´¯`•. June 24, 2021

The Two Years

I’ve been meaning to write this for over a week.  Actually, more like four, when the speculation first came out… and then when it became reality.


Here’s the crazy part – he’s an INTERIM Prime Minister.
Check the fine print out, under this photo:

So he’s only Prime Minister for two years.
Not the four that they usually are.
That’s… not normal.

And he’s… an interesting person to put in power:

“Inflammatory and Extreme”. Sounds like those two years could be pretty interesting. Bibi wasn’t… that. He condemned attacks, but he wasn’t one to stir stuff up or take extreme action. What this change means is anybody’s guess.  And it may start more quickly than we think.  After all… two years isn’t much time to take action in.  Take a look at this, seven DAYS after taking office:


I was actually waiting to read my blogfeed and see what the Jews had to say about this change of power, but mostly they’re not saying *ANYTHING*. Which I find odd, as well. You’d think someone somewhere would have an opinion on it. But it’s dead silence, from my favorite sources. In the meantime, THIS came out, next.

Have I mentioned that this is going to be REALLY interesting to watch?  Because I don’t see this guy tolerating much from terrorists or anti-Semitic nations.  And he’s not really a peace-maker.

And in potentially but unproven semi-related news…

How is this potentially related?  Well, bear with me a moment.  THE MOST vaccinated country in the worldby FAR and away is Israel.  Montagnier – one of the world’s top virologists – is saying that the vaccines will affect all who have elected to take the enhancement, incapacitating them within two years. 

How long is Bennett in office?  TWO YEARS.
At which point, MOST of Israel may be completely incapacitated.

What country is most sought after, in the world?
What happens according to Revelation in the end times?
All of the kings of the earth converge on ISRAEL.

Pretty easy to do, if Israel is wiped out, isn’t it?
And her closest allies wiped out, as well?
First, let’s look at who her closest allies are, shall we?

And then look who’s got the most vax:

These figures are from yesterday, by the way.

The highest numbers are Canada, The UK, The US,
and the European countries (Italy, France, Germany).  Hrm.

In light of prophecy?  ALL of this is seriously interesting!