is short’.  This is not a ‘REPENT – THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!’ kind of a thing.  He’s saying that the lifespan of a person is short.  Our time here is short, in the grand scheme of things.  We’re a blip on the radar.  That marriage is nothing in the grand scheme.  Neither is personal success.  It means nothing in the grand scheme.  Loss?  It’s seriously temporary.  So is owning stuff.  Isn’t there a saying about how you can’t take it with you when you die?

What’s kewl is that he does the ‘life is short’ spiel it in ‘More Four’ fashion.  If the four categories are ‘relational’ – ‘spiritual’ – ‘intellectual’ – ‘physical’, then he’s saying that marriage (relational), loss/triumph (spiritual), possessions (physical), and manipulation of the world (intellectual) are all temporal.  So… what’s this got to do with the marriage thing?

But I would have you without carefulness. He that is unmarried careth for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please the Lord:  But he that is married careth for the things that are of the world, how he may please his wife.  vs. 32-34

I love this.  It brings to mind Matthew 7:23… ‘depart from Me, ye who are practice lawlessness’.  Here we have ‘carefulness’… the same kind of wording.  Makes me smile.  Practicing lawlessness (or, life without the Law/Torah) is stated in the same way as Paul commands us to be ‘without carefulness’ (or, life full of earthly cares).  Isn’t that great?  I’m digressing, but you know what I mean.  Anyhow, the whole point is that when we marry, things that are temporal take more of a front seat.  Possessions, losses/successes, keeping the partner happy… these things are ‘cares’ that suddenly are front and center.  It’s the American Dream, pretty much:  wife, house, 2.5 kids, good job, 401K earning good returns, big camper, two cars, etc.  You know me, I pare it all down to ‘The Matrix’ pulled over our eyes to keep us from seeing the Truth.  Paul is so Morpheus, here.

There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit: but she that is married careth for the things of the world, how she may please her husband.  And this I speak for your own profit; not that I may cast a snare upon you, but for that which is comely, and that ye may attend upon the Lord without distraction.  vs. 34-35

See?  Morpheus.  This is kind of a summary of the first half.  If you don’t have to marry, don’t.  It’s a distraction from the things that truly matter.  Sadly, the church doesn’t teach this.  I grew up in the church, and it was very much a ‘thing’ that you grow up, marry a good christian man, and start making good christian babies.  ‘Be Fruitful and Multiply’.  That’s what I was taught.  We have to try to outnumber the heathens, after all.  (You know I’m telling the truth on this.)  It’s absolutely NOT scriptural.  Just look at all of these verses, saying over and over again how it’s not beneficial to marry.

It’s funny how the church just kinda skips over the parts it really doesn’t much care for, while promoting other parts, like ‘be fruitful and multiply’.  Do you know who that was given to?  Adam and Eve… and why were they told to procreate?  Because there weren’t no other people.  And did you notice that Adam and Eve weren’t given that command until after the original sin?  In fact, childbirth wasn’t mentioned until it was part of a curse.  “Well, what about the verse in Psalms about ‘happy is the man with a quiverful of children?” you ask.  Context.  In David’s time, offspring were a lineage, a heritage, an important thing to their society and way of life.  The other verses about children in Psalm state that kids in those days were the way that judgment and the wrath of God were meted out on the nations.  Is that what Christians subscribe to?  Lineage, heritage of God’s land, and the eradication of warring heathen peoples?  Because… that actually wouldn’t go over well with the world, today.

Having said, I’ve been doing a LOT of thinking about children, lately.  In fact, I’ve been telling the kids that I don’t want grandchildren, lately.  Shocked you, didn’t I?   Here’s a question (and please be honest about your answer):  If the Bible said, “Woe to those who take the Mark of the Beast in their hand or forehead”, would you say, “Well, then!  I’m never going to do that!”  You would, right?  And then I ask you why?  You’d say, “Because I love the Lord, and if the Bible says it’s bad, I’m not going to do it!”  Is that your answer?  Think carefully… and don’t read the next paragraph until you have a definite answer.

In Matthew 24:19, Mark 13:17 and Luke 21:23, the Bible says, “Woe to those who suckle babes in [the end time] days…”  So that’s pretty clear that we should not be having children when we’re in the latter days.  In fact, I can give you scripture that states that the world won’t be a better place if we populate it with ‘good little christians’.  I’m pretty much convinced that the ‘be fruitful’ thing the church is all about is wrong.

And speaking of the church getting something wrong:

But if any man think that he behaveth himself uncomely toward his virgin, if she pass the flower of her age, and need so require, let him do what he will, he sinneth not: let them marry.  Nevertheless he that standeth stedfast in his heart, having no necessity, but hath power over his own will, and hath so decreed in his heart that he will keep his virgin, doeth well.  So then he that giveth her in marriage doeth well; but he that giveth her not in marriage doeth better.  vs. 36-38

I don’t know about your Bible, but in the sidebar of mine, it says, ‘PARENTAL DUTIES’ and “R.V.: ‘his virgin daughter‘.  Now, everything in the first thirty-five verses of this chapter, and everything following this is about marriage relationships, sex, and man-woman situations.  Suddenly, though, the church freaks out on us, and claims we’re talking about parents.  Look at that verse.    If that’s about parents?  That dad was just commanded to marry his child so he wouldn’t screw her outside of wedlock!  Something’s wrong there.  And yeah, I’m pretty sure some of the people reading this are sputtering out explanations that are seriously convoluted to try to justify the parental thing.  I don’t buy it.  It doesn’t make sense that in the middle of man/woman stuff, we suddenly have daddy talk inserted.  It doesn’t fit.  It’s not consistent.

Wanna know what it is?  It’s the fact that Paul is advocating co-habitation, and the church cannot have that.  But look at the verses.  If you can live together without lust, Paul says, then that’s the best thing.  If not, get hitched.  But he advocates two people – as partners – living together unmarried, that’s a problem for the church.

Think about it, though.  What was God’s original intention for man/woman relationships?  There wasn’t sex before original sin.  No begatting, no childbirth even mentioned before the curse of a woman.  Why?  Because in the Garden (and before sin entered the World), there was no need for procreation.  Humans were eternal beings – mortality was the curse of eating from the Tree.  We were to dwell in harmony with God, forever, before the woman bit the fruit.  Eve wasn’t to be Adam’s little baby-maker.  She was his helpmeet.  It just isn’t looking like sex/procreation was a part of the original picture, based on the sequence of events.

If this is the case, what is the woman’s real role?  What were we intended to do for ‘Adam’?  What are we supposed to be doing, if we’re partners, co-workers, ‘helpmeets’ to men?  What is our part?  What about children?  I’m pretty sure we should no longer be having babies, but I’m equally certain that I wasn’t shown any of this, because He definitely commanded we have Owen (#5).  Were we helping to bring the redeemed to a certain number?  And are we so close that we need to stop and let conversions be the final numbers?  I just don’t know.

So I have had a lot of questions about all of this, in regards to what I grew up believing.  I’m not entirely sure that we should be having children in these latter times.  I’m not entirely sure that the structure promoted by the church is scriptural.  And I think things have been screwed up in an effort to make things the way they want them to be, not the way that they actually are.

The wife is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband be dead, she is at liberty to be married to whom she will; only in the Lord.  But she is happier if she so abide, after my judgment: and I think also that I have the Spirit of God.  vs. 39-40

And there goes Paul, again.  If you can, be single.  Widowed, virgin… whatever.  Stay alone.  See what I mean?  So not what I was brought up to believe.  It was always ‘godly woman, godly wife, godly mother’.  And now here I am, outside the church, reading these verses (and others), and seeing things from a different perspective.  A scriptural perspective.  And I’m encouraging my kids to not have children.  Not what I ever thought I’d do, but there it is.  I thought Brian would think I was nuts, but he says, “The more I see of this world, the less I think it’s a place we should bring more children into.”  Even my guy is seeing it.

I don’t know, but what I’m seeing makes far more sense than the contradictory-to-scripture teachings of the church.

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Story of the World II:  Chpt 4

~~~~ Byzantine Bling! ~~~~

Chapter four is seriously overdue.  I’m so sorry.  I had project issues.

Here we’re learning about the Byzantine Empire, which was really amazingly large (and comes after the Roman Empire collapses).  Basically the Roman Empire split in two – east and west.  The West was overtaken by not-yet-European barbarian tribes, and burned.  But it was expendable, anyhow, because it wasn’t where the trade was.  The east – Turkey as the capital – was the place to be, with access to the Silk Road and trade with China, the Middle East, India… so that’s where the Byzantine empire (led by Emperor Justinian) came into being.  And it was all bling, all the time.

The activities were about making costume pieces that had to do with the Byzantine Bling.  Here you can see Katy Perry sporting the look.  It was gold with jewels, mosaics of the body and jewelry.  It was lotsa shiny, basically.   And it’s got it’s own flavor, doesn’t it?

So I was mostly looking for crafts along those lines.  Most people do some sort of a mosaic craft, but we already did that for our Roman study, if you remember back to that.  I don’t like repeats.  So I was thinking we could make crowns.

Bitter Betty has an instructable on how to make a crown out of laces and jewels and… I could never find lace that looked like that at the craft store. Pointy?  Nope.   I might’ve been looking in the wrong place, but still.  Besides, my practical side was screaming that they’d be squashed and destroyed in 24 hours time.  I didn’t like the idea of a crown, it just looked kewl, y’know?

There were also little ornaments made out of pop bottle tops over at ArtfulMom’s site.  But I thought about it, and… while they’re pretty, if they’re pop bottle tops?  They’ve got to be small.  And that’s a lot of different little bling to buy, and then they’ll be falling apart and I’ll be vacuuming up bling.  So… nope.  Not this one, either.  Although if I include the ideas, then maybe you’ll see them and like what you see and go with it.  Who knows, right?

So in hemming and hawing and waiting to get to a craft store “to see”… which doesn’t happen, by the way… time passed.  This got put off.  And that niggles!!  But then one day I was thinking (rather despairingly), and remembered this little place called Pinterest.  Come to think of it, there were Byzantine looking lanterns, saved on mine.  What was I saving them for, if not for this very reason?!?!  So off to Pinterest, and I got a lot of different links to this kind of craft.

I have LOTS of jars from jams, salsas, pickles… YES!  This is it.  We can light up the deck with style.  So I went off to the craft store to get puffy gold paint, and battery operated little votives.  And when we got there?  There were scarecrows and pumpkins in the seasonal section, with Christmas being stocked.  It’s JUNE, for the love of Pete!!  But the summer stuff was on clearance, and whaddya know, they had little colored plastic water bottles for $1/ea.  And they won’t be glass and break/cut/shards/kids/bad!!  Yay!!

IMG_5090 (188x250) IMG_5080 (188x250)
What we used:  The tulip metallic bottle has an applicator tip.  The glue-like substance dries in about 4 hours.

IMG_5085 (250x333) IMG_5077 (444x329)

IMG_5087 (333x250)

Everyone got in on the action…

    IMG_5091 (333x444) IMG_5092 (235x444)

And our results were beautiful!!

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Questing:  Teddy Bear Picnic!

The third badge our group decided to do was teddy bears, and I have to admit at first I wasn’t interested in the least.  I thought, “aren’t our kids a little beyond teddies?”  After all, it was a group for middle and high school kids, not for littles.  It wasn’t until I pulled up the badge requirements that I got pretty excited about it.

Did you know that two companies invented the teddy bear at the same time, on opposite sides of the globe?  That there’s an old story that an entire ship of teddy bears went down in the Atlantic?  Surely you know who the Teddy bear was named after…!

Anyhow, here’s the fun story – the fitted sheet to our brown set got a hole in it.  I hate to throw things away, so I was going to keep the bed sheet to teach the kids sewing on… I figured we could make little animals out of it.  About the same time, Ethan destroyed his pillow by balling the batting so tightly in it (?!!) that it was like a knot, inside.  The only way to spread it back out would be to rip it open and pull the batting apart.  So this was almost a year ago – and here we were, looking at the requirement to make our own teddy bears, and I had everything to do it, and had an excuse for it!

The pattern we decided to go with is found here:

We decided not to do the smaller detail work (the eye and mouth circles), but just use the shape for our ‘pattern’  I also decided to turn mine inside out, although several children chose to leave their stitches exposed.  But they turned out SO cute!

IMG_4740 (374x444) IMG_4745 (388x444) IMG_4748 (299x444)

IMG_4752 (555x416)

And no, I won’t be showing you the bear bare bottoms.  (I have boys.)

Then came the picnic.  We were all shades of excited – listened to Elvis’ “Teddy Bear” and Anne Murray’s “Teddy Bear Picnic”.  We watched a Build-a-Bear video and a tour of Vermont Bears factory.  We made our list of famous teddy bears (wow, was that a blast from the past!), watched teddy bear movies (Pooh and a Care Bears’ movie), and read teddy bear books.

Then we made bear paw cookies (based on the picture at Duncan Hines, although we made ours with a 3-ingredient cake mix cookie recipe, and trimmed the points on our kisses so they’d lay straighter).  We hauled up our old woven picnic baskets, packed up all of our favorite teddies along with the ones we made, and dressed for a ‘Teddy Bear Picnic’!

IMG_4755 (444x364)
Our Teddy bear blanket, fully loaded.
(We were going to have a ‘compare features’ thing, too!)

IMG_4756 (444x333)
There were even greeter bears, there!

IMG_4757 (444x357) IMG_4791 (333x444)
Pink lemonade, of course – and fruits and a bear cake!

  IMG_4761 (334x444) IMG_4763 (430x444) (430x444)
Recognize these two famous teddy bears?

IMG_4760 (393x444)  IMG_4765 (401x444)
There were all sorts of bears: socks, amigurumi, jointed bears
(w/dental floss & button joints!).  It was really fun to see them all.

IMG_4786 (317x444)

This bear came all the way from the Middle East – our friend Shawn got him for us while he was in Qatar.

We had a wonderful time – did some amazing projects, and got to know our bears, inside and out!  It was a lot of fun, and we’re looking forward to our next Questie adventure!

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My apologies!  I didn’t have time to finish the post that was supposed to be here, because I had the opportunity to edit, develop, crop and page photos from last August thru March.  It was a HUGE ((((HUGE!!!)))) job, but man, does it feel good to get just that much closer to organized and on top of things.  I didn’t realize I was so far behind…!! Anyhow, it’s all in books, and WOW, was that a lot of work.

It also meant that I wasn’t on the PC, mostly.
A trade-up I was willing to make.
Thanks for understanding!

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Questing:  Tie Dye

Still playing catch-up!  The Tie-dye badge that we did was one of the more fascinating and ‘experimental’ badges we’ve done, so far.  We had a LOT to do, too.  We had to find out the different kinds of tie-dye.  Where it originated, what could be used as dyes, how to set and remove dyes, both, and what kinds of techniques were out there.  Then we had to try FOUR different kinds of tie-dye.  That’s a lot!

What’s crazy is badhani, the Indian version of tie-dyeing.  They pinch tiny bits of cloth, wrap it in thread, dip the material, then dip each little pinching.  Homigoodness, it’s crazy.  Then they cut the threads away to reveal these intricate patterns.  Can you imagine the work put into that?!  Holy wOw!!!  It sure is beautiful, though, isn’t it?  (We did not try this, but here’s a picture.)

First, we started with a library event.  That was the whole point of doing this.  The event was tie-dyeing with permanent maker.  I went on-line and found a site that had instructions, just so that I could get an idea of what we were in for.  It said that Dollar store markers worked better than Sharpies (<< which are formulated not to bleed).  So off we went – to get t-shirts and markers.  Because of the sheer number of us, I also got more alcohol.  I didn’t want to put the hurt to the library’s supplies!

IMG_4387 (555x416)

We learned some interesting things.  First, the less alcohol, the better.  Isaac’s Yoda went blobby from too much alcohol.  Second, once you apply what you’re going to, you can’t go back and do more, later.  It doesn’t work… and is why my shirt isn’t featured.  [insert pained face]  We also learned that washing them takes out most of the color… the stuff that the alcohol smeared, mostly.  Yoda looked much better, after a washing. Lydia’s however was mostly gone – except a little of the blue right where it was concentrated.  I’d gotten home and attacked mine with straight marker (un-‘dyed’), and that didn’t come off in the wash.  It’s still not featured.  And I fear for each and every washing.

Frankly?  Dyes don’t work.  They always bleed in the wash.  We used to do tie-dye as an Independence craft at the lake every summer, and they all bleed out in the wash.  Vinegar doesn’t help.  Ironing them doesn’t help.  Hot settings on dryers don’t help.  Dye is bad news.  I don’t know what companies use to set color in stuff, but it’s apparently way more effective!

We also tried batik, as another means of tie-dying.  We got a package of handkerchiefs (10pk, 100% cotton) for cheap at the store, and a bottle of blue glue.  The instructions were easy, from ThatArtistWoman, who has step-by-step instructions, too.  What I liked about this was that it wasn’t dye, it was paint that we were using.

Things to note:  ALWAYS put wax paper under your work when gluing over your pencil sketch.  The glue soaks thru the cotton and eats the finish off dining room tables… FYI.  So we diluted a bunch of acrylic paints, and once our designs were dried, we painted them up.  It was SO fun, the best project we did.  The kids absolutely loved it, and when we washed the glue away?  It looked GORGEOUS.

IMG_4640 (660x495)

batik1 (777x518)
Can you spot the infamous Boba Fett, which is etched in our table, now?

The next kind of tie-dye was with food coloring on coffee filters.  There were two sites we consulted on this (here and here), and it went really fast.  Instead of dippers, we just used butter knives and put drops of our colors on.  It worked well, and they turned out pretty.  Who knows where the heck they are, now, but it was a fun half-hour craft.

IMG_4731 (777x558)

For our final project, I got a little lofty.  I wanted to reverse dye t-shirts for us to wear to Quest meetings.  See, we aren’t doing sashes (and none of the sashes match, and nobody wears them, anyhow…) so I thought it might be a way we identify ourselves as Questies.  We already decided our Family Quest group’s colors would be red and brown…. but sadly?  Hobby Lobby doesn’t have brown t-shirts.  So we ended up getting one of every color in the rainbow!  There are seven of us, after all.

The Japanese style of Shibori dyeing was going to be our style, but we were going to reverse dye – which means take a colored shirt and bleach it to take the color out.  Now THAT won’t bleed in the wash!  (((grins!!!))) We bought shirts in every color of the rainbow, Brian cut us wood blocks, and we went to work, using this site and this site as our inspiration!  <<< If you want to see all sorts of patterns and how to get them, this is where it is!

Things we learned:

  1.  The darker the color, the less time you want to leave it in the bleach.  Black requires a count of six.  Blue and green got left in fifteen seconds (too long!!!) and came out to the same color – orange and yellow hardly bleached at all – and I left ’em in forever.
  2. Purple bleaches out pink (?!?!).  Green and blue bleach out yellow.  Black bleaches out brown.  As a result we were… chaotic. Not at all what we wanted.  My anal didn’t handle it well.  So we gave the kids their shirts as play-wear
  3. We decided to just go with black and do everyone in one color.  (Doing that, even Brian will allow us to make him one, too.)  So we ended up doing it twice!  And here’s the next thing we learned: different blends of fabric react differently.  My shirt was a different blend, and Lydia’s wearing it in the picture, so that you can see the difference.   We also were experimenting with how long to leave it in (SIX seconds works best.  Trust me.)… so some of the shirts are more brown than others.

IMG_4828 (444x333)

Anyhow, it was fun to experiment, and we have some fun play clothes to wear, now.  Plus we earned a badge!

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Finding my Place Part 5 of 5 Prophecy Posts

This is where everything becomes a giant, disastrous MESS.   Up until now trumpets were in order, news articles matched up, it made sense.  Now?  I’m all the heck a disaster, which is why this one isn’t in a row with the others.  I needed time to do more looking, to figure it out, to… hope something made sense.

The best way to start out is with what does make sense.  So here’s our timeline, thus far:

2007a: : ENPI begins judgments
2007b: Seal One: White Horse (unseen in Heaven)
2008a: Seal Two: Red Horse (Russian Reunification)
2008b: Seal Three: Black Horse (economic collapse)
2009a: Seal Four: Pale Horse (pandemics begin)
2009b: Seal Five: Martyrs at altar (unseen in Heaven)
2010a: Seal Six: Cataclysm (Terra events on a grand scale)
2010b: Seal Seven: Silence 1/2hr/angels receive gifts (unseen in Heaven)
2011a: Censer cast to earth/quake (Honshu Japan/Fukushima)
2011b: Angels prepare to sound (unseen in Heaven)
2012a: Trump 1: 1/3 vegetation burned (Russia/Canada/US massive fires)
2012b: Trump 2: 1/3 sea life killed/seawater corrupted (radiation in Pacific)
2013a: Trump 3: 1/3 freshwater ‘made bitter’ (polar freshwater/ice melts)
2013b: Trump 4: 1/3 sun, moon, and stars darkened (Nibiru approach)
2014: Angel declaring the start of the three ‘woes’
Israel surrounded on all sides, “alone” per Obama
………….Abomination of Desolation in the holy place
2014b: Trump 5/Woe #1: ‘Locust Army’ (ISIS)
2015aTrump 6/Woe #2: Army of 200,000,000 (refugee crisis)

And here’s where I admit that I’m lost again.  It’s really not my fault.  Scripture can be seriously confusing, after all.  And what happens next is a series of events between Trump 6 and Trump 7.

Since I’m not into pasting whole chapters of scripture into my blog, can I just sum this whole thing up?  The next thing that happens in scripture is that an angel comes down with a little book, puts one foot on the sea (Gentile world) and one on the earth (Israel), and shouts. From what I’ve read, many commentaries state that this is Messiah, because there is a rainbow around His head, He is the only one in Revelation who has been referred to as ‘Mighty’, and has a voice like the ‘roar of a Lion’.  It could be.  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Personally?  I don’t know.  Helpful, right?

In response to H/his ‘roar’ or shout, seven thunders sound, but we’re not allowed to know what each thunder is.  This is bad.  First, because each of the judgments in Revelations is ‘seven’ things.  Seven seals.  Seven trumpets.  Seven vials.  Now we have seven thunders, but we’re not allowed to know what they are.  Are they another set of judgments?  I sincerely hope not, because that would severely suck.  I don’t believe they are, because Messiah says that ‘for the sake of the elect, the time is cut short’.  He says this in Matthew 24:22, just after saying the ‘when you see Israel surrounded’ bit.  So it’s timed right at this point in the Revelation timeline.  So maybe this shutting up of the thunders is that being fulfilled – stuff we could’ve had to have gone thru, but won’t?  It’s a guess.

Then the angel (back to Revelation) lifts a hand, and declares that there will be ‘time no longer’ and that at the sounding of the seventh trumpet, the ‘mystery’ foretold by the prophets would be ‘finished’.

Let’s look at the first part, a minute:  ‘Time no Longer’ can either affirm what I just guessed about ‘time being cut short’, or… well, it could mean the world is about to a new and terrifying phase.  I don’t believe that it’s the end of keeping time, per se, because we have yet to have Israel ‘downtrodden’ for 3.5 years, two witnesses for 3.5 years, or drought for 3.5 years.  So there’s obviously still time.  I’m sticking with my theory that it’s affirming Christ’s ‘time cut short’ from His Olivet Timeline.

But the sounding of Trumpet #7 is something big and important.  It’s going to be awesome, if this being is saying as much, ahead of time!  The problem is getting there.  Because every time we’ve had an angelic activity, it’s taken up space on our timeline… except the interim chapter 7.   With this instance we’re seeing SO MUCH, I don’t know how to translate it into the timeline.  And we’re not even done yet!

Back to the action: the Angel/Messiah gives John the little book, and John is told to eat it.  ?!?!?!   It tastes sweet, but gives him a bellyache.  And while he’s dealing with that, he’s given a ruler and told to measure the Temple of God – but not the outer court, because it’s to be ‘downtrodden’ for 3.5 years.  The problem here is that there is no temple of God on Earth.  It was destroyed in 70AD.  So is this in Heaven?  Yeshua said that there would be no temple, anymore – because the temple now resides within the Believers.  So this temple thing has to be symbolic, obviously.

Meanwhile, we move over and get to meet the two prophets that will come to earth for 3.5 years and roast people with fire from their mouths, bring a 3.5 year drought over Israel, and then die, start rotting, and then rise from the dead on global video. We won’t argue if it’s Enoch and Elijah, or Moses and Elijah, right now – it doesn’t matter, at this point.

The problem is timing.  When does all of this happen?  What is parenthetical? What is chronological?  I don’t know.  It should be my mantra:  I have no idea!  ((<< Frustrating!!))

The first thing I tend to do is go back and look for precedence… because if you remember, we had six seals, then [SOME THINGS] for a whole chapter, and then after that insertion, then came seal seven.  Right?  Well, this is the same thing: six trumpets, then [SOME THINGS] for a chapter and a half, and then comes trumpet seven.  So how did that play out, last time?

Between seals 6 & 7 there were several things:

1. Angels hold back winds

2. East Angel & magnetosphere
3. Saints Sealed
4. Robed Redeemed.

The first half are angel things, the second are things that affect people.  The first three things happened at the same time as the seals.  Israel isn’t ‘sealed’ completely until February 2011, per the Jewish Rabbis.  So number three was done by the end of the seals.  I’m still waiting on thing number four.  So how does that match up to the trumpet interim sections?

1. Angel with book/thunders
2. Angel with announcement/food (response to announcement?)
3. Temple measured/Israel downtrodden 3.5 years
4. Two Witnesses/drought for 3.5 years.

The first half are angel things, the second are things that affect people.  The first three are things happening at the same time as the trumpets.  (<< Actually, I was considering the Israel thing open war, but apparently not?  That’s conjecture, for you.)  Regardless, I’m still waiting on number four.

It’s. The. Same.  Isn’t it?  I mean, different events, but the set-up, the pattern is the same.  The play-out is the same.  That means that I don’t include them in the timeline, itself… like last time?  I don’t know, but it seems that way.

And then there’s trumpet #7 and the last woe, no?  And that isn’t until Revelation 11:14.  Here it is:

The second woe is past; and, behold, the third woe cometh quickly. And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever and ever. And the four and twenty elders, which sat before God on their seats, fell upon their faces, and worshipped God, Saying, We give thee thanks, O Lord God Almighty, which art, and wast, and art to come; because Thou hast taken to thee Thy great power, and hast reigned. And the nations were angry, and Thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that Thou shouldest give reward unto Thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear Thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth.

And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in His temple the ark of His testament: and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail.  Rev 11:14-19

Let’s take a moment to see that there are a series of events that happen here.  The judgment is multi-faceted.  And I can’t help but wonder if the same thing happened with seal seven.  Shall we take a look?

Seal #7:

  1. Silence in Heaven for half an hour/angels receive censer/trumpets
  2. Censer cast to Earth: voices/thunder/lightnings/quake
  3. Angels prepare to sound/start trump judgments

Trump #7:

  1. Praises in Heaven/Temple of Heaven opened
  2. Ark revealed: Lightning/voices/hail/earthquake
  3. Review of the history of Israel/Spiritual world to present (ch12)
  4. Review of the history of the Earth/princes/powers to present (ch13)
  5. Christ in the clouds, harvesting His own (ch14)

And then after that begins the vial judgments of chapter 15.  But as far as Trumpet 7… I see patterns/parallels to seal 7, but there are some major differences, too.  And I come away with more questions than I had before – how about you?!  First, is this ark and earthquake package visible here on earth?  Second, do the history reviews count as time?  (I’d almost say no.  That’s review, not present action, isn’t it?)  But in this praise session, they announce what’s happening, here:

  1.  The Great Trib/Final Wrath begins
  2. The Dead will rise
  3. the prophets (OT), saints (NT), and believers (today) will be given reward
  4. the actual destruction of the earth begins.

You know me.  This… could be my rapture!  And interestingly, as I was looking for a timeline chart of the trumpet judgments, I saw this graphic.  It’s confusing as shit, because the first item on it is a pre-Trib rapture, missing the Messiah.  But after the trumps, we have Christ in the clouds, and verse talking about saints receiving rewards and the dead rising.  ?!?!  So is this the rapture?  I’d be good with it, you know this.

It’s obviously stupid beyond words, taking things that are symbolic as literal… but looking closer, this is actually an illustration of a mid-trib rapture.  See, the seal judgments are the ‘Beginning of Sorrows’, not officially part of the Tribulation.  The trumpets are the Tribulation (or Wrath), and the vials are the great Tribulation.  A rapture before the seals is a ‘pre-Trib’ rapture.  A rapture before the trumpets is a ‘pre-Wrath’ rapture.  A rapture between the trumps and vials is a ‘mid-Trib rapture’… and of course us being here the whole thing is a ‘post-Trib’ rapture.  I keep bumping from one to the next, because I’d rather it be sooner than later.  But I’m an eternal optimist, so there’s that.

Back to my chart:

2014: Angel declaring the start of the three ‘woes’
………….Israel surrounded on all sides, “alone” per Obama
………….Abomination of Desolation in the holy place
Trump 5/Woe #1:
‘Locust Army’ (ISIS)
  Trump 6/Woe #2: Army of 200,000,000 (refugee crisis)
2015b:  Trump 7/Woe #3a: Praises in Heaven
2016a: Trump 7/Woe #3b:  Quake/voices/thunderings/lightning/hail
2016b: Trump 7/Woe #3c:

In looking at all of this, I ended up at an old post – it was calling ‘The Summary of it all‘ [up thru the Seals], and it was written 2/8/2013.  I ended it by saying that there were four things that could happen next:  1) The pope dying, 2) the awakening of Sharon, 3) the destruction of Israel, or 4) the rapture of the saints.  Of those?  The pope retired 26 days after that post.  Sharon died a year later.  Israel certainly is under severe attack (both as a nation and a people)… so it’s down to just a rapture, at this point.

I’m not sure what’s up for this period of time that we’re in.  It could be the histories… or it could be Christ coming to reap.  I do know that the Jews are absolutely beside themselves on the blogs that I read – they believe this is the year that He’s going to appear.  It’s very exciting, reading their writings.  And from where I’m sitting… this fall might see Obama’s “millions of people disappearing”.  That’s called a rapture, people.

HOWEVER… I need to stress that everything we’ve seen up until now has been far ‘smaller’ than people expect.  Remember Mary, Joseph and a manger in Bethlehem?  Israel was expecting a conquering king, hosts of Romans being killed, destruction and massive events.  We’ve been in the midst of the Tribulation period, and nobody’s noticing any more than they did in Messiah’s time.  Don’t expect anyone to give credence to what happens next.  There are nearing 7.4 billion in the world.  Even if there were 9 million people raptured?  That’s only 0.12% of the world population.  It’s not going to be the way the ‘c’hurches tell you it will be.

Only the ones watching will even have a glimmer of an idea of what’s happening.  This blog is here to try to help answer questions.  I’ve had my share of questions, too.  And sometimes I have to wait a long time for Him to share the answers.  Why now?  Why is He revealing about the Trumps now?  Probably because there wasn’t evidence and sources before.  Maybe because I was in the way.  But I’m grateful beyond words to know, to see… even now.

And I’m excited about what’s to come.  Because no matter how bad it gets after this?
My team wins, in the end.  And I’m going to do all I can for Him (and my team).

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Finding my Place – Part 4 of 5 Prophecy Posts

Okay, just because I’m adding to this, every post, why not start with it, right?

2007a: : ENPI begins judgments
2007b: Seal One: White Horse (unseen in Heaven)
2008a: Seal Two: Red Horse (Russian Reunification)
2008b: Seal Three: Black Horse (economic collapse)
2009a: Seal Four: Pale Horse (pandemics begin)
2009b: Seal Five: Martyrs at altar (unseen in Heaven)
2010a: Seal Six: Cataclysm (Terra events on a grand scale)
2010b: Seal Seven: Silence 1/2hr/angels receive gifts (unseen in Heaven)
2011a: Censer cast to earth/quake (Honshu Japan/Fukushima)
2011b: Angels prepare to sound (unseen in Heaven)
2012a: Trump 1: 1/3 vegetation burned (Russia/Canada/US massive fires)
2012b: Trump 2: 1/3 sea life killed/seawater corrupted (radiation in Pacific)
2013a: Trump 3: 1/3 freshwater ‘made bitter’ (polar freshwater/ice melts)
2013b: Trump 4: 1/3 sun, moon, and stars darkened (Nibiru approach)
2014: Angel declaring the start of the three ‘woes’
Israel surrounded on all sides, “alone” per Obama
………….Abomination of Desolation in the holy place
2014b: Trump 5/Woe #1: ‘Locust Army’ (ISIS)
2015aTrump 5/Woe #2: Army of 200,000,000 (refugee crisis)

I just gave it away, didn’t I?  Yeah, well… it’s not like you had to really think hard to figure out what was going to happen.  The verses are pretty telling, in themselves.  Here’s the passage, in case you want to take a look before we dive in (and you really should!):

One woe is past; and, behold, there come two woes more hereafter. And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God, Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates. And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.

And the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred thousand thousand: and I heard the number of them. And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone.  By these three was the third part of men killed, by the fire, and by the smoke, and by the brimstone, which issued out of their mouths.  For their power is in their mouth, and in their tails: for their tails were like unto serpents, and had heads, and with them they do hurt. 

And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:  21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.  Rev 9:12-21

So we have four horseman/angels (possibly the same four we saw in the Seal Judgments) loosing the armies of the Euphrates river.  And where is the Euphrates river?  It’s the lower of the two on this map:


The army is coming from Syria/Iraq.  Where was the last army we talked about from?  Syria/Iraq… ISIS.  We’re talking about something similar, possibly related, maybe even the same thing, just different.  In fact, they even look the same – hair like lion, sharp teeth, breastplates, armor, ‘army’, the wounds inflicted by their tails…

This army is different, because we’re giving a number, albeit symbolic.  It’s not talking about a 200 million man army.  There aren’t that many people in that region, total.  The literal translation of the number is “two myriads of myriads”, an army of staggering proportions, pretty much.  In Biblical numerology, 200 is the number of ‘upheaval and antagonism’.  That’s what this is about.

Now consider this:  We have six million ‘Syrian’ Islamic refugees running from… themselves.  They’re not Christians being persecuted, they’re Muslims running from… Muslims.  Syrians running from Syrians.  It’d be like American Christians fleeing from American Christians.  It’s illogical at a more than one level level.

And I do realize that it’s being painted that ISIS is ‘terrorism extremists’ and these people are not, but do you know who the first leader of Islam was (not including Mohammad)?  Abu Bakr, Mohammad’s best friend in Baghdad.  Do you know who is the current ISIS caliph/leader?  Abu Bakr al-Bahgdadi.  They wouldn’t run from this guy.  He’s their ‘leader, reincarnated’.  The people wouldn’t leave by the millions.  If you think about it, there are underlying flaws to everything we’re being told about the ‘refugees’.

Let’s look at this from the view of the scripture passage.  We’re looking for an ‘army’ of untold millions, literally pouring out of the Euphrates region, if the SMS is correct, in 2015-present.  Their power is ‘in their mouths’ (their sad, sad story and plea for compassion), but their sting is in the head on their tails, speaking something terrible.  This means that they’re two-faced (putting on a false face up front, with the real one behind), and the reality is going to sting us, because we aren’t seeing their true faces.  Does this sound like the Syrian refugee crisis?  And these aren’t Christians fleeing the Middle East, ninety-nine percent of the ‘refugees’ are Muslim (Briebart).  “This is social engineering, not humanitarian relief,” writes Robert Spencer.  And that’s not including the sleeper cells already in place, and those immigrating from the south, as ‘Mexicans’, ‘Cubans’, and the like.  If Obama is allowing 15,000 legally, that means 30,000 will be here illegally.  At least.

It’s far, far worse in Europe.  They’re terrified, and rightly so.

Here’s what scripture says is going to happen:  They’re going to convince the world that they need to be taken in, and then they’re going to kill 1/3 of the world’s population.  That’s approximately 2.9 billion people, when all is said and done.  Makes Florida’s Islamic bloodbath at the gay bar look minuscule, in comparison.  On the other hand, there are 742 billion in Europe and 319 billion in the USA… so 2.9 billion, shared amongst all the nations, won’t be ‘devastating’ at all.

In addition, we don’t know how long they’ll wait before activating this ‘army’.  They may have a target number, or a target date.

I wanted to close with a look at the last verses of chapter 9.  It says that the people of the world won’t even give a crap.  They won’t repent, they won’t turn to God.  I can understand why – the ‘terrorists’ do it all in the name of the spiritual, their ‘god’.  Gods are bad news, after a thing like what will happen.  But it goes even deeper than that.  Seven years ago, everything was a *gasp* factor.  People freaked about everything.  There was always some shock and awe.  Now, we’re so used to constant shock and awe, we’re so desensitized… I get why during the seal judgments, scripture says men ‘call on the rocks to hide them’ and ‘tremble with fear’… but here during the trump judgments, we don’t have that, anymore.  We’re numb.  We’re not watching.  We’re resigned.  It’s a bad place to be, considering where in prophecy it appears we are…

____________ July 07, 2016 ___________

Finding my Place – Part 3 of 5 Prophecy Posts

The Six Month Suggestion (SMS) is still going.  Every six months since 2007, there has been another fulfillment from Revelation.  I’d thought that the SMS was just for the Seals, but looking back in hindsight, I’m finding that the Trumps have been fulfilled in the same increments of time, and it’s blowing me away.  So far we’ve covered:

2007a: : ENPI begins judgments
2007b: Seal One: White Horse (unseen in Heaven)Seal One
2008a: Seal Two: Red Horse (Russian Reunification)
2008b: Seal Three: Black Horse (economic collapse)
2009a: Seal Four: Pale Horse (pandemics begin)
2009b: Seal Five: Martyrs at altar (unseen in Heaven)
2010a: Seal Six: Cataclysm (Terra events on a grand scale)
2010b: Silence in heaven as angels receive gifts (unseen in Heaven)
2011a: Censer cast to earth/quake (Honshu Japan/Fukushima)
2011b: Angels prepare to sound (unseen in Heaven)
2012a: 1/3 vegetation burned (Russia/Canada/US massive fires)
2012b: 1/3 sea life killed/seawater corrupted (radiation in Pacific)
2013a: 1/3 freshwater ‘made bitter’ (polar freshwater/ice melts)
2013b: 1/3 sun, moon, and stars darkened (Nibiru approach)

Anyhow, if you read Matthew 24 at the same time as Revelation, the timelines have some varying information.  The next thing in Messiah’s timeline after the Seal Judgments is ‘Israel, surrounded by Armies’ and the ‘Abominations of Desolation’ in the holy place.  This is not found in Revelation, but at the time that Revelation was written, this information was already penned in the Gospel of John.  Can I take a quick moment to show the fulfillment of this?  Because this also has already happened:

4/23/2014 began the surrounding of Israel with no holds barred
…….(this date being the ending of the Hamas/Israeli peace treaty).
8/4/2014 ISIS takes Syria
8/8/2014 ISIS establishes presence in Lebanon
10/26/2014  Israel attacked by Egypt to the south
8/6/2015 Obama states that ‘Israel stands alone’.
5/26/2014 saw the Upper Room in Jerusalem being given to the Pope during his first visit to Israel (and he performed the Mass in the Upper Room).  There’s our ‘abomination’ in the ‘holy place’.

But that’s not all that’s supposed to have happened in 2014, if our SMS theory is true.

I was going to jump into Trumpet #5, today, but there’s a verse between the trumpets.  It’s about an angel crying out ‘Woe, Woe, Woe to the earth!’ in Heaven.  I can’t skip it, because it might be a time relevant/event relevant verse.  It’s there for a reason. So let’s add that, as well:

And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!  Rev 8:13

Does it mark time?  It might.  It might be marking the time of the events Messiah foretold that aren’t included, for all that.  Look at the first two dates of each – 2014a.  Do you see it?  So there it is.

Now for Trump #5, the first of the ‘woe’ judgments:

And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.  And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.

And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.  And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.  And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.

And the shapes of the locusts were like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads were as it were crowns like gold, and their faces were as the faces of men.  And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions.  And they had breastplates, as it were breastplates of iron; and the sound of their wings was as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle.  And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.  And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.  Rev 9: 1-11

Whoa, these ‘woe’ judgments are more detailed.  And may I admit up front that I don’t know what the heck this is talking about?  Because I don’t.  It’s trippy.  We have three guesses, (Brian’s and two of mine), and I’m going to share them, but… I haven’t gotten confirmation on any one, yet.  And that’s fine.  He can tell us when it’s time for Him to tell us.

THEORY #1:  Zika Virus.  It was in Africa/Asia for something like eighty years, but all of a sudden it’s spread like wildfire, and has been classified as a pandemic by WHO (and Obama).  Mosquitos have a locust-y look, sound like an army when in numbers, have ‘breastplates’ and wings, tails somewhat like a scorpion, and hurt men.  This is Brian’s hypothesis.  I have issues because mosquitoes bite – the sting isn’t in the tail.  And Zika isn’t just five months on the timeline.  And the hair, crowns…?  I don’t know.  But it doesn’t seem or feel quite right.

THEORY #2:  Demons.  Bear with me on this… Looking at the Seal Judgments, numbers one (white horse) and five (martyrs) are unseen judgments that have an effect on us from the spiritual perspective.  So I was looking at the Trumpets, and trumpet #1 is a ‘hail blood and fire mixed and hurled upon the earth’, so that 1/3 of the vegetation is burned up.  We see the result, but the mixture and the act we don’t see.   So what if we see the result of trumpet #5, but not the deliverance/deliverers of it?  What if this is actually Satan, being given over the key to unleash his demons upon the earth?  To me, this is a possible explanation.  But it still doesn’t feel right.  And I still don’t understand the ‘five months’ thing.

THEORY #3:  ISIS.  There are three reasons that I believe it might be ISIS.
1:  It’s what most of the Biblical commenters believe, and provide credible evidence towards – that the locust army is Islam, from the Middle East.  The ‘golden crowns’ being Islam’s yellow turbans, the long hair of an extremist, the lion’s teeth being ferocity, the army references…  here’s what IVP commentary says:  “[Revelation’s] locusts are [more] like the locusts in Joel’s vision centuries later,A nation has invaded my land, powerful and without number; it has the teeth of a lion, the fangs of a lioness. It has laid waste my vines and ruined my fig trees. It has stripped off their bark and thrown it away, leaving their branches white“.’ (Joel 1:6-7; see also 2:1-11).  An army, not actual insects or figurative demons.
2:  I have another hypothesis: that trumpets 5-7 aren’t three separate woes, but one woe that has three phases, or stages of intensity.  And ISIS may just fit that, as I’ll show in tomorrow’s post, too.
3.  I was looking at this timeline graphic of the formation of ISIS, and it puts them as creating/naming themselves as a separate and deadly entity on the cusp of the second half of 2014.  The timing is perfect.  They’re an army, they’re like locust upon the earth, but not harming nature, rather people. ISIS fits.

The problem is that ‘five months of not killing men’ thing.  ISIS behead people… that’s definitely killing people.  On the other hand, they’re only kept from slaying people for five months, per scripture.  We don’t know when that five months is, or what it refers to (yet).  But regardless, after those five months, anything goes, no?  Death to the infidel?  We’re not told.

Something that really struck me was that they hurt anyone who didn’t have the ‘seal of God’.  Do you remember in 2014, when there was this really Catholic thing where we had to support christians in Iraq and Syria who were being targeted, by having this symbol/seal on their FB pages?  I just… it felt worth mentioning.  The people who had this symbol spray-painted on their doors/walls were being targeted, and were given a chance to leave, and thus ‘were not harmed’ because of the ‘seal’ they had on them.  Interesting to note, anyhow.  We haven’t seen anything like that since the swastika, and yet 2014 had believers marked with a symbol/seal and fleeing (not being harmed) because of it.  I don’t know.  But here’s what it says in Wikipedia, with my comments in green:

In gematria, [the Hebrew] Nun represents the number 50.  ((<< Fifty and five months… both fives.))  Nun is also one of the seven letters which receive a special crown (called a tagin) when written in a Sefer Torah.  In the game of dreidel, a rolled Nun passes play to the next player with no other action.  ((Passes by, no action taken!))

After the fall of Mosul, ISIL demanded Assyrian Christians in the city to convert to Islam, pay tribute, or face execution.[1] ISIL begun marking homes of Christian residents with the letter nūn for Nassarah (“Christian”).[2][3] Thousands of Christians, Yazidis (the latter whom were given only the choice of conversion or death) and other, mostly Shi’aMuslims (whom ISIL consider to be apostates) have abandoned their homes and land.

In response to the persecution of Christians and Yazidis by ISIL, an international social media campaign was launched to raise global awareness of the plight of religious minorities in Mosul, making use of the letter ن (nun)—the mark that ISIL troops spray painted on deserted Christian properties.[4] …The letter ن, in relation to this social media campaign, is being called the “Mark of the Nazarene” from naṣrānī (نصراني; plural naṣārā نصارى), a normative Arabic term disparagingly used by ISIL to brand Christians.[5]

So what do you think?  ISIS is timed impeccably.  The symbolism of an army, the ‘seal’ that left believers unharmed and able to escape, the location… it all fits.  And it was far more noticeable – it was on the FB pages of people all around the globe, in the form of a nun.  Visible, but not picked up on.

It’s interesting, anyhow!

____________ July 06, 2016 ___________

Finding my Place – Part 2 of 5 Prophecy Posts

I wanted to post this prophecy stuff earlier, but with a Shabbat and the holiday weekend in there, it felt better keeping it for the weekdays.  Because when I started looking into the Revelation thing, so many things started to happen.  First, it’s been so long since He’s given me the drive to dig in.  Back when I had tried to do it of myself, things felt wrong.  Forced.  But now?  TOTALLY different story.  I have a feeling I know why, but we’ll get to that, soon enough.

To recap and get back into the swing of things… we were looking at the Trumpet Judgments from the hypothetical position that we might’ve gone thru them having not taken notice.  The Seal Judgments were hard enough to see, nobody even noticed them at all.  But the Trumpets were a little more obvious and noted by people… but we’re like frogs in the stew pot, now.  We’re so used to ‘shock and awe’ and the crisis/horror of the week, we don’t really register what we’re seeing as signs, you know?  But we ARE noticing, this time.  Nobody knew Solana or ENPI, but everyone knows about the Fukushima and ISIS.  Like that.

Anyhow, we looked into the first three Trumpets yesterday and discovered that they did, indeed, happen.  One third of stuff just isn’t enough to make us sit up and notice, anymore, that’s all.  The Pacific ocean loaded up in radioactivity?  Yup, old news.  Melting ice caps?  Sure.  Whatevs.  BTW, who is Taylor Swift dating, now…?

But as I’m matching up dates and data, I’m noticing something:  When we went thru the Seal Judgments, they were coming at us in six month intervals.  One seal opened per six month period.  And are you ready for the exciting news?  That’s continued thru the Trumpets, too.  The SMS (‘Six Month Suggestion’) is still holding.  Check this out:

2007a: : ENPI (7yr ‘covenant w/many’) begins judgments
2007b: Seal 1: White Horse (unseen/Heaven)
2008a: Seal 2: Red Horse (Russian Reunification)
2008b: Seal 3: Black Horse (economic collapse)
2009a: Seal 4: Pale Horse (pandemics begin)
2009b: Seal 5: Martyrs at altar (unseen/Heaven)
2010a: Seal 6: Cataclysm (terra events on a grand scale)
2010b: Seal 7: Silence as angels receive gifts (unseen/Heaven)
2011a: Censer cast to earth/quake (Honshu Japan/Fukushima)
2011b: Angels prepare to sound (unseen/Heaven)
2012a: 1/3 vegetation burned (Russia/Canada/US massive fires)
2012b: 1/3 sea life killed/seawater corrupted (radiation in Pacific)
2013a: 1/3 freshwater ‘made bitter’ (polar freshwater/ice melts)

I’m stopping there (at Trumpet 3) because that’s where we stopped, last blog entry.  And at this point, I want to admit up front that I was wrong.  Back when I was a christian, I was taught to believe in a Pre-Trib rapture.  Then the Seal Judgments started opening, and I had to change my thinking, obviously… as we weren’t taken out before stuff started happening.  It wasn’t easy to do, because I’d been told we wouldn’t be here for the judgments.  My new stance was a Pre-Wrath rapture, which pulled from the idea that Israel experienced the first set of three judgments in Egypt, but was ‘saved’ from the second two sets of judgments.  So I thought that it made sense that precedence would hold: we would see the Seal Judgments, but be raptured before the Trumpets and Vials.

And yet here we are!  We’re not raptured, by the way.  And if I’m right, we’re very near the END of the Trumpets, having not watched this entire time.  (Well, not by way of current events and this site, anyhow.)  Having said, you KNOW that I want a rapture.  I do.  But I’m not about to sacrifice integrity of scripture for it.  So that means that Revelation 7 doesn’t come between the Seal and Trumpet judgments.  It ‘bookends’ two other periods.  My present guess is that it bookends the start and finish of the believers’ end time experience.  If that means we come out at the end of the Trumpets or the end of the whole thing, I don’t know.  I’m planning on hoping for the end of the Trumpets, and steeling myself for the end of the whole thing, as a reality I’m prepared to accept only in necessary.

The next trumpet we need to talk about is Trumpet Four (which needs to happen in 2013b, if it’s to fit the SMS, right?).  Here’s the verse:

And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.  Rev 8:12

What could this be?  Honestly?  I believe it’s Nibiru.  And I’ll tell you… there’s SO much crap written on-line about ‘Planet X’ and Sci-Fi freak stuff, it’s hard to find any credible information.  But y’know what?  I did.   Credible sources citing actual scientists who said they discovered a new planet in the solar system.  Believe it or not?  Nibiru was first actually spotted in late 2013 – they saw it, ran then numbers, did the research, and wrote up the find in early 2014… fitting exactly in the timeline we have going.  Here’s the article:

Planet Found at Solar System’s Edge, Hints at Possible… ‘Planet X’

March 2014 –Astronomers have found a new dwarf planet far beyond Pluto’s orbit…  The newfound celestial body, called 2012 VP113, joins the dwarf planet Sedna as a confirmed resident of a far-flung and largely unexplored region scientists call the “inner Oort Cloud.” Further, 2012 VP113 and Sedna may have been pulled into their long, looping orbits by a big planet lurking unseen in these frigid depths.

“These two objects are just the tip of the iceberg,” study co-author Chadwick Trujillo, of the Gemini Observatory in Hawaii, told “They exist in a part of the solar system that we used to think was pretty devoid of matter. It just goes to show how little we actually know about the solar system.”

And now astronomers know Sedna is not alone out there. Trujillo and Scott Sheppard, of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., discovered 2012 VP113 using the Dark Energy Camera, which is installed on a 4-meter telescope at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile.

…Indeed, certain characteristics of the orbits of Sedna, 2012 VP113 and several of the most distant Kuiper Belt objects are consistent with the continued presence of a big and extremely faraway “perturber,” researchers said. It’s possible that a planet roughly 10 times more massive than Earth located hundreds of AU from the sun is shepherding these bodies into their current orbits.

Here’s a funny:  I hate conspiracy sites.  All of the links I draw from have to be credible sources, I won’t use Debka or Infowars or whatever.  So I remembered writing about Nibiru here, and what better place to find the articles than my own previous research, right?  So I went and found my post… and while it’s about two different scientists confirming Nibiru, Scott Sheppard (of this article) shows up in it, and confirms!  Check it:


The solar system may have a ninth planet after all. This one is 5,000 times bigger than outcast Pluto and billions of miles farther away, say two scientists who presented “good evidence” for a long-hypothesized Planet X on Wednesday.

Brown and Batygin shaped their calculation on the fact that six objects in the icy Kuiper Belt, or Twilight Zone, on the far reaches of the solar system, appear to have orbits influenced by only one thing: a real planet. The vast, mysterious Kuiper Belt is home to Pluto as well.  …”What we have found is a gravitational signature of Planet 9 lurking in the outskirts of the solar system,’ Batygin said. The actual discovery, he noted, will be “era-defining.”

…Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., said Brown and Batygin’s effort takes his own findings to “the next level.” Two years ago, he and a colleague suggested a possible giant planet.

“I find this new work very exciting,” Sheppard said in an e-mail. “It makes the distant Super-Earth planet in our solar system much more real. I would say the odds just went from 50 percent to 75 percent that this distant massive planet is real.”

So my only thought as to Trumpet #4 would be that Planet X is blocking out 1/3 of the light from the sun, moon, and stars.  It’s had two years to orbit in closer, and while I don’t know that I believe the conspiracy theorists entirely, I have scientists confirming it’s entered the solar system and likely blocking out a portion of things for us, up there.  Not the portions we were expecting (i.e., the earth-facing portion), but still.  The data is there, the sources are credible, and the timing matches the prophecy perfectly within the SMS timeline.

____________ July 05, 2016 ___________

Finding my Place – Part 1 of 5 Prophecy Posts

I’ve been very lost.  Just… confessing that up front.  Since 2010, I’d lost my way.  And as a result I haven’t really written much from a prophetic perspective.  I can’t write if I’m not shown things, and I haven’t been shown things.

But suddenly, it seems as though I’m seeing things that I should say something about.  And I’ve gone digging, as a result, to see there was any further information about.  Because I’m beginning to think that things didn’t just *stop* while I wasn’t writing… and I’ve missed a lot.  As in… maybe we’re not in the Trump judgments.  Maybe we’re about to start the Vial judgments.  Maybe.

Here’s why I wonder:  the weather changes.  The increase in fires.  The heating of the oceans by the still-streaming radiation from Japan.  And now this video that I posted  last week says that all of the polar ice could be gone as early as September.  Sixty-two percent of the earth’s freshwater is in the arctic and antarctic ices… so if it’s gone?  That’s 2/3rds of the freshwater, not a third.  The trump judgments remove 1/3rd of everything.  The vial judgments remove 2/3rds.  So are we on the cusp of the Trumps, or the Vials?  I had to know.

It’s been years since the Seal judgments.  Seal six and seven were 2010… the last time that there was an entire week of no sunspots, according to the SpaceWeather article I also posted last week.  That’s why it was so noteworthy, and I had to share the article on it.  So then… what exactly are we looking to see happen?  If we’re headed toward the Vials, when did the Trumps happen?  Can we look back and see?  It should be there, right?

First, let’s look at the Trumpet line-up:

  1. Seven trumpets and a censer given to angels (unseen on earth)
  2. Censer thrown to earth: voices, lightning, thunder, earthquake.
  3. Angels prepare to sound
  4. Trumpet one: 1/3 of vegetation destroyed by ‘hail’ of ‘fire’.
  5.  Trumpet two: 1/3 of saltwater destroyed by ‘mountain’ of ‘fire’
  6. Trumpet three: 1/3 of freshwater ‘bittered’ by ‘great falling star’
  7. Trumpet four:  1/3 of Sun/moon/stars ‘darkened’
  8. Trumpet five:  ‘star’ given ‘key’ – ‘locust’ army (5 months torment)
  9. Trumpet six:  4 angels from ‘Euphrates’ slay 1/3 part of man
  10. Trumpet seven: heaven opens/massive earthquake

Now the first I’ve already marked unseen, but included… because the angels and their gifts wouldn’t be there if they weren’t significant.  And if that significance has a time span attached to it, I can’t just ‘jump’ it, y’know?  Number two, though, has an earthquake attached to it.  Now that’s something we would see.  Were there any earthquakes after 2010 that were seriously significant?  Of course:  Honshu, Japan of 3/11/2011.  You know, Fukushima?  It was a whopping 9.0 on the Richter.

[NoTe:  I wrote about the censer once before, in this post.  In it, I suggested a CME.  CMEs cause massive pressure upon the earth… that would definitely reap Fukushima.  I just didn’t go into the earthquake/ramifications on US in that post.]

Let’s talk about Fukushima, for a moment.  The ramifications thereof, anyhow.  First, you will find NO information on any definite statistics after 2011.  Its been five years, and the only sites with information are weirdos like ‘Infowars’ or ‘Planet Conspiracy’ or ‘Enlightenment & Earth’ or stuff like that.  It’s not there – the media has covered it all up, or made the links have expired.  But there are things that we know:  Radiation of that magnitude effects the temperature of the ocean and air.  After all, it’s been five years, and it’s still spilling into the ocean.  We know that it has put the hurt to the life in the Pacific.  Which, by the way, is 48% of the world’s ocean water… except that up until last week, it didn’t cross currents into the lower portion of the Pacific Ocean… so the radiation effected closer to one third of the earth’s saltwater.

But that’s putting trump two before trump one:  we need 1/3rd of the earth’s forest burned up, first.  Did it happen?  It did.


…2012 has proven to be the most severe wildfire season Russia has faced in a decade. …most of the fires in 2012 have burned through taiga in remote parts of easter and central Siberia.

On September 11, 2012, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite captured this image of fires burning in Tomsk, a region of south central Siberia where severe wildfires have burned throughout the summer.  …More than 17,000 wildfires had burned more than (74 million acres) through August 2012, according to researchers at the Sukachev Institute of Forest in the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In September 2012, Wiedinmyer used her model to calculate Russian fire emissions for every year dating back to 2002. She found that the amount of carbon monoxide produced in 2012 was [more than double the average].


2012 – Of the 186 wildfires in the Northwest Territories to-date this year, 156 of them are currently burning. That includes the Birch Creek Fire complex, which stretches over 250,000 acres.  The amount of acres burned in the Northwest Territories is six times greater than the 25-year average to-date according to data from the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center.

Boreal forests like those in the Northwest Territories are burning at rates “unprecedentedin the past 10,000 years according to the authors of a study put out last year. The northern reaches of the globe are warming at twice the rate as areas closer to the equator, and those hotter conditions are contributing to more widespread burns.

The combined boreal forests of Canada, Europe, Russia and Alaska, account for 30 percent of the world’s carbon stored in land, carbon that’s taken up to centuries to store. Forest fires like those currently raging in the Northwest Territories, as well as ones in 2012 and 2013 in Russia, can release that stored carbon into the atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Warmer temperatures can in turn create a feedback loop, priming forests for wildfires that release more carbon into the atmosphere and cause more warming. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s landmark climate report released earlier this year indicates that for every 1.8 degree Fahrenheit rise in temperatures, wildfire activity is expected to double.

In addition, soot from forest fires can also darken ice in the Arctic and melt it faster. The 2012 fires in Siberia released so much soot that they helped create a shocking melt of Greenland’s ice sheet. Over the course of a few weeks in July that year, 95 percent of the surface melted. That could become a yearly occurrence by 2100 if temperatures continue to rise along with wildfire activity.

Forest in other parts of the globe are also feeling the effects of climate change. In the western U.S., wildfire season has lengthened by 75 days compared to 40 years ago. Additionally, rising temperatures and shrinking snowpack have helped drive an increase in the number of large forest fires. In Australia, fire danger is also increasing, if not the total number of fires, due to a similar trend of hotter, dryer weather.

Did you catch that?  Russia, Canada, Europe and Alaska (which also has been/is burning) make up 30% of the forests.  Only instead of Europe, we can add the Western portion of the USA (which actually has more forest, just not boreal-only)… and that takes us up to our 30% of forests, burned in 2012, and since.  Here’s a map of the world’s forests.  Brazil is taking out their trees on their own.  But the other third?  Russia, the US, and Canada.  It fits, and it’s happening.

Moving on to Trumpet two… Giving Fukushima two years to inundate the Pacific, that puts a 30% saltwater saturation in 2012.

After that, we have Trumpet three:  1/3rd of the freshwater made ‘bitter’.  That’s our melt-off of the polar icecaps.  I could go and find the statistics for you, but really… if you want to see them, you could research it as well as I.  And it’s not like we haven’t all read about the melting polar regions, by now.  Did they reach 30% loss?  Yes, they did.


Multi-year sea ice hit its record minimum extent in the winter of 2008. That is when it was reduced to about 55 percent of its average extent since the late 1970s, when satellite measurements of the ice cap began. Multi-year sea ice then recovered slightly in the three following years, ultimately reaching an extent 34 percent larger than in 2008, but it dipped again in winter of 2012, to its second lowest extent ever.

Comiso compared the evolution of the extent and area of multi-year ice over time, and confirmed that its decline has accelerated during the last decade, in part because of the dramatic decreases of 2008 and 2012.

Yup.  That’s about 30% by 2012, too. Because I know you like graphics:
I realize this is only the first three trumpets, but this is long, and while I’ve written a LOT more (and got SERIOUSLY excited!!!!)… we have to make this a ‘to be continued’ post….

____________ July 04, 2016 ___________

fourth-of-july-live-streamHappy Independence Day!

____________ July 03, 2016 ___________

Personal & Public

G’morning.  Sundays are apparently now my days to write personal stuff.  I’ve been scheduling it that way, since I’ve stopped writing e-mails, anyhow.  It’s funny… when I was doing the pen-pal thing, it was mostly personal on the blog, because that’s what I wrote in letters.  But when I blog exclusively?  Have you noticed that I don’t write about *me* so much, but about school, about Quest, about adventures and art and scripture?  I find it difficult to even talk about ‘me’ and real life on Sundays.  So weird!

Seeing Stuff.   For the first time in a LONG time, I’m being shown fulfillment of scripture.  Granted, it’s in hindsight, now, but I’m SO EXCITED, there are no words.  We’re mostly thru the trumpets, although I’ll admit, I’m a little concerned about how I’m going to write about chpts 10&11.  I don’t believe they’re parenthetical, or ‘out of sequence’, as chpt 7 was.  Anyhow, I’ve been researching credible articles and writing like mad, over here, the past few days.

Something’s Coming.  Have you noticed the increase in FEMA’s “prepare NOW” signs?  I noticed them this past week, on the way to dance and Quest.  They’re being put up all over the place – they’re those ‘things start floating around peoples’ houses’ ads that don’t make sense.  Then today Benyamin, the autistic Israeli prophet stated that Obama is speaking about an undisclosed major disaster that’s going to happen soon.  I sat up straight at that.  He said it’d have something to do with ‘millions disappearing’.  Which is interesting, since I’ve had to change my stance again this week – from Pre-Wrath to Mid-Trib.  We’re past the Pre-Wrath point, you see.  And then Messiah led me to an amazing timeline, that’s oddly Pre-Trib and has the rapture marked at the start, but has a massive ‘Meet Messiah in the air’ just at trumpet #7.   It’s very ?!?!!…. but feels poignant.

See also here:

Urgency.  I feel like I shouldn’t be writing this personal thing, when I have FOUR of the five prophecy posts already written.  I feel like I should be posting them now.  But then, I always get a little antsy when stuff lines up and gets close… and I’m suddenly very much closer to things than I was three days ago.  I’m also concerned that posting my series next week will be too late – that the ‘EVENT’ will be some sort of activation of the sleeper cells in America over Independence Day, and that posting next week will be after the fact.  Because personally, I’m concerned that – the 4th of July being the last full day of Ramadan – it will be a Grand Islam Finale, if you get my meaning.  That could just be me, being paranoid.  I get a little wiggy.  But I figure it’s better to be aware and alert than ignorant and sorry, in the end.

Happy Birthday!  Today is my oldest boy’s birthday.  Wasn’t it just yesterday we were in the hospital, being invited to have pizza with the other newly-delivered moms/babies and watch the fireworks from the top floor of the maternity ward?  And now he’s thirteen.  Mostly he’s just excited that he gets a Facebook account, this year… but he’s started to memorize his scripture chapter for his Bar Mitzvah.  We’ve decided to have it two weeks from now, since this weekend is so crazy, everywhere.

Stinky Cat.  I think we might have a cat that has diabetes.  It’s making ‘potty oopses’.  It’s been vomiting weekly for the past six months, but Brian said it’s just ‘hairballs’  (<<< that’s not hairballs.)  And now the litter pan smells funky.  One of our cats is severely overweight and he’s the one who does the barfing and oopses, so… I’m wondering.  We’ve had a cat with diabetes, before -it doesn’t end well.  And I really, really hate the way things have been, with the cats.  It looks like it’s going to the vet to find out.

This Week…  Has been crazy.  Just crazy.  I’ve been frantically editing photos.  I don’t know why.  It’s been crazy though – I did August thru January, and half of February.  That’s six months in one week!  I never manage that.  On top of that, the Revelation research, and we had a Quest event and Brian’s been loaded up with even more side work… it’s pretty hectic.  With vacation in a few weeks, he’s gotten out the jet-skis to get them ready for our camping trip, too… so there’s just stuff going on.  While he’s doing that, I’ve been organizing photo albums, relocating the scrapbook stuff, and starting to work on pages out on the deck, again.  Plus Quest projects – lots of tie-dye, some SotW projects…  On top of that, we’ve (oddly) started on the ‘Oceanography’ badge, as well as the ‘Leave No Trace’ badge.  I have a LOT of posts to write.

On the Blog.  Actually?  I’ve been writing a lot of blog posts!  I’m blogged thru the 20th of July, I believe.  In case you wondered.  Everything’s all scheduled.  But it keeps getting bumped around to make room for more stuff… seriously, it’s that crazy!  I haven’t been this *active* on-line, this engaged in a really long time.  I swear, my hiney’s not used to it!!  I mean, it’s important.  It’s something that has to be done.  And you’re going to see some things…  Anyhow.

Public Personal?   What if I made this personal post public, this time?  I used to do it, all the time, but… I just feel like I need to have full disclosure, for some reason.  It’s that urgency thing.  In fact, I was vacuuming yesterday, and it came to me that the reason I needed to do the e-mail thing was to purge *me* out, so that He could get back to Him, on-track and refreshed, y’know?  And more, that it had to end now because the time to return to Truth was come.  It’s kind of been humbling… that I’ve been in the way.  It’s not supposed to happen.  My efforts are always towards not letting that happen, and I still managed to block Him.

Anyhow.  I ought to go.  The boys picked another bucket of blackberries – they picked one early this past week, and we all made it into a fruit-buckle dessert that the loved so much, they’ve gone out and brought me another bucket of berries.  They’ve requested more dessert, LoL!!  Besides, there’s so much to do, and it feels like so little time…

____________ July 02, 2016 ___________


____________ July 01, 2016 ___________

Noteworthy News

I no longer do Noteworthy News, so don’t get too excited… but today’s pre-scheduled post has been postponed, because I saw some things this morning that are definitely worth mentioning.  I have a feeling that something in the Matrix has changed, and things are going to start happening, again.

The sun has now been without spots for 7 consecutive days. Our star looks like an enormous yellow billiard ball.  The last time sunspots vanished for a whole week was in Dec. 2010–a time when the sun was bouncing back from a long Solar Minimum.
aNNa’S NoTe:  The article goes on to say that it’s the start of the solar minimum, but they have NO idea, and last time they announced it (<< the maximum) for THREE AND A HALF YEARS before the maximum started.  It was ‘delayed’… see Rev 8:1 for details.  But this is noteworthy.  Seven days, no sunspots.  It’s a definite sign that things are happening.  I also find it interesting that this is happening out there the same time as Brexit is happening down here.

I don’t know this guy – he’s a scientist at the University of Ottawa, apparently – but he has put up a video of a major anomaly that has never happened before on earth – the solar winds of the northern hemisphere have crossed to the southern hemisphere, this week.  Apparently that’s completely unprecedented – I’ll show you the norm with a little graphic: see how the cold air streams are at the poles, the cool air streams the next layer, and the warm air moving along the equator, pushing against each other?  Well, apparently because of the arctic melt-offs, the cold air streams have become cool air streams, the cool air streams have become warm air streams… and the waters are cooling at the equator, from the pull of things equaling out… and things aren’t moving in the same direction as they were, before.


This is cut/pasted from his video – the colored areas are the cold areas – dark purple being the coldest, violet-purple being cooler, and gray being warm/hot.  Note the ‘Gulf Stream’ across America is pulling from the gray area where the green circle is – that’s why we’re so hot.  Directly below that circle, you can see the stream crossing the equator – at the coolest (highest concentration of color) in the middle.

globe2 globe3

Another look at things from his data – the first is the projection of earth’s wind cycle, as they were expecting things to go.  Halfway thru the year, now, the second picture shows how it’s deviated, and that things have gone seriously wonky.  He said that polar melt-off has sky-rocketed this spring/summer to the point where there’s a possibility of a ‘blue planet event’ (no polar ice, at all), by September.  This isn’t from a weirdo religious freak, it’s from scientists running the actual data and pointing out shocking diversions from the normal patterns.

That’s seriously horrible!  I mean, can you imagine that?  The polar ice caps are the largest source of freshwater on the globe.  Trumpet two is the loss of 1/3 of the earth’s freshwater.  I just did a search on freshwater distribution, and 63% is in polar ice.  Which… frankly leads me to believe that we may be far further along in the Revelation timeline than I thought.  But then, I’ve been lost for almost five years, so that’s not a surprise.

… Off to go do some serious research…

____________ June 30, 2016 ___________

cooltext165069886771831I’ve been working madly on editing pictures, this past week.  They keep catching up to me – here we are, almost July, and the last photos printed were from July 2015!  That’s not acceptable…!  So I’ve been whittling, and got August thru January ready to print, (and I’m still working on it – hope to have up to May done, soon!)  In doing so, though, I keep finding Sketch Thursdays that didn’t make it on the blog.  Mercy, I had no idea I was so behind on everything!!!  So without further ado…

WP_20160324_16_29_52_Pro (510x555)
Theme:  Not-so-scary Monsters

WP_20160506_14_38_14_Pro (555x312)
Theme:  Having to do with Cinco de Mayo!

WP_20160512_13_39_41_Pro (555x389)
Theme:  It’s Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan!

IMG_4710 (857x888)

Theme:  Having to do with a Magic Show.

I’m noticing a Yoda and Cheesball theme I’m going to have to put the cabosh on…

____________ June 29, 2016 ___________

Questing:  Bubbles!

Our second quest group met together to do a study of bubbles, and I have to be honest.  Bubbles sound pretty basic.  There’s not a lot there, right?  But you’d be surprised at how much FUN it ended up being!

First, we found out what bubbles are and how they are formed from one family.  Another family put together a poster-board of Bubbles in art.  Another family tackled packing bubbles, and did an experiment on whether or not it would protect an egg from cracking in the event of a fall.  One lady brought a soda maker, and showed us how to use CO2 to put carbonate (bubble up) water and sweet drinks.  (It was great to taste, too!)  Another lady brought all different drinks – milk, juice, etc – and we had an experiment as to which drink we thought would bubble the most when a straw was blown in it, and why.  Another family talked about economic bubbles, while my gang got to explain why water bubbles when it boils.

There was a family that did the topic of how humpback whales fish with bubbles.  We couldn’t hear their presentation very well, so I found a video when we got home, and was the basis for our artwork in the ‘Sketch Thursday’ post that was put up a few days ago, but for the sake of continuity:


Our whales.  Top: Owen, Lydia.  Middle:  Ethan, Aaron.  Bottom:  Isaac, Anna

WP_20160617_14_41_04_Pro (777x717)

Back to the Quest event.  Each family had to make three kinds of homemade wands (we made two kinds) and bring a homemade solution (we brought four different ones).  We had a fun-filled evening the night before, trying out several solutions to bring along.  And when we got there?  Then it got crazy.

IMG_4428 (555x289)
IMG_4460 (555x429)
IMG_4468 (555x245)
IMG_4476 (555x416)
IMG_4477 (555x316)
IMG_4495 (555x370)
IMG_4525 (404x555)

IMG_4503 (298x555)  IMG_4540 (292x555)

We had a wonderful day at the park, making magnificent bubbles with new friends.  It was far better than I ever imagined.  And in the end?  We got a badge (and a boatload of bubble pictures!) to show for it!

____________ June 28, 2016 ___________

Questing:  Puppets!

So our second Questing Badge was ‘Puppetry’… the selection of which I have to admit was *slightly* driven by library events.  I looked at the first few events that we were going to be going to, and the first of these include Magic shows, Hula Hoops, Village Puppets, and Tie Dye, not in that order.  :P  If we were going to go and see these things, why not learn about them as we do?  AND get a badge for it?  It only makes sense… and makes the experience that much richer.

The first thing we were to do was to learn what ‘puppetry’ is, and then learn about the 20-some different kind of puppetry there is, out there.  Some of them I didn’t think we were acquainted with, but we were.  Others we knew right away… while some were new to us.  I had kind of hoped someone had created a ‘board’ or ‘graph’ of the different kinds, but… mmmmnno.  So I had to.  (And naturally, I’m going to share it!)


I know it’s just a graphic, but it shows what we needed to know,
and some of them are amazing, I have to say!
(Not everything has to be a lapbook!)

In the process of looking these up, I found some really adorable looking paper finger puppets.  This would help in fulfilling the ‘make four kinds of puppets’ requirement.  Because the next thing we had to do was to make four different kinds of puppets:

Here’s the link to the finger puppet printables.

Isaac and Lydia regularly make origami ‘Star Wars’ finger puppets, so these were just a variation on a theme we’re already fond of.

I also found ‘karazogis’ puppets that are printable here:

The third kind of puppet we made were sock puppets.  Basically, we raided the missing sock tub, pulled out yarn, google eyes, and hot glue, and had a ball making up a bunch of sock puppets.

IMG_4659 (555x536)

For the fourth set of puppets, I told them they were on their own.  They had to create them, using their imaginations.  They stared at me in shock.  I said, “It’s not like you don’t have stuffed animals and other things you could string up…!”  ((<< hint, hint.))  And OFF to their rooms they ran.  An hour later, they’ve got their favorite teddies walking as marionettes on yarn strings with kebab skewers as handles!

IMG_4325 (555x460)

NoTe:  All of them could walk excepting for Cheeseball.  His hands and feet only stick out by a few millimeters.  So the older kids hooked him up by his ears, and he hopped along.  It was hysterical – you’d have to have been there.

Another requirement was to watch a DVD/VHS/or TV program with puppets, like Blues Clues or Muppets, Sesame Street or Bear in the Big Blue House.  Since we have all of the above on VHS, they watched a different show every day.  The goal was to see what kinds of puppets there were (‘Bear in the Big Blue House’ was the best – there’s a body puppet, rod puppets, hand puppets, found puppets, AND shadow puppets.).   They were also to listen to the sound effects that had to be made on the puppets’ behalf.

And of course the library event.  It was the same as last year, but this time they were watching/listening with purpose: in preparation for the puppet show they were going to have to put on for us.

IMG_8026 (555x282)

Here at my house, we have over a dozen hand puppets, so having the kids put on a puppet show was no big.  In fact, the puppets are a favorite thing to mess around with – on rotation.  A decade and a half ago, I went to a yard sale and the woman had an entire tub of hand puppets for a dollar a piece.  Cow, dog, cat, horse, frog, zebra, monkey, lion, owl, elephant… I don’t know what-all.  So they had a large selection to draw from.

Their play was adorable, of course!

The kids were put into teams – each team had to research and give an oral report on a famous puppeteer.  Lydia, Aaron and Owen had Jim Henson, and Isaac and Ethan learned about Edgar Bergen.  Their information was good, but even easier to understand when we put together the puppetry timeline:


Anyhow, we got to learn a lot about puppets and look at them with new eyes.  All of us would love to have a shoulder puppet, and someday I might like a found puppet, as well (my mom had one, years ago – it was awesome).  But anyhow, what fun, to learn and play with puppets!